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  1. Can you make Co op maps like campaign co op for COD WAW? All I see are zombie co op maps.
  2. After you start with a map you can see as Krazed1 said, type change_map #26 or15 or you get the idea
  3. NetGear Router Model # RP614 v.4 He's not sure how to get into the router setting. Thank you for your help!
  4. Cheers Bro, I'll have to get that info as soon as I can get it from our member with the server.
  5. Got a ? about the server ping. I live in Oregon and one of the team lives in Boston. He put up a stand alone server. It shows a 0 ping. When I join I have a 130 ping. Not bad, plays great. How do we get the server ping to show?
  6. out of 13 maps I've made, 10 are day maps Told you I was blind, lol. keep up the good work!
  7. Looks like you're one of the last co op modders, keep them coming. How bout some day maps for us blind old geezers?
  8. Just 2 questions. Did they fix the editor in case there are any modders still there who might like to make some campaign co ops? And will it run on Vista now?
  9. Well I heard a few weeks back there was a patch for AW2 soon! I guess it was wishfull thinking. Oh well on to other things. [Merged with the existing thread]
  10. Merry Christmas & a Geat New Year to all! From The WidowMakers
  11. Most of them work and are great. Very creative some are a little light on tangos. There are a few that are not rendered correctly but most are looking good. Most look like no previous maps. I think the modders should take a look at them. Great maps!
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