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  1. Can anybody point me in the direction of some good SHOT show picture links? maybe some with a little explanation to go with 'em? Where do you guys go?
  2. Sorry if this has been posted before, but these videos by Canadian Forces soldier Scott Kesterson are absolutely stunning. This is online journalism at its best. The composure of the soldiers under fire is amazing. Just have a look: Scott Kesterson
  3. i'll be keeping a very close eye on this thread. the "mood" is really good in that shot; it feels tense. . . .
  4. no problem. Also, if you double-tap "shift" it will toggle walking. Just hit it twice, fast. That way you don't always have to hold down the shift button while you're clearing a street or something.
  5. Metal_Jacket: Just hold "shift" while you're moving. That way you can see your gun while you walk -- walk and shoot. (I think that's what you were talking about...) The game does take a while to grow on you. I never really played that much OFP, but ArmA seems to be a pretty good sequel to [GR]. It picks up where it left off: Massive environment. Good squad based tactics. Good selection of weapons. Very open ended.
  6. nice man! it's great to see that someone's still putting this kinda effort into GRAW. it's way beyond my level in max, so all I can say is best of luck with it. Hope you get the answers you're looking for.
  7. I was under the impression that Nishi never released the downtown map (the one based around BHD right)? There are still screens from it on his site, but I don't see anything about a release... It looked great, I hope someone's got a copy...
  8. a few new screenshots: translated by google here hands-off preview: translated. again. interview: yup, translated.
  9. Ok. I'm looking for what I thought would be a really basic bit of software: something to burn regular data DVDs -- I use them to back up my .max/school/photoshop/work files. Everything i've tried is pretty awful. Most of the software looks like it's from 1997 and hasn't been updated since. Also, shareware/freeware would be preferable - but I wouldn't mind paying for a good bit of proper software. Is there any way to brun DVDs directly from a windows folder? On my mac it couldn't be easier: open a "burn folder" drag stuff in, click the big "burn" button.
  10. I really like this game. Feels like a real GR:next. The AI drivers suck, but otherwise, it's great to play. Mods are already starting to emerge for it. Bright future ahead i think.
  11. I'd get this game just for the legendary e30 BMW M3 and beautiful Alfa 75 turbo.
  12. Craig is Awesome. Best Bond since Sean easy. Eva Green's character is really, really good. The best bond girl ever. The newspapers have been saying it for a while now, but the Bond franchise has finally recognized the world around it. It helps that the plot is so good too -- it was, after all, an original Ian Fleming novel.
  13. awesome. just awesome. I'm just glad we're getting more guns.
  14. tried it. then uninstalled it. You were right, it's not very good.
  15. great! thanks for the reply. Not too long to wait then...
  16. holly ######. Flying low in a little bird with a SOPMOD, clearing a town with an SPR ... this game is gonna rock. I'm a little confused about the release though. It was released in the Czech, and it's coming to Germany? So far no English version? is there any on the horizon? are they jsut waiting for a publisher?
  17. I really liked this game, much more than the first splinter cell. More choices, less linear. I just beat the game yesterday, but there's lots of replayability it seems. seems opinion is pretty divided on this one.
  18. ok, i figured it out: just watch the numbers flicking past. In each column eventually one number will stop flickering. select the values which have stopped. you're good to go. -I think this game is pretty sweet. Mostly, i just like the "double agent" factor. I think that's great. Plus I've been reading a lot of John Le Carré spy books lately (the Spy Who Came in From the Cold, and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy -- both highly rec'd).
  19. HELP! - tip needed. i'm playing the SP demo. I can't figure out how to hack. I need to hack that control panel for the detonator to the icewall. how do you use the hack tool? i think i'll love this game, i just need to get used to it.
  20. @whisper: agreed. @papa, it's not a rip off. It's essentially a mod. it's the same game. They're just "modding" it for use by the army?
  21. awesome. been waiting for this for a while. downloading it now. what do you guys think so far?
  22. well, here's the other title Zombie is working on: Future Soldier Trainer a "proof-of-concept simulator for the America's Army Government Applications group: Future Soldier Trainer (FST)." It seems Zombie is trying to get into the military sim market in a big way. But you're right, we've yet to see if they can pull it off. Their other two titles are "Convoy Trainer" and Future Force Commander (remember that promo movie for the FCS combat system or whatever it is? well, it looks like this is the game they used to create some of the footage.) Zombie also had a hand in Covert Ops for Rouge Spear! also, Americas Army, Shadow Ops: RM. their back catalog is huge and pretty impressive. please make Rouge Warrior good Zombie. EDIT - actually, you can download Future Company Commander for free!
  23. just a quick note if you're still around Brett. Just got the game and your mod. Great work man! the M4 really does add a lot, and the aimpoint is totally unique in SWAT 4. Thanks very much man.
  24. First choice: flip up sights as seen above. Second choice: looks fine with the iron sights a little tall as you've got 'em.
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