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  1. Just saw this today while surfing the internet.. http://www.primotechnology.com/news/0307/c...mmodore-pc.html
  2. I hope you guys realize that loads of ppl will base their final decision to purchase or to support this game purely on the basis of the june/july MP patch. I'm just being real here.. if there's no playable MP (TvT/ LMS) before the summer holiday starts I can't see how this game will have a future.
  3. All those 5 maps look like GR1's Market map..
  4. I'm out! Thanks for the mature debate on your end Z. -John lol and yet another dev scurrying away
  5. I completely agree with you Warlord. My additions: - All Seeing Eye support - More weapons - Diesel Engine optimizations But the most critical issues remain a proper AC, replays and more gametypes.
  6. AGEIA PhysX PPU tested by HEXUS.net (There's also a small part about GRAW)
  7. Here is some more tweaking info: http://www.tweakguides.com/GRAW_1.html
  8. Hadez you're spot on right, can't agree with you more on this one!
  9. And now we're only playing the SP mission... Imagine the fps drops when playing MP 16 vs 16 This game has great potential but GRIN realy has to do some serious netcode/ Diesel engine optimizations. I expect this to be the top priority for the upcomping patch. A smooth running/ scalable engine is the main foundation of a game, if this isn't worked out right, than the rest of the game can't be good either. It can't be right just to tell ppl to upgrade their rig while most of us already have an above avarage system, so this current situation is just unacceptable.
  10. I have a similar PC like you (AMD64 3200+ / Asus K8V Deluxe / ATI Radeon 9800XT 256Mb/ 2 Gig Corsair XMS 3200PC LL Pro) You also have a motherboard that only supports AGP vid cards. If you're only planning to buy a new AGP video card than the Gainward Bliss 7800GS+ 512MB is the best option atm (I believe Rocky has this gfx card). Its an AGP card but its standard clocked way higher than a normal 7800GS card, and has almost the same values as an 7900GT card. More info here: http://www.pureoverclock.com/story665.html http://www.gainward.net/products/product.php?products_id=48 ps. If your budget isn't so high you could go for a standard 7800GS or for an ATI X850XT.
  11. The demo had an ATI logo displaying at the start. Nuff said.
  12. GR1 is the real deal, I don't think we will be seeing any game in the near future that can top the GR1 gameplay experience.
  13. Fast download link (got speeds over 1500kb/s) ^^ ftp://ftp.placefile.com/pub/games/ghost_r...RAW_PC_demo.zip
  14. Ahhh...cool, so we could get this as well with a patch or update...sweet. Anyone counting the number of possible features we might get down the road with patches? LOL...I'm not trying to be negative here, but it would be interesting to know all the things we might get with a patch down the road...it seems as though that list keeps growing. ← Yeah this worries me aswell. All the things we might get..
  15. 1. No spawns TDM 2. Replays 3. Other customizations like RIZ, Time, kit restrictions. ps. Eventhough some of us don't agree with GRAW not shipping with TDM it doesn't mean we don't respect GRIN. Imho GRIN is the best thing that happened to the GR community since GR1!
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