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  1. I have an usb pendrive with parted magic which includes gparted, clonezilla... I used it many times to save/fix several "computers" at work and some friends ones too.
  2. Although i normally would agree with this, for a normal user reloading onto a notebook that has an off the wall raid controller is a nightmare for them. They have to download the driver and put it on a flash drive, then load it when windows 7 says their is no hard disk. Also most of the time it has to be unzipped and if i remember right the correct driver has to be in the root of the flash drive. Doesn' t happen that often but i have see it. XP- don't install it unless your pc is too old. I never installed it in a notebook, so that might be.
  3. Installing win7 complex? Select where to install and nothing more. It's really fast too. WinXP, well i wouldn't like to install it anymore. Slow and you must do lot of things after it. Ubuntu, last time was almost 2 years ago. 0 problems too. It's fast and my only problem was my webcam not working.
  4. I guess the problem with the tether it is the engine entities limitation.
  5. ZJJ is right. That's the way of doing it.
  6. First i used XP, then 3 years ago i started using Ubuntu. I really liked it and i was using for 2 years. Then one day i got tired of it. I had everything as i wanted and it was cool and what it is more important it worked great. Minor problems when i was messing around with it. Like when you get that resolution problem and you have to reconfigure the X server (or whatever it was called). Other than that i had 0 problems and i really liked the search for solutions for the compatibilities issues you had with some parts (webcam, ipod, ..) Now i am using Win7, cause as i said i got tired of Ubuntu (not its problem, but me being bored). I can say i cannot touch any WinXP now, Win7 overpasses it clearly. And i think it's a great OS. I must confess I am lucky and i can get it from work so that's why i am using. They "force" me to do some homework so i can install the OS on my PC to be able to do that. If i wouldn't be able to get the win7 i would be still using Ubuntu. I will probably try again Ubuntu on some of the PCs at home. About your problems with Win7, it sounds really weird. To me it takes less than 2 seconds to open IE9. And i have to say that i use Opera. Other thing i cannot life without. When i touch other PC and have to deal with Firefox or IE9, puff, my efficiency drops to 50% (mouse gestures, notes, ...) On win7 i would add some easier personalization. Linux wins there by far and thats great.
  7. Feliza Navidad a todos. Merry Xmas to all, hope you have a great time with family and friends.
  8. I meant (sorry for my English) using the ArmA2 game. So just find a location in the Lingor Island which looks like the one in the picture and add two units posing in the same standing as in the IT cover.
  9. You should try to recreate that picture with the arma2 ingame resources.
  10. You can get it here: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=12395
  11. If you don't tell the ins/outs of your homecinema/surround system is hard to tell.
  12. It doesn't work in Opera, as the video/sound chat, and some other apps from google. Even since they updated the translate page i cannot longer use the text to speech option But i cannot live without Opera now, so i will have to wait to see how things go.
  13. Ok, thanks for the info. But would you think it's a good idea to charge also the passengers in accidents involving drugs/alcohol? I never thought about it, and i know i went with someone who had taken drinks when i was young, but it could be a good idea. What's your opinion?
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