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  1. I always got a CTD with the 101st AB mod I was hoping that Combatech could help me out with that
  2. Is there an english site that has it?
  3. oh well since your dail up i'll give you 9 1/2 out of 10 but really if you want some custom maps talk to some of the mappser around here. I myself am a poor white boy who cant afford 3D max but ask someone like Neutron or el olso
  4. Well i've kinda lost touch of the war after we captured saddam
  5. I would like the blackhawks to provide CAS with their miniguns and also have it so where you can reload while shooting from a blackhawk.
  6. I think if that was the case that 12 hours is more than enough time to get non-combatants and the combatants themselves out. unless the US search each person leaving.
  7. All of them but I really enjoyed the last one my only real complaint is that it was too short. I just didnt thin 5 mission tell the whole story if you get my drift but by my personal reveiw i gave it 9/10 one point off for it being alittle too short
  8. Mono will the door gunner on the MH-60 be providing close air support also?
  9. Awsome skins do you mind if i use them in a mod i'm thinking about making?
  10. I'd say contact ether Baja Bravo or Sixpence
  11. Thats what I would do and its alot faster than asking someone to make you a skin and then wait and wait and wait for them to finish it when you could have had a ever better skin lets 6 months earlier ( i just said 6 months to show that some people are ether busy or lazy.)
  12. Just completed it. A very nice campign if i say so myself
  13. Truce......hmmmmmmm I didnt know the US made truces with terrorists
  14. Why dont you just download a mod like BJB Saber Teams and use the ranger skin there or use Sixpence's Ranger skin pack he just released?
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