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  1. I personally could care less about the friendly AI. TBH, I tend to leave the AI behind and go my own ( I get my head handled to me but...)

    My preference it COOP and the modability of the game. It is the since of teamwork with another gamer that I am looking for. With my limited experience I am not a modder but love to playtest and some light graphics work. Oh, I love to write storylines too. So, it is the COOP end I love and am still waiting to hear the verdict on that.

  2. This makes me wonder how you can have 2 or 3 sections leaders when you can only be 4 players?

    Ok, I must have missed something. I thought that GRAW2 had the potential of having more than 4???

    Yes you can have 12 in Coop. But only 4 in Campaign Coop, which is where the satellite view is available. And the satellite view was part of the original text I answered.

    In Coop there is a "paper" map for everyone as there is no game designated team leaders in that mode. It's up to the players to form on the fly.

    Cool, I did miss that, thanks. If someone knows where the link to that is???( in my scattered brain, I keep missing it.) However, to Colin's idea of the Shared Sat link?? any word on a patch for it or??

  3. This makes me wonder how you can have 2 or 3 sections leders when you can only be 4 players?

    Ok, I must have missed something. I thought that GRAW2 had the potential of having more than 4???

    In Coop, yes. But Coop uses a "paper" map and not satelite.

    In Campaign Coop, no. Only team leader has CrossCom uplink to satelite.

    For todays military or very near future, this makes since but for GRAW2?

    The team leader is the only one who has control of support units and the satellite just because he is the team leader.

    Now, that response instantly hit me as a defensive "Well, Duhh! Of course only team leader will have Sat access." However, Colin was right on. Even in today's modernization of the military, shared data is a huge part. As far as I know, there isn't shared Satlinks though. As far as player challenge, every shooter having complete access may be a bit much but viewability (if that is a word) as what the team leader is seeing and placing makes sense. GRAW2 is billed as the future of warfare with advanced technology. So, shared satlink , as Colin suggested, makes since and completely plausible, making the "Well, Duh!!" off the mark.

  4. It seems like it was a good time to check back for in. Now that I have graduated and moved on to settle into the new job, I will have time to give the game and team proper attention. Looking forward for the release.


    *A large cloud of dust bellowed up as the weapons locker door squealed opened*

    "Man," Coughed Puros and winced, "Sorry, Boys...they have been neglecting you."

    Puros craps his favorite equalizer and mocks, "A shooter needs an education, Command said...It will make you calmer person...Now, all I got is a piece of paper to wipe with and skanky gear. They'll see how calm I am when I use their 5 O’clock shadow to scrub the rust out of the receiver"

    *With a blue cloud of stogie smoke trailing, he stomped off cradling his weapon finding new colorful expletives*

  5. GRIN Willie,

    No matter Bo's intent in his post, the perception was that he was tearring down a well respected member of this community. GRIN has put alot into GRAW, however, there are those here that have bent over backwards supporting GRIN and GRAW despite the onslaught of flame post point at them. ZA and Colin took on alot in this with the only return was respect of peers. Bo post a Flame post in answer to an honorable man telling the ppl that trusted him that he was wrong. That is tackless. It isn't customer building. A note, GRIN, Bo might be a brillant developer but PR man his is not. I'd say that you keep on posting on behalf of GRIN, you seem to have a more customer minded attitude.

    One thing to remember is that ZA and Colin have a solid foundation of years in this community built on respect and level headness. Bottom line is that the future of GRAW isn't based ZA or this community answering to GRIN, it is GRIN is the one that has to respond to us to keep from fading away into oblivion.

  6. well, I will edited the "YOU say" to "they say" as I didn't mean the former. You are right, you didn't say it but I am saying that you show a lack of knowledge in a subject and then pass judgem......You know what.....I'm done with this....I am not going to continue this in a open thread that is meant to honor something and this bickering is beneath either of us. It seems there is a lack of understanding that is best solved in PM or on a teamspeak. I'll respect your opinion and let this lie.

  7. Memorial Day is a day to honor the cost of our freedom by our beloved military AND those that continue that duty. IT IS supposed to be a day of honor not true celebration and many places treat the day with parades, memorial site dedictions and reading of the town's lost.

    As to the Memorial weekend...I go by what an old irish american Vet told me once. "You want to honor me...do it with a pint in your hand."

    So, I teach my sons to honor their deaths and sense of duty but also to celebrate their lives and their gift to us...freedom.


    Great.....it's great that banks, post offices, government organisations and [for the most part] large corporate organisations acknowledge this US national holiday.......but for retail it seems to be a way of making money off the people that are off today.

    Now......for me......corporate America should either acknowledge, respect and accept its national holidays.......and let's face it......you don't get many........or....be made to donate to military charities on a national scale. I mean come on......"Woo hoo"......10% off if ya buy today!"

    I dunno.....perhaps many people in the US are just glad of getting a paid day off from work.....but the 'grim face of capitalism' just waits around the corner.

    Sorry, the more I read the below post the more it bugged me. Commercialism is a fact of life in every country. It doesn't mean we have any less reverence for something. You say that Americans are intolerant and don't take the time to understand another culture or country. Well, that may be true but judging by the above posts, we are in good company. If you have a problem with the day, please, do it on another thread. That was one for those that want to honor the day not tear it apart.

  8. First....

    IF you spoke to me like that in real life DAI i'd knock ya freekin head off.

    That is completely uncalled for, BTK. Physical threats in response to a verbal insult is commonly a strong indication of a diminished capacity. However, as you have been able to explain yourself in a somewhat articulate way in following post, I will chalk it up to having a bad day. Please, remember that comments like quoted above are best left on Jerry Springer.


    GRAW is a beautiful game and I really enjoy it. It the fact that I have trouble sharing this experience with my fellow gamers or,at the very best, have it greatly limited is disappointing. IMHO, COOP and modding were and will always be the backbone of GR. SP only, I will hazard to guess, has a limited following as best. So far, GRAW has fallen short of our hopes in that area. I am holding out for the patch for now. :thumbsup:

  9. The video is very well done. It raises several legit questions. Too bad, Micheal Moore can't reach this quality. However, there are alot of things taken out of context and when you take apart history you can place in just about any order you like to fit your bias.

  10. Hey, Gang

    having greatly enjoyed the pics you have posted, I'm hoping to use some of them as Wallpapers or Sigs in my graphics. They will be for community use and not for profit. I will send a PM to the posters of said pics for prior approval first. Final approval and credit will go to the poster. I know some of them are already public but I didn't want to take a chance.

    I understand that some of these are sensitive and I respect that greatly. Having grown up as an Army brat of a Top Sargeant, I gained have a great respect for what you have done for me and my sons. Thank you.


    PS--I have looked in the thread and can't seem to find the poster of this Pic


  11. This thread makes me think...I know, me thinking is a scary thing....<_<....but.......

    It has to be a royal pain in the rear for any Devs of any game to do Demos. DEMO's are the first real look at their product by their costumers and it can boost or hurt sales. It can't be a easy decision as what to leave out and put in. What graphic to leave out and what weapon to put in that won't be effected by leaving out said graphic. They must hate these things.

  12. However, you've been rather quiet for the last few days and these boards have been overrun by:

    No they won't, Colin, why should they, not on this site, anyway, if you do not limit the ability of the flamers and haters to dominate the forums.

    I only hope that the admins keep a tighter leash on the comments and keep all negitivity to a constructive minimum.

    There is an old saying in Radio...."Never argue with an annoying caller. let the idiot talk long enough and they will make a fool of themselves." The fact that you see the blathering as Bullcrap is a testiment to that fact. I only say that you have turned the frustration in the wrong direction. The admin to member ratio is very low and Admin actually have lives in the real world. The biggest impact on the negative post is either to articulately post an opposition or ignore them completely by not posting after them.

    Remember, where he might cause some damage, an idoit with a gun will sooner or later shoot himself.

    It seems to many the largest base of customers were forgotten

    If you are reffering to PC gamers, I'd have to think that we are a small percentage of the Gaming market.

    I am truly concerned however with the fact that all these johnnie-come-latelys can come in here and talk down to guys that have been with you for years and nothing is said about it because all of the moderators/admins are trying to protect their relationship with the Devs.

    Might want to rethink that one. There is more at stake than a community's want for info. Legalities and agreements have very real consequences if broken.

    Look, this community is only as good as we are. The admins cannot do this alone.

    GR.net is what you make it.


  13. Got to agree with everyone about the SL autofail. However, I got one thing to add to the list for the squad leader....MAP GRIDS

    It is painful trying to accurately steer a squad to tangos. I end up with...

    Puros: 'Contact!'

    Squad: 'Where'

    Puros: 'Northwest next to plant thingy'

    Squad: 'Got 20 plant thingy's, which one?'

    Puros: 'The one that's shooting at you!!'

  14. First,

    I had a hunting buddy who was right handed but left eye dominate and for the longest time he could not hit water even if he fell out of a boat.

    LOL, maybe he should have been a sailor.


    I get your point now, B-6. IMO, it may be a matter of making a better game. If you center the site off both eyes and your dominate eye takes over then it would be the same aspect as siting with the dominate eye only. This would give you the same aspect either way just a little more of the bigger picture. Now, if you are trying to give the gamer another view with a clearer view. You can go with a off eye and give the gamer a large picture of the combat zone.

    Now, let's take this a little further, if your a general and looking to improve a soldiers field of vision to give him better critical awareness and keep accuracy, wouldn't you see if you can get tech assistance to gain that off eye view with tech assisted targeting. *shrugs*


    Hailz, fellow warrior. I noticed from your profile that your a fellow mech pilot. My clan is AlphA Strike.

  15. If I am repeating what was already said please chalk it up to not knowing the lingo as needed.

    This same pic of the EcoTec and the truck/badguy is a prime example, the optic has the aimpoint at the tire but the GR1 reticle is far to the left behind the vehicle.

    Not to sure on that. I can't see your point B-6. If you are focusing off both eyes then wouldn't you think the scope to be off. If you put your finger up like we did when we were kids and which back and forth with closing lt or rt eye, the aspect is dramatically changed. Crude? Yes but the example works. It seems to me that you can take just out any open face site like that and make it look as if it is off. It is a matter of where the camera is. Below is an illustration of what I mean.

    Bottom line, Grin as given us a clearer field to shoot from in which is enhanced by modern warfare tech. Not too much of a stretch for me.

    Just my two cents.


  16. In Europe 99% of the games released are DVD-ROM, however in North-America they are still stuck with CD-ROM games.

    Go figure...

    Considering half the nation thinks a CD drawer is a cup holder it will take time to get all of us on the same page. Unfortunately, with Part of Florida still having trouble with a voting booth, I ain't holding my breath.

  17. Tom Cruise has a movie coming out in may, he answers all types of questions about the movies, trailors come out, so we get excited about movies.

    Hmmm...does that mean that Bo can bag Nicole Kidman for a teenaged cheerleader with a degree in pretentiousness from Dawsan Creek U, practice psychology without a license and jump on host chairs and still get millions a picture.

    Bo...You Da Man.

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