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  1. FOR SALE: TM M4 w/ M16 Stock - 8.4v 600mah battery - upgraded to about 380-390fps w/ .2s - type-0 cylinder (so its a lil higher than 380 I believe) - BSA 30mm Red-dot w/ covers - 1 standard (cause std's are gold) - BB loader 1 bag of Skittles *NOTE* SCOPE AND CARRY HANDLE MOUNT NOT INCLUDED ASKING $250 OBO (Will only ship stateside, dont think UK allows anything higher than 328fps) The gun shown above, not the MP5SD3. I no longer own the MP5SD3. Need money for school
  2. Currently reading The Jerico Sanction by Oliver North Good book so far.
  3. cool story. I think I'm gonna go play in airsoft place sometime next year, just need someone to hook me up, haha.
  4. Theres a Lynx flying around? The center guy littered to the left of him. Is that a box near brush, left of the white kleenex looking thing?
  5. doode i want one of these as my keychain... Why not a Jaguar on the hood of this thing instead of the cheesy angel birdy thing?
  6. Suhweet. Now, blue boonies, that is something new. What happened to there blue helmets? Did they decide to go to a less protective bullet magnet?
  7. do you guys still check this forum? I need a response from the seller of the P14 gbb if it has been sold yet.
  8. We gonna have a new one anytime soon, cause that one was fun.
  9. Pics, we want pics, NOW!!!! I second the request.
  10. 2nd guy from right - "Sarge Sarge! I see land up ahead"
  11. "LT is gonna have our asses if we dont find that missle."
  12. "Any of you find Waldo yet?"
  13. Bottom right, Mr. Knight, Bottom right not bottom center.
  14. Is that a Javelin missle at bottom right corner?
  15. 2nd guy from left, "Hey Hey! What are you looking at?" 3rd guy from left, "What are you talking about? I can't even see your house from here. Someone must've been in the bunker too long..."
  16. If anyone happens to be in Northern California, hit me up sometime. Can gather up a dozen or so people and go skirmish some.
  17. Not bad. MORE MEMBERS!! haha
  18. This site should explain what Airsoft is and what not. http://www.geocities.com/Pentagon/Bunker/4300/intro.html
  19. Supressed M4 would probably sound like a .22 going off. From what I read MP5SD, you can hear about just the bolt cycling.
  20. All of those are GBBs. The G18C is $105 (thats with shipping).
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