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  1. how does it switch, u mean by sound or something?
  2. ah, no fun.. AA:SF still kicks butt though
  3. what ive tried so far is making them invincible, puttin the chopper in midair and unloading the chopper, havent tried teleporting them yet, but i could give it a try.
  4. Jack, always so smart, but i mean realistically. when i unload the vehicle, the ppl like transport from the chopper to the ground. thats boring as anything! is it possible to have them in the air?
  5. have any of u brilliant mission guys figured out how to get guys to jump out of planes or choppers in ur missions?
  6. ah gosh, dude, dont use a converter. it hurts just thinking about it there are plenty demos of PS and PSP available!
  7. haha, i think u did! besides the many contributors and the community (helping throught GR.net forums!)
  8. did u set them to act as hostages? simply puttin 'Follow' in the plan aint gonna work
  9. It's the GR mod you've been waiting for! That Others May Live, based on the United States Air Force Pararescuemen! Map : "The Mosque" by El Oso Mission : by GR_Modder*AFZ* Characters : USAF Pararescue by Argyll Weapons : M4 SOPMOD Variations by Tmichc Sounds : Updated from Kafee toml.ghostaholic.com Beta will be released soon! Contact simplesuperman@hotmail.com for beta testing info! ** Note: This mod involves work by other modders than mentioned above, to get a complete list, visit toml.ghostaholic.com or contact SimpleSuperman at simplesuperman@hotmail.com **
  10. Ok all you guys drooling over "The Mosque", Map = DONE (The Mosque) Characters = DONE (chr's by argyll) Sounds = DONE (Kafee's) Mission = Progressing (by GR Modder AFZ) Weapons = nearly DONE (Tim's) I hope that brings some hope into ur brains, were not giving up! Beta release sometime soon!
  11. After playing lots of heavily-moddable games, I've seen that theres always gonna be a big overlapping period between games. GR1 is huge for modding as we all know, and I havent read too much about GR2 so i dont know how moddable it will be. The creation potential in GR1 is enormous, so people are driven to it. I dont think everyones gonna just leave, especially me. DYNACOMP is like that glimmer of hope in a GR1 modder/player's eye, always keepin us playing. I'm rooting for you DYNACOMP guys. Hoorah!
  12. no prob, when u export, itll look fine. i freaked for like 10 mins my first time too
  13. ok, bud, try rendering a pic and looking at it then! all textures appear blurry in 3dsm while u work on em!
  14. ive been looking into that option buzz, but im just too broke for it right now!
  15. Anybody interested or have any materials i could use? Its open to all you noobs out there too.
  16. well, its not that i cant get materials from argyll, but only when he's here. maybe the guy he made them for has em...hmm, have to look... anyone know Whisper 44?
  17. yea, i just went and saw, thats no fun..oh well, other places...
  18. hey,thanks man, ill see how it works out.
  19. problem = how am i gonna get them from him? i'd like to have some models really soon, even though hes got the best stuff
  20. darn, looks like im still gonna need something else. Here's an idea of what i need, PM me for info: http://www.af.mil/photos/search.asp?q=pararescue http://www.minitroopers.8m.com/images/AFSOC1.jpg http://b-onemender.tripod.com/DSC00092.JPG http://b-onemender.tripod.com/DSC00099.JPG http://b-onemender.tripod.com/DSC00094.JPG
  21. well, in igor u can set for the mission which type of soldiers you'd like, other than i dont know.
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