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  1. super, i was looking for a more blank version of the helmet, if u look at wildcat's templates, looks like he made himself a good blank one, theyre so nice and smooth anyways, thanks for the help
  2. heres a really cheezy thrown together one http://toml.ghostaholic.com/files/test.jpg
  3. Hey guys, ive been messin around in PS a lil and come up with pretty decent camo making routine, decent digital effect when i need to. i cant copy real camos, but if anyones interested in a different camo for their clan/mod or w/e, i think i can make a few custom orders. I use my own design, but u can ask for specific color types. I havent found a good helmet template though, so if anyone has one, could u point me in the right direction?
  4. the fun doesnt stop there! http://www.vb3d.com/Textures.html
  5. heres another: http://www.3dvalley.com/textures.shtml
  6. I think your best bet if you're just doing a skin mod is to make overwriting .ATR files. Now, if you have new/redone missions, make your custom .XML files. as simple as that
  7. hey guys was looking around and found this place with free textures, might be useful for urban mapping, not sure, just thought id put it up anyways http://www.lynnart.net/3d/textures/fabric.html EDIT Found some more for u guys, decent collection http://www.grsites.com/textures/
  8. Check ghostrecon.com to see if there are any updates. Also fileplanet.com
  9. Good old M4 + M203 + M68 + SD + Doube Clips + Desert Camo I likie
  10. Oooh, nice looking stuff dude! Excellent pics!
  11. Wow, I think that would be fun. Sounds like it calls for a well-balanced, very able modding crew. I could see the IT maps getting new skyboxes and killin the rain, maybe that might be closer to the congo, not sure. either way, good luck with this, sounds like a good idea.
  12. I've heard of one being made, not too sure on the realism.
  13. Is someone getting within 5 meters of CP 1?
  14. Ur absolutely right, but i wanted to get some individual scripters for some missions lesser than urs (Oooh, u guys have to play the beta!) That way not everything would be pushed on u.
  15. Hey all, TOML is in search of a pretty talented mission scripter to work on a mission. Have a good understanding of IGOR. If youre interested, just post here or PM me. I'll give u the mission elements, then run on ur own. THX!
  17. Hmmm....I think with some smart scripting it can be done. Might be able to use some ASP with XML or something similar. What kind of scripting does your server support?
  18. Have u tried deleting it and reinstalling it? Do u have all the needed mods activated? Are you going momentarily blind when you go to play that mod? JK! P.S. Theres an earlier post saying theres temporarily no author-based support for Chems' mods. So it's just us nerds for now, no offense my fellow nerds.
  19. U should download the free PS trial and use that while it lasts.
  20. Sorry to say, it cant, With more missions on the way, i cant fairly judge what the ETA would be. I'm gonna wrap a few things up for a beta pack today. totally INCOMPLETE and no reflection of what the final will be.
  21. What kinda graphics card u got? How much RAM?
  22. Yeah, I've seen most of those photos, most of em are from the USAF's public affairs site. But thanks anyways! Good luck on your degree
  23. Ok, guys, good news, Jay is now helping script some missions, thank goodness. I'm very impressed what the stuff hes been working on, and I'm sure u guys are gonna love it all. Still, always willing to take donations of maps, weapons, missions, etc... The sites kinda down for right now, working on a new look for it. Thats all for now!
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