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  1. Hey Griz.... to answer your questions. 1) We don't have any plans to put the pips back in. The real funny thing is, that when we played in the +SD tourney with the original kits, seeing the pips there was oddly distracting 2) The rules for participation will be on the portal, and available to read before sign-up. To be quite honest about it, a team with 2 players probably wouldn't finish this tourney. Any merc squads want to sign up Griz and 1 other?
  2. "Stealth Recon 2005 - Middle East Eclipse" Alpha Squad is proud to announce that Stealth Recon 2005 is all go! With a short-timeframe between announcement and kick off, expect a flurry of activity as this send-off to GR1 is set in motion. We'll be incorporating some never-seen-before concepts in to GR that will make sure that any Co-Op team inserting will be tested as never before! The website front is now up at www.stealthrecon.net and the whole interactive site will go live on the 1st October for team registrations. Registrations will ONLY be accepted through this portal. At this stage we will be limiting the tourney to 20 teams, but may stretch it to 25. First drop is expected to be 1 November, so slot requests for Mission 1 will open shortly after registration. For this tournament, Alpha Squad will be utilising both the Alpha MOD and the DTD MOD, and as such will be required to participate. One of the key features of this tournament is that players will be required to maintain their "soldier-class" throughout the tournament. The Alpha MOD currently has the following classes available: CQB Specialist Support Expert Demo Expert Rifleman Spotter Sniper 1 Sniper 2 All teams will be required to nominate each of their team members into one of these classes, reflecting the specialised nature of the ghost team which is going to undertake this series of missions. More clarification on how the soldier-class rules are applied will be found on the portal. The following information is also useful..... the SR2005 Storyline. *** EYES ONLY DOCUMENT *** EYES ONLY DOCUMENT *** Classification: ARMA-1 TO: Commander USECOM SUBJECT: Middle East Eclipse DATE: November 11, 2007 Overview Although Iran has been openly developing a nuclear power generation capability since the late 1990’s, at the time it was still largely unknown whether it had made advances in developing its weapons systems capabilities that would make Iran a nuclear weapon capable country. Although U.N countries could agree that Iran would most likely never take a threatening stance from the position of using nuclear weapons in a pre-emptive strike against its traditional foes, there was a bigger problem to deal with. The methodologies that Iran had used to manage the nuclear materials could only be best described as “ad-hocâ€. No formal processes had been developed with regards to handling, transportation or storage, and this caused great concern to allied nations with respect to terrorist factions who could take advantage of these lax methodologies to secure nuclear material which had the ability to be utilized in a weapons environment. It seems those fears have been realized. Background Intelligence has discovered that Al Qaeda have attained all of the necessary items to develop a reasonably sized nuclear device, and that it is positioning itself to have it assembled on the U.S mainland before detonating it at an, as yet, unknown location. Such is the fanaticism of Al Qaeda, they see this operation as their “crowning gloryâ€, and if successful, believe that the world will see just what they are capable of, and the world powers will realize how futile their attempts are in terms of the war on terrorism, and will seek to appease Al Qaeda in any way possible. Information at hand suggests that, based on the amount of materials and equipment sourced, the atomic yield would be sufficient to level a city the size of Boston, but the type of nuclear materials being used would have detrimental long-term effects over approximately 15% of the U.S mainland due to environmental conditions and other factors. Translating these figures into deaths and casualties, we are dealing with an immediate fatality rate of approximately 750,000 civilians, with the toll rising to over 3.5 million over the short to medium term due to the effects of radiation, starvation and disease. It would also render the affected areas uninhabitable for the next 200 years. At this stage it is unclear whether the materials and equipment are already on the mainland, or are still in various locations overseas being readied for shipment. Ops Information It has been determined that it is time to take action, and the decision has been made to assemble an elite team of experts to ascertain the status of Al Qaeda’s plans, and take appropriate action to ensure that there is no possible way that this weapon can be deployed, let alone be detonated. This force will consist of a specially trained group of nine (9) Spec Ops warriors, codename “Ghostsâ€. Because of the hazardous nature of this mission, direct conflict with Al Qaeda forces might be unavoidable. That call will be made by the Team Leader, if and/or when the situation dictates such action needs to be taken. No group has ever attempted a mission as dangerous as this is. We feel that it will not be an easy task. Understand that these soldiers already know that once they are in country, every participating nation will deny they even exist. All of their personal records have been “cleansedâ€. They have no record of even being born…they are truly “Ghostsâ€. I wish you and these fine troops the best of luck. Signed Thomas W. Sanderson Secretary of Defense *** EYES ONLY DOCUMENT *** EYES ONLY DOCUMENT ***
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