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  1. The best thing i noticed in GR1 the FIRST time i played it was the thud sound. The thud sound was so loud on me i actually though i got shot in my chest and died, literally died, and i just froze.
  2. I reckon GRAW is great on MP. GR1 works great on MP. Have 20 people playing on 1 good map and you can have a real laugh. like 'de dust' with HX mod . I though playing FPS tatical games flanking never works, but it actually does. Only thing i hate about GRAW is the tatical feel. RSE does a better job with tatical games. There is tatical feel in GRAW, but not as good as GR1 had. An example of tatical control i want in GRAW stop and recon - fire when enemy is close assault - fire when fired upon suppress fire - fire when you see the enemy. and so on for advance & advance at all cost. If ANYONE can provide me with a link or give me pointers in controlling the rules of engagement and rules of movement? please tellme and enlighting me Still trying to get use to the full version and enjoy it PS - Anyone tellme how i tell a soldier to recon an area as they can tellme the strenght of the area better than humans. When your solider actually spots an enemy they have to stop and find cover too
  3. I know i'm going off topic but i didn't want this forum to be flooded by topics of what they though about GRAW so i'm gonna put mine here i have to say, the demo of GRAW is crap. Keeping in mind this is what the impression i got from the demo GR1 demo is much better than GRAW demo. Only good things that GRAW has than GR1 didn't was graphics & AI. What does GR1 HAS that GRAW doesn't; almost EVERYTHING What i can't seem to do in GRAW but could in GR1: How do i control others soliders in my team? Where's Alpha, Barvo & Charlie? How the hell do i use the tatical map? How the hell do i tell my units to: advance, advance at all cost, stop, recon, assault, suppress fire? - I need about half a page of elaborating. Just because the team leader dies doesn't mean the game should end. God sakes the GHOST are like the SAS and MORE GRAW has the graphics but doesn't have the gameply GR1 doesn't have the graphics but has the gameplay What UBI just create is a bloody monster. The demo has left me unimpressed I'd take everything what i said back ONLY if the full version SP missions are good, but with crap gameplay as far as i'm concered, how the hell will replayability fit in Guess what i'm trying to say is, get GR1 and put in the graphics and AI and new maps and that is what GRAW should of been Thats my ramble
  4. when i play some mods (not offical ones made by RSE) i always get a common error "SimGun: Gun node Weapon 1 has no camera offset helper point." in the Ike.txt file anyone know what that means? Thanks
  5. what happens if you stick a camera behind them 3d glasses?
  6. which makes ghost recon the best game ever personaly i hope GR2 doesn't look aything like that. Seem's like the colors abit overdone. maybe i need to throw away my GF4 440MX and buy a new video card
  7. so you want a option in GR2 that once you get wounded there'll be a whatever % chance of you bleeding to death and screming and you want a medic in the game that'll stop the bleeding and your screaming? Because a good example would be black hawk down. Near the end.
  8. for me even without clearing my cookies i still get that message. but i've found a way out and worked for me. example: you want to download something from here but if you click on the link it gives you that error. you just goto the download section of anything within the fileplanet page. (browser 1) eg "http://www.fileplanet.com/download.aspx?f=129233" right-click on the fileplanet link thats supplyed from ghostrecon.net page Properties> & high-light the address & copy it (browser 2) go back to the fileplanet download page (browser 1) & paste that onto the address bar and enter
  9. i like it the way it is 6 is enough. I wouldn't be able to stand the amount of dead AI around me 2 in each team
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