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  1. Can you make Co op maps like campaign co op for COD WAW? All I see are zombie co op maps.
  2. After you start with a map you can see as Krazed1 said, type change_map #26 or15 or you get the idea
  3. NetGear Router Model # RP614 v.4 He's not sure how to get into the router setting. Thank you for your help!
  4. Cheers Bro, I'll have to get that info as soon as I can get it from our member with the server.
  5. Got a ? about the server ping. I live in Oregon and one of the team lives in Boston. He put up a stand alone server. It shows a 0 ping. When I join I have a 130 ping. Not bad, plays great. How do we get the server ping to show?
  6. out of 13 maps I've made, 10 are day maps Told you I was blind, lol. keep up the good work!
  7. Looks like you're one of the last co op modders, keep them coming. How bout some day maps for us blind old geezers?
  8. Just 2 questions. Did they fix the editor in case there are any modders still there who might like to make some campaign co ops? And will it run on Vista now?
  9. Well I heard a few weeks back there was a patch for AW2 soon! I guess it was wishfull thinking. Oh well on to other things. [Merged with the existing thread]
  10. Merry Christmas & a Geat New Year to all! From The WidowMakers
  11. Most of them work and are great. Very creative some are a little light on tangos. There are a few that are not rendered correctly but most are looking good. Most look like no previous maps. I think the modders should take a look at them. Great maps!
  12. MC-HOG-HD of the WidowMakers found this map link for AW I co-op maps, over 40 maps. http://www.hatahualpa.tk/ Cheers!
  13. My team put it back in the box 2 months ago. We have hoped the mappers would go back to mapping for AW I. We also decided not to waste anymore $ on ubi games, sorry ubi but you brought it on yourselves.
  14. Is anyone making Campaign Co op maps for GRAW II or is that part of the game History?
  15. Will there be a Campaign Coop released also? Yes, I am working on it but the 2 issues that I can't solves right now it that: 1.You cannot give the order 'move' to your team but they will obey 'Fallow'.It does that with all customs campaign maps. 2."mission_caltle_day' cannot co-exist with 'coop_castle_day' and that is not only for this map but I have tried with another 'custom' map that Dirtbag did and it cannot co-exist either.We have a mojor problem here with 'custom maps' that cannot co-exist. Other than that 'mission_castle_day' is working fine and it will closed 'Operation Storm' campaign.And until someone find a solution to the "co-exitence' prob my future GRAW2 maps will be done with maps that are include in game. The co co-existance is not a problem for some of us as a lot of us only play campaign style games. I guess some play only 12 man co ops. I hope this does not divide the mapping community any more than it has. Till more campaign co op maps are released our team has gone back to GRAW I and GR I because there aren,t enough to keep us interrested.
  16. Will there be a Campaign Coop released also?
  17. You have made the WidowMakers a happy klan again with the 1.04 patch. Thank you! Cisco Kid (aka) Bugsplatter
  18. Hey Brainman When Starting up the game you will be prompted about the patch update, click no. When you quit the the game you will get the prompt again, Click no. If you got the update ,uninstall game and reinstall and only install 1.02 patch from GR.nets downloads page. I,m still waiting for info on the patch Bugsplatter
  19. You did a great job Rpg! It works great on 1.02. Hope you do up the rest of the missions. I removed and reinstalled back to 1.02 just so we can do co op campaigns Cheers! Cisco
  20. Well Bro, I dont have the lastest greatest computer but the game ran fine on it till the patch. Now Me and the WidowMakers are off line till they fix it. I've been playing GR since the first came out way back in 01 I think. But I know for a fact if ubi doesn't fix this in a hurry My Klan and I won't be buying anything with the ubi name on it again. I bought it thinking they learned something from THEIR mistakes with GRAW1. I guess they figured We fooled them once. So since I bit twice, I fooled myself. Here's to hopeing Cheers!
  21. Apparently not. I haven't seen it either and have no idea. Posted Tue August 14 2007 18:54 So how many weeks do us co-oppers have to wait for the fix to fix the patch that was suppose to fix the problems with the $50 game (GRAW2) that is sooo much better than GRAW 1 that's still glitchy? I belong to a co-op Klan that can't host any maps. I don't think I should have to drop my firewall to play the game. I am not a Computer geek so I don't have the slightest idea. How about a fix for your fix
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