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  1. Im a lazy boy, scoped M8 in GRAW 1 & 2, in 2nd chapter also 'cause the only scoped weapon with nade (should be nades, but this is a different story)....should try more options, I know... Usually play HH
  2. A matter of taste, to me 3 respawns is way too much. I remember that in in golden ages of [GR] there were lot of server full of ppl at zero respawn. Too bad that now to find one you have to compete on some tournament.
  3. I dont care too much, but only one frag for assault is bad
  4. Lot of interesting comments I can stay with damage model, 1 shot on head (working about it ) and 3/4 on big target seems fine. Is the zero effect on aim when receiving bullets allowing to reply instantly and accurately to enemy fire that is badly affecting online gameplay (imho). Having limping or other wound effects would be a dream, but GRIN already said from GRAW1 to forget about it. But GRAW1 recieved a 'punishment patch', basically a camera tilt and, beside the effect was still too weak, is what I was thinking about. Welcome any more complex feature. Someone with a better english grammar than mine could cast a poll...
  5. Maybe had to be more specific, I was talkin about multiplayer...
  6. ...like camera tilting/not be able to raise weapon immediately/extreme bullet spread for a while... Lot of times I'm the first to fire and hit target, just to see enemy get aware of my position, point at me and BAM!..I'm dead. For me this is the first thing that should be adjusted on GRAW2 and major reason to see such run 'n gun style of play. To me the first to hit someone else should have 90% of chance to win a firefight exp. in open areas without covers.
  7. It's me, or M8 rifle is less powerful compared to GRAW1? Usually played with M8 in GRAW1 and had a good feeling with it, enough power and precision for my tastes. Now the precision is still good, but a bit of the power seems to have gone... Or soldiers are more resistant... I'm insisting on using the scoped M8 for a reason: I'm a nade lover (no to spawn kills btw )) and in HH n° 9 assault is the only one kit with nade (1! ).
  8. I have an Audigy 2 PL, lot of sound bugs in hardware, have to play software. Tried with updated Creative drivers and also with KX ones, bugs are still there (mainly no sound from my gun, it's the most annoying). These bugs exists from closed beta... All other games (not many tried btw...) are OK. P.S. thinking to change Audigy (I need a new soundcard for my work PC) with an X-Fi, I would like to know if every model is OK (Xtreme Gamer line) to have a full effect sound with GRAW2 or I need a very expensive one with X-Ram? Does GRAW2 have an advantage in terms of FPS from X-Ram equipped cards?
  9. 1) done 2) 'warfighter' in Ubisoft registry placement should be related also to GRAW1, so I don't think this is a good idea. BTW I already cleaned registry with a specific program. 3) I'll try 4) I'll check 5) done Thank you P.S. GRAW2 release is around the corner, not a big problem not to be able to run demo
  10. Done already, before trying manual install.
  11. I have an issue with the demo. A couple of minutes after launching patch install (tried also manual download), a message appears saying 'patch was NOT installed on your system'. Tried also reinstalling demo and restarting XP. Maybe something related to closed beta, that I was not able to uninstall and had to remove manually (recycle bin and registry clean)? Please help me. Operating system Windows XP.
  12. yes, that can be sometimes really frustrating. there could be 3 solutions: stronger weapons or less health or shaking view when hit Totally agree. Best solution is a hit penalty (eg. not able to take accurate hits AND heavy camera tilt).
  13. LOL Why do you need a spread of bullets? when GRAW is the first game in history, where you can off load a full clip into another player "ONLINE" and still not kill him. The lag "net code" is all you need and GRAW has it, I've never played a game where a full clip does not kill, but on closer inspection I've found via deathcam, that the person shooting, is aiming at a lagged image of the enemy and not the actual position. There is something defiantly wrong with GRINS "NET CODE" or should I say the implementation of it. So there is no need for bullet spread, because if it existed, I'm sure no one would get any kills in GRAW, except by NUKE TUBE ! viii Most online FPS have similar problems, doesn't seem to me that GRAW online is worse compared to games like BF2 (make a search of BF2 hitbox on youtube), Swat4, Raven Shield, AA, just to name what I've played. I know that GRAW is far from perfect, but I never experienced major problems like an entire clip not killing. I think we must live with the fact that an online gaming perfection is not achievable....said that, I hope GRAW2 will be better than GRAW in that compartment. The worst 'bug' to me is that generally waiting standing still to an enemy you heard coming is a disadvantage.
  14. Italian GRAW2 site is up to date with beta test announce (next opening) at least a new pic, if i'm correct: Beta test will be on Calavera map, TDM and Recon vs. Assault. http://ghostrecon.it.ubi.com/
  15. Judging from screenshots, it seems to be day/night cycle, too many light changes to be a fixed option....I hope so at least
  16. Will GRAW2 take any benefit of X-RAM mounted on some X-Fi Soundblaster Audio Cards? I know that should be a game designer's (Desmond..) choice to work on it or not. Any chance to see a let's say...+/- 10 fps increment?
  17. So, yellow still here! No vegetation? If it's like hollow in GRAW1 after 1.35 ... i'll still be happy. They vastly improved the use of post effects on it Yes indeed and the green on the tress is way better on that single map too. mmmm, maybe modified post effects on Hollow were done to hear community feedback for the upcoming GRAW 2.... ...speculation anyone?
  18. GRAW was made from scratch, GRAW2 sould be basically a GRAW more polished and with new features...
  19. Prone bug almost 100% solved , lot of happy campers now...
  20. Italian community is trying to have shortly a single map pack, our aim is to load it on major italian servers. Map pack will be periodically modified/updated when new/better maps will be available. Version n° should be displayed on server's name. http://www.graw.it
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