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  1. Well the mission seems to be in orderi havent gotten any errors.
  2. In real life the 9mm isnt worth much unless in CQB where as 45. round is worth more than just CQB
  3. Big brother is watching you.......
  4. Because the 9mm round is useless in GR
  5. Thats right there is a awsome mod mate dont dis it unless you mod
  6. I have all the AvP,predator, and aliens comic books
  7. Damn 20 mins and I thought LA was bad.
  8. I wouldnt mind seeing an AK like that
  9. HACK THE PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. to the sand box to kill some scorpions
  11. I'm reading a book about the war in Chechenya and then i plan to start a historical campign base on the war there can i get some mission scripters to help me out?
  12. You dont have to be all you have to do is contact some people who are that talented and have time on their hands
  13. How many missions will be in this new mod of yours?
  14. Maybe it is a bad download try uninstalling it and downloading it again.
  15. Well when a staff member comes by and tells us that then i will cease my actions
  16. Not a thing i was using it as something to compare with
  17. some people have done similer stuff like used a radio to call in a fire mission.
  18. I dont know if this is going off topic but in my opinion i think the UN is unless. I likes communsium it looks good on paper but in practice it back fires more times than my grandad's truck.
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