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  1. Great new...confirmed? There's a full list of fix/changes somewhere?
  2. The strange thing is that majority of people find boring playing in 1 maxdeath servers, 5 and up ones are where the 90% of players are.... I like GRAW a lot, and I played [GR] from demo's day one. It's different, best in some aspects, worse in some others. GRIN made a very good work imho. Hope next patch will be a good one. [GR] was not free at all from bugs and glitches, never solved after years and patches...
  3. We joined EU 5 vs 5 LMS Ladder, any info on its opening?
  4. =3dS= Clan could be interested to join the 5vs5 league, what does Status: LOCKED means? http://www.teamwarfare.com/viewladderdetai...t+Team+Standing Can we join the league or is closed now?
  5. I have to second all the points Peace talks about. I have a superfast connection (10/20ms ping on good servers), a good PC (AMD64 3200@2550 - 7900gt 512mb - 2gb ram, Windows just installed and optimized) and good frames (>45/50). Another point: how many times u run into cover during a firefight and died a second after? Me and many people I know thing that there is a problem with GRAW netcode.
  6. Same problem for me, tried everything, also a complete reinstall of GRAW....finally had to change directory....not a good thing, but at least now I can play.
  7. ....no...I'll try Seems that installing in a different directory has worked.....grazie!
  8. After installing 1.21 patch I'm not able to join 95% of servers anymore. For example, there's only one UBI server I can play, don't remember the name now, but is the one with HH/0 max deaths. The error message that appears onscreen says something about YOUR FILES DOESN'T MATCH THOSE INSTALLED ON SERVER (poorly translated from italian ). Tried uninstalling any custom map, reinstalling GRAW, no way. The version displayed is 1.21 (installed GRAW and directly 1.21 last time, no intermediate patches....correct?) Situation is steady (can join always same servers). Please help me, GRAW is the only game I play and is totally useless for me now (....I hate unlimited respawn servers )
  9. I just saw this guy on another server. AMEN
  10. ....going to buy another 6800gs today or tomorrow....anydoby else can share his experience with SLI?
  11. I've seen lot of people saying that SLI performances are poor. Some others says that with the 'alternate frame rendering' option performance are very good, up to 2X..... Where's the truth? Anyone has some feedback about? I have to decide if going to add another 6800gs to my rig or change it for a more powerful card....
  12. Tried both, I stick with enditall, but is a personal taste
  13. To free ram I use Enditall, very user friendly and effective. http://htmole.altervista.org/info/enditall.htm BTW, I have only 1gb (after enditall task manager says +/- 170mb used) and no swaps or memory related problems. I have a 256mb VC and run 1024x768 textures on med, no real time shadows and low post effects, all others options on high, AF 16X.
  14. A friend of mine have same frames using 1X 7800gtx 256 or 2 of them in SLI....maybe depends by that 'alternate frame rendering' option? Could someone explain better? I dont have SLI so don't know, but I wish to help him SLI is working OK with GRAW demo right now?
  15. ← Already tried newer nVidia drivers (not the beta ones)? I had similar experience, 15fps regardless of video resolution or quality, after drivers update thing are lot better, but not satisfyng also (30/40fps 1280x1024 no post effects, dynamic shadows on low). A64 3200+@2500mhz 1gb ram 6800gs 256@515/1150
  16. Great work Spike Here's the best ad up-to-date power consumption calculator http://extreme.outervision.com/psucalculator.jsp
  17. For sure this is the explanation, but I'd like to know if the same will be for GRAW. If this is the case, min requirements for an IA game could be enough to have a better online experience....hope to be clear, my english is awful...
  18. I'm wondering if GRAW requirements will differ alot between SP\Coop and MP like GR1. GR1 was way more fluid and playable in MP TvT. Some SP/Coop games were barely playable also in very good PCs, like Alpha Squad's SR for example ( ). Smooth online gameplay is a priority .
  19. Don't get it 100%. Does this mean that we have to deal with at least 1 respawn? Or we can set respawn rate also to 0?
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