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  1. That would be awsome..wytch i love ur Multi-cam im experimenting personal use with it.....
  2. Hello All Been a long time since I messed with GR..... Here's my deal. Looking for Hat wrinkles. Standard Caps, not ball caps, but old style US Army Head Gear. Also I have tried pulling samples from arm swatches and using the the tan in Wildcats Spec Ops as a base and no luck. Is there any wrinkles available? And how do i make for example a flat copy of currently done textures to use as a cover? Sabre 67
  3. Gen Montgomery had a sf skin with dog zebra long leg chars, and Sixpence ranger 2 thanx in advance
  4. Anyone know where a working link to acu gucci and Gen Monty's sf skins? Can't find em Six's ranger 2 is a good one too please help Sabre67
  5. Sname any chance of us getting your ACU Skin????? Sabre 67
  6. Proz and jay the AT-4 looks a lil to big for the char.....its not really that big looks f-in sweet though.........i know u are trying to reach a dead line and i dont know how long it takes due to i have not worked with max but u might want to scale it down a lil......Sabre
  7. Jay I do write pretty decent briefings.....As a matter of fact i have a template simular to the America's YMRA (not sure if i can actually say it, but you know which one) PM me if u want me to help.....Also i am X-Military US ARMY so i can consult if you'd like......Sabre 67
  8. Unreal! This looks to be the hope we have been waiting for.....Any chance of a MK-46 (Aimpoint) and MK-48 (Aimpoint)??????? I'm assuming Prozac is helping out so his Fabulous MK-23 will be there? Anyway...waiting waiting waiting... Sabre 67
  9. Is that the first operational Jet in GR????? If so good for you for breaking more ground.....It has been said "We've taken it as far as we can" I think we have only just scratched the surface.....
  10. Your screenies look good..... This might be the advancement we have been waiting for.....I just picked up Summit Strike and really like the concept. The Lone Wolf missions I don't like all that much. But maybe us people in the cheap seats (We who are unable to buy highend machines that are needed to play GR-3) can keep this thing alive for GR-1 taking it further then the original team had ever thought of......Sabre 67
  11. Was wondering if someone could help.... Need CHR modle for Henry Ramierez with.... Black Watch Cap Sleeves down Standard head to put regular face on pants long.... also would like Buzz Gordon CHR with Black Watch cap sleeves down standard head to put regular face on pants long and would like a point on his vest simular to regular rifleman chr to put 40mm grenande pouches onto.....I'm hoping this is enough of a description.... Thanx in advance SABRE 67
  12. WP, anychance of you releasing the .chr models? Maybe we could do someting with them?
  13. If you have either wrinkles is fine pattern is ok too.....Thanx joker Sabre 67 Do you have the Multi cam also? if so i could use that as well
  14. What pattern is that? and does anyone have it? if so can it be made available? Sabre 67
  15. No it didn't do you know where i can find the 6 color pattern bare?
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