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  1. I'm sure GRAW will be less 'campy' than GR1....Bo, can you say somethin about? Dont like BF2 gameplay at all, so, if they made a comparison with EA title, is ok, it's NOT that kind of play what we are waiting for...
  2. OMG, physics seems incredible, the 'aloe plant' lands on the floor with the sod part first, that is heavier like in real life
  3. Meaning. Weapons used may be limited but are all relevent to the situation that the Ghosts face in Mexico. You would not take 60 different type of weapons when 6 or 10 will do the same job. The balance and customisation is just perfect. ← I was talking about the bold part, 'idiocy of the Ghosts' . Does they mean that friend AI was not so good?
  4. What about this?: My poor english doesn't help.... The customization of weapons with silencers, grenade launchers, and grips -- like the control scheme -- lets you minimize the impact of the idiocy of the Ghosts and maximize their utility.
  5. 1up trailer= What a good work it seems!!!
  6. Yeah, remind me of Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines Cool Bravo Fedayn!!
  7. HDR was ON it seems.... Does it have a great impact on FPS? That in the video is something like the 'final build'?
  8. Nice how the palm leaves react when hit (1.37)
  9. And they ran it on medium..? Oh my.. gonna be painful ← ONE or TWO 6800? You talked about SLI, so I guess 2..... For the record, somewhere here was written that GRiN are working right now on optimizations and one of the objectives is 'doubling framerate', I think is a little too early make speculations on how will run on our PCs
  10. Did you at GRiN made some test with SLI rigs? If so, it's possible to know something more? How big is the performance increase? It's related more on screen resolution or also other 'eye candy' features? AFAIK, not all games 'react' the same way at SLI, some have a small advantage, some others a big one. ATM I have 1X6800GS PCiX
  11. Maybe it's referred to it's own class (secondary), not in general.
  12. Don't get it. We are not talking about hardware capabilities, but market appeal, right? Btw, some driving sims needs tons of processing power, actual PC processors are at their limit and programmers have to simplify physics, many of them are waiting for PPU's for getting a step futher, don't think that a good sim with many cars (Richard Burns Rally simulate one car at a time) could run on a console.
  13. Serious sims are not on consoles, I'm talking about GPL, Papyrus Nascar, GTR, GT Legends, rFactor, LFS, and the imminent (tomorrow ........ ) king: netKar Pro. These titles are PC only. Gran Turismo and Toca are NOT simulators, only games. As far as i know only exeption is Richard Burns Rally, a total fiasco on consoles..... End of OT
  14. And driving sims....I love 'em . And they have good sales I think.....
  15. Golden star to you for showing interest in the audio. Warms my heart. ← It's time 4 me to buy a good audio card
  16. Obviosly everything has to be perfect and work perfectly before you take screenshots and release them - or someone will perform their ss autopsy and point out everything that is wrong and crave an explanation. ←
  17. Thanks guys, best preview by far Just 2 questions. -Was HDR off in the build u played? -What about sounds effects....heli, guns, ambient, voices....?
  18. The Gametrailer video (30mb), is nice quality, but not comparable with the 70mb version here: http://www.ghostaholic.com/page-id-577.html And for the explosions effect, note this answer by Bo: BO, some Q's 1. in the airsupport scene, the character was maybe only 25m away, how can a bomb smash in that close and not take ANY damage? unless it was like superman mode... Reccording - he is in GOD mode.
  19. The quality (no lag or warp, collisions precision an so on) of online CW is 80>90% of the game for me......hope GRAW will be top notch here..... . Not like RVS or SWAT4
  20. [OT]Hamachi make wonders....I have a 10mbit internet connection that doesn't allow to host a game (is called 'golden cage' ), with that little program problem solved!
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