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  1. In case anyone's interested, the US ARMA MP Demo is available at Fileplanet. I've played it a few times, and it's a bit of a learning curve, but still a good tactical game. I also agree with KRP 56, it's a very different game than [GR] or the R6 series, but if you liked OFP, then you'll fall right into this one. Armed Assault Multiplayer Demo - English
  2. While I understand it's a very impressive for a gamer to see a full city sprawling in front of them in immaculate detail, the tactical considerations for them doing what they did are pure Hollywood. What would be the advantage of dropping into a heavily populated, convoluted, dangerous landscape at a TOD when you're perfectly visible? Not to mention the fact there are clear political and diplomatic consequences to having American troops fully armed and running a seemingly clandestine operation in the capitol of Mexico. The whole plan lacks the subtlety and discretion required of delicate operations as was presented. The whole scenario is a dog-and-pony show dreamt up to impress audiences unfamiliar with military tactics, IMO. LOL from now on, the R6 series will be known as 'Rambo 6'! I haven't played Vegas, but from what I've seen from the vids, it's more of an Action FPS with tactical clothing. For counter-terrorist situations like that, extensive planning is and coordination is made well ahead of any contact, using multiple teams with multiple timed insertions and actions. Not four "badasses" who "Sam Fisher" their way through a level.
  3. No, it doesn't seem like a whole lot of time. I expect it will be new maps, some new weapons, objectives that are the same as the x360. Pretty much more of the same with some improvements I would guess. But nothing that drastically changes the formula of GRAW-1. On the other hand, they could have been working on GRAW2 as other depts were wrapping up on GRAW1. Who knows. But look on the bright side, at least we don't have to wait another 5 years between games! Agreed. My guess is that it's going to be a rehash of GRAW with a new campaign, some new weapons and features based on GRAW's feedback. I'm inclined to believe that this is the 'Desert Seige' of GR sequels. If that's the case, why not just make it an add-on, to promote sales of the first game? P.S. If time is a factor, I hope they don't have enough time to script a whole bunch of in-game sequences and I will be able to accomplish my individual objectives with true freedom.
  4. You guys remember when you played a mission in GR, you carefully considered every step, plotting and planning every movement over wide and varying terrain in order to have the upper hand on a challenging and often unforgiving enemy? What happened to that? That feeling of tension you felt, knowing that any wrong move could often prove fatal? That tension is long gone for me. As I bound from objective to objective, encountering the same scenario of a group of guys waiting to ambush me in one direction, just so that I can blow something up and then run off to my next task of 10 in a mission, I can't help but feel like a high-speed errand boy. It would seem these days players are content with scripted sequences and lots of incompetant enemies. Remember when you used to praise GR for it's realism and attention to detail? I used to be quite impressed with the detailed textures and models, most of them modeled directly from real loadouts currently used in the field. Yeah, the game was set in the near future, but what was really catching was GR's similarity to present-day combat. Now, GR seems to be a medium for military speculation, as our Army's "concept programs" are being showcased as realistic. As I recall, the XM22, the M8 weapon system and Crye Multicam have all gotten the hatchet, and the Future Force Warrior suite as a fully functional and operational tool has been reshaped many times over since it's conception and has no definite future. Bottom line is that I didn't like GR1 because of it's soothe-saying qualities, but because it made me feel and think like I was in combat today. In fact, I believe the origin of having the events that take place in the future in most Red Storm games is to lend an heir of legitimacy to and cohesiveness with actual world events and circumstances. That's not the case, anymore. Now, apparently the best way to make a stealthy entry for a recon mission is to HALO jump INTO A CITY in the middle of the day! Nothing out of the ordinary about that, and what could be a safer LZ? I guess I'm rambling, but stuff like this has been bothering me about the GR series since GRAW. I expect the transformation of military simulation to action/adventure for the console audience, but I don't know how so many old-school GR Boys can stomach the departure from reality the current UBI offering has taken the series. The game is a charicature of it's old self and I don't think it will ever move back in the other direction with any degree of significance. Guess it's time to let go of this series and move on, I guess. I have heard some good things about Armed Assault...
  5. Dude, that is some great work! Is this a or a texture/bump map template in the file heirchy somewhere(I hope what I said just made sense), or did you personally reskin everything? Either way, thank you!
  6. First, those are F-15's... I have yet to see an F-22. Second, I always figured it was artillary or mortars. Oops, you're right. doh!
  7. Well, it seems we're all in a race to turn out an ACU mod. Nice work, man! Always good to see talented "shoppers" out there.
  8. My gripes: weapon innaccuracies: -totally overlooked is the M16 family of weapons, although I suspected it might be due to licensing issues w/ Colt. Still, I miss my M4! -Optics selection for all weapons is also mediocre. Operators should be able to choose between aimpoints, eotechs, and more! An ACOG Trijicon is my preferred medium-range optic for CQB. It was in Ravenshield. Why not here? -backup ironsights should be mounted on weapons that have optic sights, just folded down. This is for redundency, in case the sight malfunctions, runs out of batteries, is damaged, etc... -I want at least one .45 caliber sidearm, preferrably a modified 1911! Now that's a caliber with some chest hair! -only one sniper rifle, and not one preferrable for engagements closer than 200 meters(ie city fighting). Semi-autos are preferred in a caliber such as 7.62. The SCAR rifle is a modular weapons platform. It has a swapable sniper variant. Why isn't it here? Operator/Team innaccuracies: Yes, they are wearing the next-gen stuff, but aside from the cross-com/HUD helmet, it's still just another PALS/MOLLE modular platform(it's actually available for sale). Knowing that, I can see that the modular pouches they are wearing are innappropriate for their weapons loadout. -SAW gunner has no SAW pouches, only M4 pouches and General Purpose/medic pouches. -no pistol mag pouches visible on any operator, either. -40mm pouches non-existent -teammates do not utilize grenades, sidearms or any other accessories, except for the Zeus! There should be a grenade command in this game, somewhere. ...more later
  9. It's war, man. Look overhead. There are F22's and gunships overflying the area all the time. It could be from that. There's also tons of AA in all parts of the city, so it could be errant shells. It could be artillery support from Ontiveros' men, or even from coalition forces. I think the intention is for you to feel the chaos that is a hot zone, so your experience is more fluid and real. It's not just about hearing incoming, but seeing it too. Besides, it's just plain fun to see s--t blowing up to the left and right of you. These guys are special forces. They do this stuff because they get a rush out of it!! That also might explain why my SAW gunner is always laughing.
  10. I don't think the red dot is a laser-sight/laser beam, you know what I mean He's right. The reticle is only visible to the shooter. It's not a laser sight. If you guys want a good breakdown on the tech side of dot sights and holo sights, check out this link... Understanding E-sights
  11. The sights that the standard weapons utilize are red-dot(Aimpoint Comp) or holographic(Eotech 552) sights. None of them zoom, only scopes zoom. They are designed to be sighted with both eyes open, allowing one to maintain their peripheral vision, increasing situational awareness as well as provide a quick point of reference for snap-shooting and low-light conditions. Also, the dot isn't centered in the glass like you usually see. It actually floats around alot, depending on the angle in which you're viewing. The neat part about that is that if your sight has been zero'ed, then anywhere the dot is pointed, it will hit, regardless of whether it's centered. Aside from that, yes you would experience some tunnel vision if you concentrated on just the dot or your target behind it. I don't see any need to simulate that in the game though, as you do have a set of eyes which are already focusing on specific parts of the screen and therefore blurring or distorting everything around it. They did the same blurring effect on the game 'Black' during reloading sequences, which was thought to increase realism. It annoyed the heck out of me, though, because even the most basic military weapons training/qualification emphasizes focusing on your target, not your gun. staring at your gun during reloading = not in the fight, gives your enemy freedom of movement.
  12. Hey all, I was interested to see what the ghosts would look like with ACU camo, so I started editing the default skins and plan on releasing a mod where all Army characters are using ACU. I started on Saturday, so all I've gotten done is the armor chassis and helmet, so far. More updates later. *sorry for the low-res textures. My texture setting are maxed at medium, as I've only got a gig of RAM.
  13. LOL, sorry. I, for the most part refer to the technique of move-to-contact as recon-by-fire. If you looked at my example, then you see what I am talking about.
  14. Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it, but IMHO, the realism and suspenseful edge that was present in the GR1 series of games seemed to be all but lost in the GR2 series. The GR1 series gave me alot more freedom and tools to take on a mission full of formidable and unforgiving enemies. You had to play it safe and smart if you wanted to get through with most of your team alive. Now, the game seems to have migrated to more of an action game where you can run through and take on most groups of enemies without any real planning at all. The most effective tactic is recon-by-fire(not really preferred by actual fireteams). Most of the time, even on the hardest setting, I just run around until I hear a familiar AK sound, then I just suppress in that direction and run to the right or left and 203 the group of incompetents. Sure, you could crawl through most of the game, but you'd be wasting your time. They'll probably see you, anyway(very frustrating after all that sneaking around). I could go on and on, but its been done here on this forum again and again for the past few years, so just do a search and read what others have already said.
  15. Here's the best advice...Do not expect this game to be anything but the same washed-out gameplay from GR2. That way, anything better than that will be a blessing. The days of Red Storm realism are gone and have been replaced by those of UBIsoft adventurism, unless proven otherwise. Buyer beware and, if possible, try out the upcoming games before you take UBI on their word and throw 40-50 on their new stuff. I personally own over $200.00 worth of dissappointments from UBI that I rarely am excited or motivated to play. I hope that I am wrong about GR:AW, but that doesn't mean I expect them to deliver anything better than what I've gotten already.
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