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  1. Tried the demo yesterday. I was surprised that it ran fine on my system at max settings. No noticable framrate drops, even in the buggy race. I like: The menu system. Why don't devs pay more attention to menus? The scope of the game. So many different cars and types of racing. The graphics. I don't Like: slightly arcade physics in the demo. They should have given us the full on damage model and all the rest -- even if it was only in one race. Overall: Can't wait for the game to be released. I'll for sure by a copy. But the real question is do I get a Logitech G25 wheel to go with it....
  2. Cobaka: Yes, it is very possible and very easy. I've got a bunch of records that I love but it'd be nice to be able to take the tracks with me when I travel. There's a huge resurgence in the number of bands releasing LPs -- it's another trendy indie thing. Anyway, here's how I rip vinyl: I picked up an old version of the Griffin iMic for around $40CDN. It comes with it's own software specifically for the job (FinalVinyl I think it's called). Hooked it up between my iBook (works with winXP too) and the phono pre-amp on my stereo. Play the record and press the record button. After the side is done, it lets you split it up into tracks. It gives you a choice of a bunch of formats including Mp3 and Wav. good luck.
  3. Amazing. It's looks amazing. It's great to see you're still putting so much effort into this game.
  4. It's plagiarism. If I did that in school I could be kicked out. But like Sup said, it's probably just carelessness. Hopefully its just an honest mistake. There's probably one texture artists out there kicking himself right now for being so silly.
  5. oh my god. NO! This really should not happen. Although, something along these lines does seem inevitable in the near-ish future. "ID tagged soldiers, carrying ID tagged guns..." seems like something out of a video game -- oh yeah, it is, MGS4 trailer.
  6. I got vegas the other day. It's a pretty fun game -- and it's challenging enough that I've died a fair bit playing through the campaign. Remeber though that the only thing it shares with origial R6/RS is the name. Beyond that, it's a fun FPS. Replayability is pretty good. There's a terrorist hunt mode with many maps and options. can't comment on STALKER. hope that helps. Is STALKER out yet in North America?
  7. JTF-2


    better than the M4, but you can't have one Saw this story on Digg today -- it was actually getting a lot of hits! Looks like people care and are interested.
  8. Silent: yup, it's pretty simple once you've got it. You've just gotta learn a new method -- it's been so long since a good modable game came out that we're all a little out of practice.
  9. Go here for a detailed explanation with examples. Forget everything you've done. Start from scratch: -make a folder "@mymod" in the main ArmA directory. <--- it's usual to begin modfolders with "@" -make a folder inside that one called "Addons," place your new .pbo's (mod files) inside that -no you've got ArmA\@mymod\Addons -copy the ArmA .exe. go to properties. the target should read NOTE: the EBU mod can simply go into your AmrA\addons folder and it will be used always. You don't need to make a modfolder and new exe for this one. ALSO: as far as I know, missions usually go in your ArmA\Mission folder. hope this helps. -I'm kinda new at this too, so please correct me if I'm wrong on anthing.
  10. Haven't ever made a sound mod myself. Extracting and repacking should be really simple -- use Kegetys tools (link bellow) to open up a .pbo and then repack it with your new sounds. As for what format the sounds are in, i'm not sure. I'd start by having a look at some that have already been released and seeing how they were made. try this one at armaholic. Next, go and download Kegetys mod tools. Don't know if any of them are specifically for sound modding, but they should let you explore pretty much all of ArmAs files. Thanks Silent, nope the skin isn't available for download yet. (I overwrote somebody elses mod to get the skin in-game, just for my personal use.) If you really want the skin (and promise not to give it to anybody else, I'd be happy to email the mod to you. As for the awesome Delta Force 1990 mod, no I'm not the author. It was eSKwaad who made it -- he was the best. If you're looking for spec-ops skins in ArmA, this one was just released.
  11. Thanks guys. The process isn't very hard at all once you get it. A lot like GR really. Extract a .pbo with the Kegetys tools, open the right textures in photoshop using the .paa plugin. Then just re-pack the .pbo and you're good to go.
  12. This is my first attempt at modding ArmA (or any OFP style game). It's just a simple skin using a lot of original textures -- but it's in-game and working great. I added the pathces, vest, and helmet. Check it out:
  13. One more thing to add to that: with the latest version 1.5, the new iron sight model is much better. Makes it possible to be effective at close range while moving and walking with the sights up is no longer disorienting. It's as linear as GR ever was, probably more.
  14. me neither, but if I could've got a DVD version delivered quickly to Canada I would have -- just check your DVD region is compatible with ArmA.
  15. -edit- list has been updated. see Rocky's first post.
  16. Yup, they encourage you to make a backup copy of the installer. Because, according to them, if you want to dl it again, you've got to email them a bunch of info. I payed in Canadian dollars with my credit card.
  17. Ok, you're right I'm much happier now I've got it (running on my new 22" wide monitor!) and it's beautiful. I love this game. I wouldn't say the quote is sarcastic, it's just optimistic sure -- for gr2. But now I've got ArmA so...
  18. ARGH! so the download stopped because I switched servers and wouldn't re-connect. Fine, so I shut the Sprocket dl manager are reopened it - it didn't recognize that 23% had been dled aready so it ######ing started again!
  19. Yup, I think that's it. A very prominent Canadian journalist (Russell Smith) came in to give a guest lecture to my Journalism class. In it, he mentioned Scott Kesterson as a brilliant example of online journalism: it's very authentic, but potentially not very credible.
  20. 1.05 Is Out! Full English version of the game (505 release) is available from sprocket! -EDIT- I'm downloading ArmA from Sprocket now. Only issue is that it's taking so damn long. Says it'll take around 9-10 hours! I've got very good broadband, and it's only pulling ~75kbs. You can get faster download speeds off free servers for christ's sake. I suppose good things only come to those who wait...
  21. It seems like he's actually as US soldier, imbeded with a bunch of Canadians? Did anybody else get that, or I am reading his blog wrong? why/how would he be filming a bunch of Canadians?
  22. Nice. thanks for the info guys. Fingers crossed for friday.
  23. Is it just me or is the Online Download version from 505 not out today? it was supposed to be released on the 27th right?
  24. Here's a question: Will any one of the Eurpoean/Worldwide releases work on North American DVD readers? Could a buy a copy from another country and have it work on my machine in Canada?
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