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  1. can u play GR chars, weps, maps, etc... on SOAF?
  2. looking great, nice detail
  3. Well, they'd be idiots not to make GR2 as moddable as GR1. BUT, i doubt everybody with 3DSM5 will be able to do anything. 3DSM6 is completely awesome, and who even knows what theyre using. Just expect to learn a few new things i bet. I'd like to start modding as early as possible on GR2, i came in way too late on GR1. Actually, if ur interested in forming a mod group, ive been looking to do so for a while.
  4. sounds awesome...wouldnt ur guns look purrty in a later version of That Others May Live....hmmmm....wink wink...lol
  5. Ha, just goes to show ya age is no factor! only skill matters!
  6. They look awesome dude, but you'll have to export as .3DS and import them into version 4.
  7. I know that, I was just saying. Oh yeah, thanks for those gorgeous PJ models for TOML, absolutely incredible!
  8. Haha, love the avatar, I was just playing Aliens vs Predator 2. Ah, classic sci fi, gotta love it...Oh yeah, body movement! Looks like we all ask this question or read about it and get depressed to hear the loud "NO!" from the forum members. Looks like we have to wait for GR2 or MAKE YOUR OWN GAME ENGINE. Well, too bad...
  9. i think the best reticules are styled ones that show the shape of a real one, but the simplicity of GR style ones
  10. dude, i wasnt insulting him or anybody or anything, i was just saying he should try to make something about the mod different than the rest. I think it's awesome hes doing Seals, and he's got my best wishes. Me, I'm like Mr. NooB. but anyways, maybe something like using nicknames/callsigns instead of actor names would be cool. anyways, sry i came across so awkwardly.
  11. Hmmm....for some reason can't get Beasty Boys' "Body Movin'" outta my head...thanks...
  12. Snow, you are the man! Awesome job, just wanna pick those up and go to the range! :cough: HK 79A1 :cough:
  13. Hmmm...sounds fun, but still busy. So many Navy Seals mods, if you make yours just some quick thrown together one, what would make anyone wanna play it more than the others?
  14. My favorite would be the M60!!!! Now thats a real gun! Hoorah!
  15. I LIKE!!!!! I wish I were an Aussie!!! Well, maybe just for a day!
  16. Well, with some remapping, you could have the face texture and armpatch in the same file so that you could change the patch/face per actor.
  17. nah, i think it looks pretty neat. a nice gray color and see-through clip would be sweet
  18. Hey EKF dudes, I can give you guys a skin with ur own camo, thats about it.
  19. ya know what would really make this thing sweet, some new voices. i hate thost boring GR voices, but i dont wanna take the time to record new ones. oh well
  20. well, its hard to say exactly i've been away for a bit, so i havent been able to really get anything done. The friendly forces are done character wise, ill just have to make the actors. enemy forces need help, we really dont have any, and really would like some. the map has been done for ages, and looks wonderful. the mission is being scripted, the ui colors/pics have been changed, and the weapons are pretty much done except for some camo effects and i think theres one mapping problem. other than that, the general sprucing up and nice-making will have to be done once its all put together. i'd like to get some great taliban-style enemies to match the great pararescue characters. thats about it for now
  21. Yeah, i did ask it b4, and nobody could really help me out. But i'm gonna ask Whisper 44 next time i chat with him, and take a look at canadian ops 2 thx!
  22. Hey all you modders! That Others May Live mod needs your help! We're looking for some quality middle eastern characters for our mod! If u can help, plz let us know! Thx for ur help!
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