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  1. maybe an after market flip-up front sight would look better on the front. It would look more natural at the required hight that the standard front iron. great job.
  2. how ancient is this game? I ran across it randomly for the first time a few days ago... How's the 360 version different?
  3. sorry, i meant that you think Vegas will be a worthy sucessor? I'm not sure what to think yet. It's a pitty we'll have to wait until fall 2007 for Rogue Warrior's release. That's still a ways off.
  4. - Rainbow 6 - Vegas Rogue Warrior Website ya think?
  5. It's got all the signs of a great game, just like that other game with "rogue" in it's title: current story, commanding a squad, famous name behind it. Someone around here liked to say that the game industry goes in cycles (JSondecker if i remember right). Well seems like things are swinging in a good direction now -- at least if this game turns out. It'll be nice if it is indeed a challenge to the Clancy Monopoly. I'm still waiting for the next Rogue Spear or next GR.
  6. nope, it's not the draw distance. I've got it set as far as it will go. I've tried all (the very limited) graphics options.
  7. This game is scary as hell. With the settings cranked right up, the game looks unbelievable -- as close to a movie as we've seen so far. You're an FBI agent with a serious panache for CSI style investigating. The tools and high tech gadgets are awesome, and well implemented. After the evidence is collected, you fight your way past crazed, 2by4 wielding psychos to uncover, well, more evidence. Official Site: http://www.condemnedgame.com/flash.php Demo: fileplanet all the usual mirrors...
  8. Take a look at the "land" texture (ie: NOT the water or trees or bushes). It seems like the texture is missing! There is no way the ground is supposed to be matte, textureless gray! As for the stupid yellow flashing thing ... urgh ... worst. demo. ever.
  9. tried the demo. It's pretty fun if just for the sweet jungle combat. But I've got a major graphic glitch: I don't know what to do. My drivers are updated. My computer should be fine (AMD 3700+, ATI X1900XT 512 MB, 2GB RAM...) Anybody have any suggestions? the publisher doesn't seem to have any support.
  10. awesome review Budgie. Brought me right back to my formative gaming days. God I love Rouge Spear.... I wish I could personally say thank you to all the RSE guys who had a hand in it.
  11. Really nice camos! I think it's great that your working on GRAW. keep it up
  12. JTF-2

    Formula One

    thank god. race results from Japan Spoilers bellow --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------- Alonso is only one point away from the drivers' title! please god don't let schumi win. Brilliant. My faith is restored.
  13. JTF-2

    3dsm fun

    if that doesn't strike fear into the heart of the enemy, i don't know what would. awesome. now lets see gromit.
  14. M14L1 is pretty sweet. Found some more pictures: hi res of bellow: here
  15. Where do you ride Stalker? mountains or flats? i know, it depends on what's in your area really. I recently built up a steel road bike, a single speed, front brake only. Custom, from the frame up. Steel frames are hard to find for a reasonable price, usually they are as much as their carbon counterparts! Settled on a Surly "pacer" frame -- awesome rig from at awesome company at an awesome price -- rides like a dream. I'm friends with the manager of a great lbs so he gave me many parts and the frame at cost in exchange for good gin, the mechanic built it for beer. Saving hundreds of $$ = almost priceless. Don't wanna high-jack your thread, but here's a couple pics of my rig (don't mind the messy room -- it's a student house) It was supposed to be a banger, a run-about, but I let it get out of control. Paid around $800 (including alcohol bribes), retail would be around 1100-1200. Light as hell, goes like nothing i've ever ridden, the steel soaks up the road.
  16. haha, ya. Custom frames alone can run into the high 4 figures. Really nice ride Stalker. Didn't know there were other riders around here. Really nice handlebar/brake lever set up. I'm as un-weight-weenie as they come, but is it under 20lbs? looks flywieght. Hope you ride it a lot.
  17. JTF-2

    Ford GTTT

    Clarkson . . . . real nice car that Ford. I like that they kept it stock on the outside, would have been unforgivable to do otherwise. But for ######s sake keep the Ford Engine in there, he's a silly twit to consider changing it. . . The engine is such a gem. Now he should be doing other stuff -- maybe bigger brakes, better springs/dampers. But that's if it was my money.... which it's not.
  18. bloody amazing! i'm tryin' it out right now. EDIT - just been playin with it! damn it's nice to have a good old m4. a new sound for it would really seal the deal -- but it understand that's kinda low on the priorities right now. Great, great work Snow. It's awesome, even in uber-BETA form. congrats on a GRAW landmark SF
  19. Amazing progress SF. really great stuff. It must be hard slog, but many people around here really appreciate it. Thanks. that's pretty much a perfect m4 btw
  20. awesome characters! The undead Ghost face is sweet too.
  21. Bap! ya, GRIN have made me happy. Sweet Game. That's all there is to it.
  22. great to hear that their are usefull things in the patch. First and foremost, Thank You GRIN devs. good luck with the model brettzies. keep us posted.
  23. awesome! I'm so glad you guys are still going strong on this. It'll be amazing when it's done, I have no doubt. good luck with the comp Jay.
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