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  1. I'm the complete opposite to you Rocky; if a game lets me have some element of character customisation I will use it, whether I see it all the time or not. It's for exactly the reasons you describe; feeling attached to the character, making them look the part, and to stand out from the crowd in some small way. I think I've played too many RPGs though! The CC in a game like Arma is functional, and for my own SP experiences with the game is certainly adequate, but I'd like there to be more options. And yes Alex, I have got your mod as well as the likes of CUP! It'll be interesting to see what level of customisation they bring to the game. I suspect we'll have a similar level to The Division, with a selection of heads, skin colours, eyes, etc. and I'd be surprised if it went as deep as, say, Black Desert Online, whose CC is just immense from what I've seen. I also suspect that there will be a selection of gear to chose from, occupying various 'slots'. In fact, I'd be unsurprised if they pretty much imported The Division CC wholesale, including a lot of the clothing options, as you can make your character look like some sort of SF-type already. Tim
  2. Thanks Rocky! I keep meaning to add a Part 3, detailing how I'd like an average SP mission to play out, etc. If you get any more chances to chat to the devs, feel free to point them towards the blog as one of the places to get some ideas as to what the community may like to see in this revamped game! Tim
  3. As I ranted about on that wee blog of mine, I'd expect this level of squad control to be mandatory, including soul-switching. Tim
  4. True, and I think you're spot on with Arma's success. The next iteration in the series always improves the graphics and adds new features, which excites the Arma fans and possibly bring in new ones. Arma 3 is definitely an iteration on Arma 2, and the ease with which Arma 2 assets can be ported over to Arma 3 has certainly helped its adoption. But, that's argueably because BI know their audience. They realise that they can create a great campaign, but the success of the game will depend upon how easy it is for the modders to customise the game and make it the way they want it. However, this in itself promotes brand loyalty. Not only that, it means that the developer has to iterate on their previous game. As well you know, gamers can be fickle, and most tend to go with a 'once bitten, twice shy' attitude. Hence the reason I suspect that Ubi Paris is trying to engage the community early in development; they know that GRFS was regarded as a failure to the 'loyalists' and GRO wasn't well received, and is trying to win back support. In this regard, I think Bethesda got it right when they announced Fallout 4 at E3 this year; far enough from the previous game to capture interest, close enough to release to sustain the interest until launch day. Plus, Fallout loyalists tend to mod the game as much as they can! Edit: However, it helps that games with proven modding success tend to be more sandbox games than linear shooters. Tim
  5. We can but hope Papa 6! I'm waiting to see what happens too... Also, those few of you who read Part 1, here's Part 2: Part 2: Game Choices and Modding As ever, feedback is welcomed! Tim
  6. Oh Blue, isn't it obvious; you'd make them! After all, every soldier looks after their own welfare! And if you want an issue Horror Bag, then you'll need to earn it. Tim
  7. Thanks Burner! I hope they do too, but that could be asking for too much! In theory, Part 2 - Expanded Gameplay & Modding will go up next week, once work's quietened down enough for me to put something together! Tim
  8. To my mind, that speaks volumes as to how good the original was; that we're still using it as a yard stick for Wildlands, as opposed to GRFS. I'm eagerly watching for tidbits for this one, as I have a good feeling about it, based on what we've seen/read so far. Tim
  9. Thanks! Hopefully they will see where they went wrong with GRFS and redress it! Tim
  10. Well, ever since GRW was announced at E3, I've been following things as they've developed here and on the official forums (known as Timberley over there). It's gotten so bad and I've been posting in many different topics, so I thought I'd collect my thoughts and actually write a blog... Terrifying stuff, as I'm usually quite reserved! Anyway, here's my little (ha!) blog post, collecting my thoughts on what made OGR great, and why GRFS was a load of old pony, and what I'd like to see GRW become as a Single-Player game... The Serious Business of Gaming - Blog Post 1 And here's my most pertinent posts on the official GRW forums: On Characters On Female Characters On Single Player The 'Wishlist' Thread Post All comments and feedback gratefully received! Tim
  11. Is there a plan for us to be able to play actual SP, with multiple fire teams that we can direct to other positions then 'body slide' into that team member when we need to do something the AI isn't capable of doing? Having AI team mates is all well and good, but if they're just following me around like sheep, and I can't set up complex manoeuvres like I could in OGR using just the map and the AI (sending them to the opposite side of an objective to sweep in and catch runners/unexpected enemies blocking my extraction route, etc), then this may well be a deal breaker, as it's very difficult for me to get into coop play, given that I have no 'normal' hours for playing games. Tim Edit: And hello again GR.net, it's been some years since I've been here (back in the days of Island Thunder modding and getting the Blackhawk to fly nicely)!
  12. Here's the gallery to go with the pics (after much faffing as the PC version of the game overview doesn't link to gallery): http://uk.media.xbox360.ign.com/media/142/14290333/imgs_1.html Tim
  13. Well, I'm definitely with Daywanderer here. The Original had that fantastic balance between gameplay and realism that was sort of lost in GRAW (or certainly in the GRAW demo I played on PC). Nothing definable, but it felt weird. I'm definitely in the 'combined arms/tactics' group. If I can achieve an objective without firing a shot, but going all sneaky-beaky round the back, that's fantastic, but if I can also achieve the same result by setting up a distraction fire-team, or having a sniper on overwatch to take down sentries whilst a snatch team or something races in to secure the objective, then that's also fantastic. Certainly that live-action trailer thing they did makes it seem like that'll be the case, but it depends on where they take it... Tim
  14. It's a 2a for me. As someone who enjoyed the orginal, but didn't play GRAW (my PC spec was too low to run them), I'm intrigued to see where they're taking it. For me GR's always been about the extrapolation of near-future military tech and putting it in a Tac-Sim environment. As Alien said, if I want pure Mil-Sim I play ArmA or OFP (Original and Dragon Rising). MP doesn't matter to me, I want a nice, tight SP experience, with a good story and believable gameplay mechanics. That said, I'm waiting to see if this is going to be a pure FPS (a la CoD), or more squad-based with the fun-o-meter dialled up a bit (a la OFP). When actual gameplay is shown, then I'll make my decision. Tim
  15. Thanks for that Whisper. I've also been glancing over at the BFS game. It looks like it could fulfill some of the requirements I'm after, though obviously my RPG elements aren't really in keeping with the NORG-factor. Most of the stuff (i.e. map creation) I want to be able to set up within some sort of editor (similar to the CRYEditor from Far Cry, and the upcoming Crysis editor). Models for weapons, NPCs, enemies, etc, I'd like to be able to import from 3D Studio Max (I have Max 6.2) with hopefully minimal fuss (like [GR]). As Krise Madsen pointed out in the weapons topic of the BFS board, I'd like to be able to equip my guys with more than 2 weapons, in a similar way to GRAW. However, [GR] doesn't quite do it, so I'll have a look at ArmA (don't quite have the cash for VBS1). As an aside, aren't the guys who helped with OFP but didn't do ArmA releasing some sort of TacSim similar to OFP? Kind Regards, Tim
  16. Hi there folks, Well, as the title suggests, I'm looking for a game to mod to create something I want to put out there. Ideally, it'd be a tactical shooter of some description, with elements of RPG, and the ability to use weapons whilst in a vehicle. What's the general aim of my project? To create something a bit different, almost more realistic. Basic premise is that you're part of a team that goes from place to place doing missions, such as small unit raids, convoy escort, and recon. If you successfully complete each mission, you get given points (much like original GR) which you can use to level up yourself and your guys. However, you lose points for failing to achieve objectives, or inflicting civilian casualties through careless fire. The main rub, is I would like to be able to use large areas as the playing area, with an element of randomness; i.e. one time you play a mission you may encounter no enemies at all, the next time you decide to play it there could be wall to wall firefights for the entire duration or VBIEDs (for convoy missions). The convoy missions is also why I'd like the ability to fire out of a vehicle, as general the plan is to get out of the killing ground as soon as possible, whilst suppressing your attackers. The general idea is to echo the current situation facing coalition forces in Iraq. If anyone's got any good suggestions of games that'd be able to do this, then please let me know! Kind Regards, Tim
  17. Hi there folks, Well, my overall impressions are not good. Having enjoyed GRAW immensely, I was expecting much the same effect with GRAW2. However, it will not load... It installs fine, I double-click the desktop icon, the GRAW2 loading screen comes up (and then gets big, reducing my monitor resolution to roughly 800 by 600), the progress bar gets to about 80%... Then the thing crashes. The error report varies. Here are the 2 I've had most: And: Does anyone have any ideas? I'd love to be able to try it out, as I generally play SP, not MP, so I didn't dowload the MP demo when that came out. Tim
  18. IGOR came on the disk. ← D'oh! You're right. My selective memory playing tricks on me... It wasn't until after the first couple of patches that I started playing with it, once I realised we could open the campaign missions ins IGOR and take a look around. Tim P.S. I have faith in GRIN to throw us a bone, provided we don't hack them off any more.
  19. Well, I for one have faith that GRIN will make modding tools available to some degree or other. Remember that in ye olde GR1 we got IGOR after a couple of patches, then Thom (Baja) worked out how to hex edit the skins on the models and started skin modding (either that or made it popular). Mike Schell made the GR1 models available in 3DSM format and people started to mess around with them. Maps shortly followed, with several exporters and so on from 3DSM, though nothing too official. Weapons and actual character editting didn't properly take off until after IT came out and people discovered the 3DSM exporter files that had been cunningly hidden on the CD. So, people started messing with that. Then a certain former RSE employee (mentioning no names piggyson) made some tutorials for his website and every Tom, Dick or Harry could begin to properly export weapons, equipment pouches (remember mid-spine helper anyone?), full character models, vehicles, etc. If I remember rightly, none this came with any sort of official backing from Ubisoft, it all came about because the Devs love games as much as the gamers, so decided to release them in an ad-hoc arrangment, which suited everyone fine. Hopefully this will happen for GR:AW, but if official support was added, so much the better. Just my thoughts on it all... Tim
  20. Absolutely frickin' hilarious! As said before, probably the best campaign that never quite happened! Beautiful videos, one and all. Though the best have got to be Frankfurt, Mexico 1 & 2, and Val d'Isere. Tim P.S. Who did they get to do the London one?
  21. Hi folks, For many of you, it's long time no see, for others, hello for the first time. *Whistfully remembers the days when HotPants was just starting YotM and Dynacomp was talked about (when it was going to be The Biggest Mod Of All Time *... Ahem, anyway... I'm recently thinking about changing my career direction, from the wide-ranging stuff I do now to Corporate Risk Consultancy and Crisis Management. Sounds fancy, but is just an up-scaling of the sort of stuff I have to do now (and I mean a large up-scaling). But, the question I have is this: What sort of experience/qualifications do the independent companies that provide consultants to companies and Insurance Brokers want/need? It's all very well me trotting out my experience in creating Risk Assessment documents for work, spouting various bits of knowledge about H&S Regs (which has little to do with the sort of Risk I mean), etc, if I fail to get an interview/position because I haven't got a relevent piece of paper or I'm missing something from my CV that marks me out as ideal material. I know companies do have 'in-house' consultants for some of their stuff (a friend's ex-boyfriend works in the railways Risk Management section), but I'm looking more towards the insurance market and the global risk management side of things (K&R policy formulation, etc). So, does anyone have any hints/tips as to who to contact in the UK to ask these sorts of questions? I tried google searching for information and didn't really discover anything, other than they exist. Thanks, Tim P.S. I know it makes a change from the usual off-topic posts , but I'm hoping there's someone on the forum that can point the finger in the right direction...
  22. Well, I used the old A1 variant back in '96-'97 and used the LSW between '94 and '98, when I was in cadets. Never had a major problem with it... Granted I didn't use it 24/7 like a Reg, but still. The only thing I do remember is that stoppages were not uncommon. particularly 'Rounds In Magazine, Rounds in Chamber', which was a bit of a pain, particularly when a couple of the yahoos we had in cadets decide this would be the ideal moment to wave the weapon around to try and clear the stoppage (soon slapped that down). Other than that, it worked ok for me, including exercises in Germany during the height of a dusty summer and with vehicle work (ambushes, debussing drills, etc). It still performed when the cadets 'forgot' to clean it for a couple of days (another practise that got slapped down), even on automatic fire. It just depends on your individual experiences I suppose, though I agree, a bull-pup weapon is a fairly daft one, especially for FIBUA. By the way, have you all seen this? It's quite a good video on the Australian FIBUA tactics (though read the thread before you slate their performance). It shows the problems with bullpups in FIBUA and left shoulder firing. Tim
  23. Well, as EasyCo said (sort of), I'm gald they got rid of the placeholder stuff and released a full site... To say that it's nice would be an understatment (but then I am always attracted to bright and shiny things). Oh, and is it just me or does the 2nd track available remind you of 'The Rock'? On my final note, I'l just say Tim
  24. Well, in my humble opinion, I prefer the models in the first picture (the one Rocky originally posted). Why (you might be wondering, you might not care)? Well, the headset on Salvatore is smaller (as with all of the Ghosts in that pic) and the LOD looks a lot better than the latest one. It's just the little things (different goggles and stuff) but I think that the models in the original picture look somehow 'cleaner' (in a modelling POV) than the latest ones. Just my opinion of course... Tim
  25. Something I just noticed... The team shot's render of Mitchell is different to the picture found here. Is this due to poly limits on the render (possible lower LOD?) or is one destined for the X-Box version and another for PC? Or is the whole crux of the difference between the X-Box/PC version and the PS2/GC version (the prequel)? Tim
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