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  1. Phew, I'll need a weekend to play trough all new [GR]-maps when i finally get time to play GRAW again in the future.
  2. Why is the default choise of the drop down at the end of the posts sometimes sending you back to "Forum home" and sometimes to the subforum you're currently are browsing? As in "GRAW map modding" you're sent back to "Forum home" but in "GRAW Tech support" you're sent back to "GRAW Tech support" This is not a big deal but never the less quite frustrating.
  3. I've already tested it and I like it a lot! It's quite claustrofobic and you need to cover your team when advancing since the enemy can hit you from both left and right and patroling units can flank you. You might get cornered by a tank or pinned down by a sniper and have your team mates to take them out. Go Johnny! Go!
  4. To bad we couldn't solve the problem this time BHD is just such a good map you gladley play it a couple of times in a row
  5. Since I do not mod myself i have no clue what so ever I've sent a PM to BOTA:X who came up with this idea, asked him to join us in this thread about this problem.
  6. Do you guys experience any crashes when you set the map rotation for more than 1 round? silent_op As mentioned above in this thread, "Black Hawk Down" CTD if set to rotate more than once. Same for the map "Heavy Resistance". It might have to do with that the internal map name is "My_Level". "Hall of Mirrors" don't seem to have this problem. Personally I haven't checked HoM's internal name but if some one would check it and it's internal name other than "My_Level" then we've probably found the solution.
  7. Woot! More [GR]-maps! They should be hard to beat for replayability. Bring it on
  8. awh ok, will uninstall black hawk down, install fierce resistance and try again.... Modders please make unique names for maps so we can have them all! Maby this can give a clue to the CTD when running map twice?
  9. Grab it over at Ghostaholic [GR] Hall of Mirrors: http://www.ghostaholic.com/page-id-1122.html [GR] No Way Out: http://www.ghostaholic.com/page-id-1130.html [GR] Road Rage Firefight: http://www.ghostaholic.com/page-id-1129.html GRIM - De Dust v2: http://www.ghostaholic.com/page-id-689.html (Not [GR] yet. But GRIM-GENERAL is working on it ) For updates please check the GR:AW - Map modding part of GR.net. Lots of interesting work going on
  10. "Heavy Resistance" seems to have the same problem. "Hall of Mirrors" don't (as far as I could tell playing it yesterday)
  11. (I'll keep it short since my english aint that fluid as I would like) I really can't get myself to play FPS at a console so for me it's PC. Since i had to choose between [GR] and GRAW i finally went with [GR]. Why? 1. The MP-coop of [GR] is just so much better. I play only coop (since I suck compared to all you other mp TvT players out there). Server-settings, coop-modes, number of players (yes there is [GR] coop in GRAW but only three maps) 2. Injury system 3. More weapons But I would like a bit of both in a GRNext. I like GRAW and it's my #1 game at the moment. But the limited amount of [GR]-maps will soon put an end to me and my mates playing it. Hopfully the map-modders will extend the life time of GRAW and GRIN release a mappack with SP/GRAW-coop maps as [GR]-coop.
  12. Really nice map! A bit tuogh on your own though Had one CTD when starting map - sorry Rough Trooper Will launch it again - Just gotta play it some more! edit: I get CTD on every map change (from Black hawk down >> Black Hawk down) when running a non dedicated server. Never got CTD when running standard GRIN maps.
  13. So you've started a clan with 3 ppl which all plays different games? I really hope that you can turn the other two into hardcore GRAW fans even though sthe step from WoW to GRAW seems a bit big If you don't succeed you're welcome to our GRAW [GR]-coop evenings edit: we use TS for voicecom and chatter in Swedish
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