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  1. Hey all,

    We're releasing That Others May Live beta version tomorrow.

    This is no way the final product, there will be more to come!

    After you try it, if you would like to contribute in any way, just contact us through the website, toml.ghostaholic.com

    **Examples of what could be contributed

    -An improved RPG

    -Desert Maps

    -Mission Scripting

    -M4 Variation

    If you would like to help on any of these, drop us a line.

    Look out for the beta!

    toml.ghostaholic.com for updates

  2. I'm not gonna down GR2 just yet. I think Ubi will be able to pull this off better than some of its other titles, plus, were how many yrs after GR1? It might lack some elements that we'd all love, but hey, if it was too realistic, then the bar would be really high for other games to come.

  3. kinda funny, how much sci fi guesses right years b4 it happens. there are lots of similarities between the colonial marines and their weps and the modern military and weps. ah, gotta love aliens!

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