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  1. how do u make those nice custom unlocked hero sets like in WOI and Frostbite? thx
  2. haha, thanks man, good idea. ok, im starting a new US Air Force Para Jumper Mod (like to). I need - MAPPER - WEAPONS MODDER - MISSION CREATOR thx again
  3. ok, im starting a new US Air Force Para Jumper Mod I need - MAPPER - WEAPONS MODDER - MISSION EDITOR - this mod needs some killer chopper drop off missions thx again
  4. if anyone hasnt done this, i think anyone who can skin the future army soldier would deserve a pat on the back and a hand shake! more pics seriously, some one should try it!
  5. nice job OTACON, looks nice... there're lots of tutorials on making textures for your weapons, look in the forums... If you're interested, i'd like to combine forces to use your awesome m4's and my skins for a cool mod, lemme know what ya think... simplesuperman
  6. yeah, but i also have 4.2, dont worry, mod master ruin helped me out, i forgot to install the newest plug ins, i had the old crappy ones! lol, well, if u could help me with 3dsm 6 that'd be cool too! thx
  7. hey guys, whenever i go to map my characters in 3DSM, i cant use any .RSB files, it says invalid image file header or something. the plugins are installed, any ideas?
  8. ok everyone, ive seen these awesome plain black knee pads and etc., but how do u make them? im pretty good with photoshop, i just have no idea how you made them. any help?
  9. Hey Everybody! I'm working on a special forces mod right now named Task Force Xavier. I've done the skinning and all, but i need some good weps and maps! if anyone wants to work together with me on this, plz drop me a line! thx SimpleSuperman
  10. Hey, I can make some models for your specialists. I dont actually make new ones, i just piece together from those wonderful models of the original characters converted by Mike Schell. (I dont know him, but his stuff is awesome!) If you'd like, I could help ya with ur specialists, i just need all the info on em. Let me know what ya think.... SimpleSuperman
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