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  1. Yeah, it says it doesn't exist. I DM'd you my email address if that helps
  2. Thanks @wombat50 this would be perfect, the download link doesn't seem to be working for me however. Is there somewhere else I can get this?
  3. Hey all, I'm trying to find a copy of this --> https://www.ghostrecon.net/all-news/ghost-recon/fng_drxs-map-pack/ There was a thread here mentioning the v5 of this mod that I'm interested in. Thanks!
  4. Hey @Zeealex, was hoping to get a dedicated server up and running. I haven't been able to get Battalion Command Utils to work (might have to try an older version of windows), but I'm curious if there are any other tools you've got stashed away that can help me out. Thanks!
  5. Wow... it looks like you have put alot of work into this! I am downloading it now, and can't wait for this to finish! 50% and counting..... Thanks in advance!
  6. OTT is still planning on finishing this. What are the cutoff times for each mission?
  7. love the snowshoes... i actually saw someone snowshoeing down the street here on the weekend.
  8. it would be really nice if someone just re-wrote the game, lol
  9. The games are quite different right now. I mean, when in GR1 did you have someone telling you where you could and could not go? if you wanted to go around the long way to an objective, go for it. GR1 will live on for me, at least until i can afford the 2-3k for a new rig to run the game right. even then, multiplayer max of 4 players?? not that great. Where is the AA? I dont understand that GR1 looks better than GR:AW. When half life two came out, you could run it on a PC that could run HL1 maxed out. the beauty was that HL2 looked the same at low quality as HL1 did at high. why is that so hard for Developers to grasp? as much work as they have put into it, the graphics in GR:AW are subpar compared to GR1, on my computer. Doesnt make any sense
  10. I found it to be quite slow on my comptuer. Its a decent enough system, and I dont understand why Half-Life two will run and look very nice with 4xAA and higher resolution than GR:AW. Obviously this engine is far more inefficent than Source or others (even FEAR ran better on my PC). Its no wonder that multiplayer is capped at 4 or 8 right now. This game is quite the resource hog. My computer is a AMD barton 2500+ ATI Radeon 9800Pro 128mb 1gig ram Other than that, I experienced the 'mouse delay' - hopefully the devs can patch that up a little bit. The guns felt inaccurate. To me, this game doesnt have the 'grittyness' that GR1 had. I didnt like the urban maps in GR1, and hopefully someone can mod some large outdoor maps for GR:AW.
  11. lots of stuff using the ageia card. I Think im going to have to for sure pick up one of those once the price drops
  12. Ok, I used to be able to host games from my computer without a problem at all. Everything just worked. Heres a little info about my connection.. Rogers Cable hi-speed, 6/1mbit D-Link DI-524 Router Two laptops, one desktop behind the router My external IP has stayed constant. I decided I wanted to set up a dedicated server on my laptop. Installed Windows XP Media Center edition (with sp2). Promptly disabled any firewall in windows. Installed Ghost Recon, Expansions, etc... ubi, and the dedi launcher tool, for dedicated servers. Now: I can host a game on one of my PCs internally, but nobody can join from outside. It will show up in UBI, when someone tries to join, they are greeted with the familliar Connecting... dialog. I had opened up the following ports using the Firewall tab on my router: 6667, 4000-4200, 2346-2349. I used the firewall tab because i think that just opens up the ports, does not forward it to spefic computers. Nothing was working So I decided to put the laptop running the dedicated server into the DMZ. Tried connecting, and nothing. I can still join from inside my network, so its not the computer itself (or any software firewall). My friend set everything up in a similar fashion (dedicated on laptop, in the DMZ) and its working fine. I dont know what the difference is.. (we even have the same cable co) If anyone has ANY ideas, that would be great. I've been going at this for well over a week.
  13. It took points off because im running SP1. what kind of garbage is that?
  14. I hate it when they do this......
  15. right now i have a AMD Barton 2500+, 1gb ram, Radeon 9800 pro (128mb). for gr3 would I be better off upgrading the CPU to a higher non-64 bit (so like a 3400+ or something), or upgrading the video card to an X800 or something like that?
  16. ok, I placed all the items. When im playing defend, however, I spawn all over the map, not beside my base. I made sure that random insertion zones were off, and i also made sure the base tr0a, etc corresponded with base 0. any ideas?
  17. PERFECT OSO! I checked the Advanced Guide and didnt find anything, i guess i should have checked the basic one first!
  18. Perfect. Thats exactly what I was looking for. One question about the points - you say I need 35 points, are they just supposed to be scattered through out the map randomly? or is there a method of placing them where they mean something?
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