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  1. cool, like the new site yoda! looking forward to the styer mod, i didn't know about it before. it looks really sweet!
  2. do you play any other racing games? F1 2001 with the FIA GT_V3 mod has a special place in my heart (not as special as GR or RvS though )
  3. crap this is gonna be lame but i would just want to talk to him to see what he is thinking (if he is). see what he's like. then i'd hand him over to the rest of you
  4. look like there are still a few bugs in the forums but overall it's just as promised: back, and better than ever!
  5. DOH! i lost all...30 posts (big loss)
  6. cool! never had a sig in the old forums. might as well start out in the new ones with a cool one! could you PLEASE make me a sig? if you could that would be really cool. doesn't have to be anything fancy, just what you have time for. my name is matt but in here i'm JTF-2 (don't know what other info you need?)
  7. ya, like i said before, sweet rifle Earl. still on for the 2 versions? (camo and no camo)
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