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  1. Well we release version 1.31 http://www.legion-of-terror.cl/foro/viewtopic.php?t=1714 Maybe soon GR.Net put news for all gr players using Anticheat.
  2. Hi guys We've released =LT=Acp version 1.3, we're sorry about the differents problems we got on last version 1.2, almost all detected problems are solved on this release We hope we have more testers next time we make an update. Personally, I'd like to thanks d|e Pelato for his testing which was very productive. When you Open Client or Server program, it loads Automatic update. - If your Client or Server after update is running it again, please check that the process is not running in background and load manualy acp_update.exe or download the file : http://www.legion-of-terror.cl/download/acp/files_acp.zip and unzip it on your Ghost Recon\Mods\Acp folder (replace files if prompted) This Last Version Full Install 1.3, especially for install on a new Ghost Recon installation: http://www.legion-of-terror.cl/download/ac...3_installer.rar ChangeLog : - Detect new list the cheats - Detect all new cheats using names, ret close, etc - Custom Port in Client/Server - Fix Server ListView problem - Client Best HardwareID - Capture Screen but not can send to server (Working in Code) - Client Alt+F4 bug is fixed - Client Check MD5 the Files - Client Control 100% GlassWall or Any RSB Cheat - Server Save Setting - Client Save IP and Values Setting Manual Update : http://www.legion-of-terror.cl/download/acp/files_acp.zip Check Original Sizes : http://www.legion-of-terror.cl/foro/viewtopic.php?t=1027 Cheat List Detected : http://www.legion-of-terror.cl/foro/viewtopic.php?t=791 Filter ACP in The All-Seeing Eye : http://www.legion-of-terror.cl/foro/viewtopic.php?t=1034 Importants Problems : Fix WinXP 64-bit http://www.legion-of-terror.cl/foro/viewtopic.php?t=1046 Process Performance Counter http://www.legion-of-terror.cl/foro/viewtopic.php?p=11513 We soon posting full the FAQ 1.30 If you want link in GR.Net only need use image link :
  3. Hi, Release 1.0 is Ready. When you Open Client or Server program, this load Automatic update. If you have problems in automatic update download directly : http://www.legion-of-terror.cl/download/acp/files_acp.zip ChangeLog : - Adjustment of process to avoid lag - High level of security for Hacks of protocol emulation by FritoBandito Previous you need installed : Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1 Redistributable Package http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...&displaylang=en http://msdn.microsoft.com/netframework/pro...nfo/default.asp Beta Build 1 http://www.legion-of-terror.cl/download/In...Beta_Build1.zip Size Correct : GR\Data\Textures = 69806 GR\Mods\Origmiss\Equip = 104280 GR\Mods\Origmiss\Kits = 62249 GR\Mods\Origmiss\Textures = 58711985 GR\Mods\Origmiss\Map = 441130916 GR\Mods\Origmiss\Character = 58405127 GR\Mods\Mp1\Equip = 40273 GR\Mods\Mp1\Kits = 44962 GR\Mods\Mp1\Textures = 31580971 GR\Mods\Mp1\Map = 252832117 GR\Mods\Mp1\Character = 27990930 GR\Mods\Mp2\Equip = 51648 GR\Mods\Mp2\Kits = 68194 GR\Mods\Mp2\Textures = 37882586 GR\Mods\Mp2\Map = 292689088 GR\Mods\Mp2\Character = 29947448 GR\Mods\Mp2\Attachments = 1313443 Filter ACP in The All-Seeing Eye http://www.legion-of-terror.cl/download/filters.zip Cheat List for Protect Edited to remove cheat names that the unscrupulous might use to their advantage.
  4. Hi, =LT= Release new Anticheat for Ghost Recon. http://www.legion-of-terror.cl/foro/viewforum.php?f=26 [Split into new thread - Please do not revive 2 year old threads]
  5. Hi, Links for Downloads : NetFramework 1.1 http://www.legion-of-terror.cl/download/tmp/dotnetfx.zip =LT=ACP Client Beta1 http://www.legion-of-terror.cl/download/In...lient_Beta1.zip =LT=ACP Server Beta1 http://www.legion-of-terror.cl/download/In...erver_Beta1.zip Details : =LT=ACP Server And =LT=ACP Client use version 1.5 the Ghost Recon. Check File : gr_acp.exe =LT=Server : Only Clients in Direct connection to Internet can Join Server Game using ACP Client. Inside Router or Proxy not can connect to Server. This Problem will be fixed in Final Version. Only use Client or Server Installed.
  6. Hello, the client version it’s 100 % finished, the server version it is on 60 % developed. It will be ready soon. I need to know if you GR.Net contribute with some players to settle an Anticheat Team on the =LT= forum private area, place where this issue will be manage. It will be explain that it detects Cheats and how some others are blocked. The anticheat Ban based on the PC hardware ID, therfore once detected they won’t be able to play again. The client soon will be available for download and Scan testings. The download details and Cheat list will be posted on the Official Forum. You should log in with status as: Team Anticheat Division : Team Anticheat With clan TAG on the user name. I need an offial announcement on this ladder about the speakers, every new player that wants to apply will be submit to the whole clan validation to allow the access and be able to read our conversations about the anticheat due the reliability of this issue. It will be an official release when the Server is ready. http://www.legion-of-terror.cl/foro/index.php
  7. Check for GR1. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=25789
  8. You need have installed original ATC program for GR2, this is upgrade for GR1 over ATC Original. URL the Original ATC is : http://media.ubi.com/us/games/ghostrecon2/atc_gr2_setup.exe
  9. Hi guys, we released installer for upgrade CM in ATC program, next version have maps in 3D from IGOR. Download
  10. Hi Chems & Rocky nice job guys. I go call all LCGR comunity for Petition and post here.
  11. Add maps Ghost Recon 1 to ATC for Ghost Recon 2 is very simple. Create Custom Map, after edit file : ATC for Ghost Recon 2\Data\custom.xml
  12. Hi guys, this tools is very very cool. We last Abril 2004 released =LT=Strategy similar and more simple tool. http://www.ghostrecon.net/news-archive-4-2004.html We working in version 2.0, but looking this tool and analize import jpg, maybe we stop developer.
  13. Dammit, i go post this new in Latin American Portal
  14. We Soon Released =LT=Strategy 2.0 and Multilanguaje support. 1.- Automatically Port join. 2.- Any JPG you can insert in Folder program and Drawing.
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