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  1. hmmmm....sounds like someone needs to make a server app or something...
  2. hey, thanks! now i have everything except nice terrorist characters! oh well, theyre just gonna get shot anyways...lol
  3. Sounds like a question for the Almighty Jack!
  4. Argyll's a modding beast, and of course, theres gonna be a woodland variation. Unfortunately, nobody was interested in helping script missions so no woodland missions are gonna be packaged as of yet...
  5. well, not on purpose...haha, just thought id mess around see what i get. it does bear a resemblence though..haha, oh well
  6. Working hard to get it out soon, cant give a date though...
  7. Hey, I was messin around and made this cheezy gun, anyone want it? Shots: http://toml.ghostaholic.com/simplesuperman/back.jpg http://toml.ghostaholic.com/simplesuperman/front.jpg http://toml.ghostaholic.com/simplesuperman/left.jpg http://toml.ghostaholic.com/simplesuperman/right.jpg No textures or anything, just made it for fun....I can give you the 3DS format or Version 4x 3DSM... just drop me a line if u wanna mess with it
  8. Hey all, new shots of Argyll's USAF Pararescue characters in TOML!!! check em out at http://toml.ghostaholic.com make sure to check out the shots of El Oso's "The Mosque" map!
  9. Hmmm...I haven't had one problem with lock-ups on my PC...But, I'm also running a computer BEAST, so im a little bit better off...
  10. thanks, bud, maybe u could help with a mission for TOML ?
  11. thanks! once i finish up tweaking some character skins, ill set up some shots...
  12. Hey, just updated the site with a new look, check it out and tell us what you think!
  13. it can be done!!! dont ya love it!! i also turn off the original GR missions so only my missions show up. ah, so personalized...
  14. New shots of "The Mosque" by El Oso have been uploaded, check em out! Go to the "Maps" section of our website: toml.ghostaholic.com More TOML shots to come!!!
  15. not yet, its on its way though. If ur interested in beta testing, PM with ur email and/or MSN ID.
  16. Check out the website, its basic, but will be updated toml.ghostaholic.com
  17. yeah, i saw the same thing but its cool...
  18. naw, cant use that, gotta use hex editor!!! I'll IM ya on MSN about it
  19. great, thanx bud, ill have to try that and i posted both topics, but this one has a "2" the end
  20. hey guys, can you script in air strikes into ur missions? with sound and explosiong?
  21. huh, havent heard anything about it yet....hmmm.....
  22. ok, just open them up in a hex editor, locate the texture file names, then go and check out whats in the textures!
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