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  1. Hi ! I am selling my VBS1 core and animal pack, ADF1 pack and OPFOR1 (with USB key) Used it once to install. Give me your offer on muki_home@siol.net.
  2. First thx for replay. I belive you and I know that they are serious company (I am just a little ). But it is almost a month since I was first contacting them. Well I guess I will just have to wait and see.....for few more days, than we can officially say that they are not serious or they simply don't care about one single customer.
  3. I have a problem buying the VBS game. Are you guys sure that the manufacturer "Bohemia Interactive Studio" are serious ? I mailed them 3 times and I get no answer. I have a problem paying the game (I saw a topis on this team allready) couse PAYPAL is not supported for my country (Slovenia-EU). I konw I can pay the game directly but I don't know on which account. Now I am sceptic if they will send me a game after paying it. I'm not a child to be played with and I have a job that makes me suspicios. Also I had bad expirience in the past with ordering on net. If I would be from Australia that wou
  4. AMD 2.6, radeon 9600 XT, 512 RAM I guess the only problem remains the money
  5. Since you are talking about graphic and stuff here I think my replay is in correct forum. I would really want to buy this game to but I couldn't find anything about PC preformance that are needed to play it. I would like to be sure that the game will work with no lag couse it is tooooo expensive to buy it and throw it away. If anyone could tell me what is the minimum performance of PC for the game PLZ ! Also I was checking about addons and did I see it wrong or the graphic is getting better with some addons (so maybe I will need a better PC later )? And if I am asking all this qu
  6. Looking for sniper mission on new (moded) map in which is playing music from "Full metal jacket" movie. I had it, but I erased it now I would like to play it. Please help me to find it if you know it. Thanx !
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