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  1. ok guys, anyone know of a good place where i can host my mod's website? im really tired of not having ASP and database support and having a stupid www.somestupidnameyouwontremember.com/ in front of everything. i need to find some place that modders might come close to remembering and that supports ASP / databases. Prolly wont need that much space either. well, thanks!
  2. you betcha! just check out Navy Seals and mods like that. Its all pretty easy to do.
  3. wow, i didnt even know he made 'em. Oh well... He did give me persmission to use some stuff b4 he left, ill have to see what i can work around.... Big Thanks Argyll!!! Thanks Suicide Commando for reminding me!
  4. Dang Chems, beauty once again.... Those would look great in TOML!!! Especially along with the 3 billion other great things you've donated... Hehe Keep up the great work!!!
  5. Hey All, if anyone else is willing, I'd like to help piece this thing together. I'm a HUGE fan of Stargate and would love the chance to maybe help piece even just a skin/wep mod together. Startgate's wason my to do list when I started out, as well as STAR Team from Resident Evil and Starship Troopers (Chems is gonna make that so godly!). Maybe we could work together to take what has been made and pump out a complete mod. TOML is in the works, Hoorah Air Force!
  6. Check with me for details/reference pics if u need 'em!
  7. That Others May Live is on its way, but we need your help! WE NEED YOU and your expertise! In need of a good USAF Pararescue model! Credits and thanks given!!! (Free banner and avatar!)
  8. ask Tim when TOML is finished if he can help
  9. hmm.... if u send me ur mod i could take a look at it...
  10. <ModelFace/> <BlinkFaceName/> <DesertModelFace/> <DesertBlinkFace/> <JungleModelFace/> <JungleBlinkFace/>
  11. not odd at all, theres a different tag for jungle and desert faces, u got that going on?
  12. Umm.....try including the face textures in ur mod...
  13. I wish so much that I could help. Maybe when TOML is finished...
  14. sure is! As of now, TOML will feature a classic-video game looking crosshair in red. Also, some nice HUD modifications........
  15. They should've made gender in the .ATR files!!!! That would save time...
  16. how about Balkan Battle Mountain Lighting Neverending Fighting
  17. just an idea, there should be a MP mod where we can all get together as equals in a training map, like a BASIC type of thing and train. A range for firing and barracks for chat, etc...maybe set in WWII or Korea or something. just and idea for fun
  18. ooh, check out the tutorials and modding recon sections, i think u should find what u need
  19. Hey all, Time frame for TOML is TBA. I wouldn't worry about it falling through, we've got the best map and weapons going (thanks to El Oso and Tim!). As for the missions, characters, and etc...? Well, I'm currently working with a mission editor to get started on the campaign, if ur interested in helping, plz PM me... Characters are another question..Im using what time i can to work on them (as El Oso said, not much...) but I really need these guys to look perfect. If ur interested in modeling some backpack attachments or gear, PM me... Other than that, i think were doing good. don't worry, itll come out
  20. dude, it says its gonna take like 75 minutes to wait for that Tiger 2.5 download, sry, cant check it out....
  21. ok guys, i need someone to help skin some middle eastern characters. Like a whole different variations and stuff. If ur interested PM me or drop me a line here...
  22. Hey all! Just bought Starship Trooopers 2! Its awesome, different from the first, but still cool. You guys should check it out!!!
  23. haha good one Silver... dude, learn some web programming and how to integrate it into other apps..might help..works for me...
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