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  1. Changing what I changed seemed to do the deal for me for use in the Campaign co-op, but onto the meat... Tried the mod out last night for a couple hours with buddies. The issues from before are still present, and the MR-C you created when placed in 3-burst fires full auto. I found this out by pure accident in a panic drill when a target didn't go down on the first 3 rounds. I pressed the trigger again and held it down longer than normal and fired off a string in full auto. I'd imagine it's as you said earlier, Brett- maybe there's a limitation on additional weapons. Anyone hear from GRIN on the issue? As another side issue, since other human players can hear your suppressed weapons as unsuppressed, we noticed that when engaging units in the Rosen mission, enemy would react to the SPR and the M4 and wouldn't to the MR-C. We began to suspect that the enemy AI can hear those suppressed weapons as unsuppressed as well. We don't know enough about the mechanics of the game's suppressor settings, however, but it did in fact seem as those weapons would bring hellfire and destruction down around our ears while using the core suppressors didn't cause this. Something to look into, perhaps.
  2. Eliminating the AK from our thoughts? There's probably 100 million of the things floating around in one form or another, all over the world! as Hammer pointed out. They're used anywhere a cheap automatic rifle is needed or desired. Just watch the evening news or take a tour around various forums and sites where pics are taken in the mid-east, Meso and South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Afghanistan, Europe, etc. "Rebels" all over the world use it in far greater quantities than any other, more modern, weapon. Usually it's a cost issue. You can get an AK for what amounts to a couple hundred bucks whereas getting one's hands on something like a FAMAS or G36 is going to cost more and likely be hard to get anyway. I'm just saying, the AK family is ubiquitous. It'd be like ignoring the FN FAL and the G3 (which GRIN did...) Not trying to bag on you, caprera, just saying that I believe your train of thought is incorrect here.
  3. Pretty easy, really- just go into the C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2\Local\English\lib\managers\xml folder and find the weapon_data.xml. Edit that and look for the particular weapon you're interested in, in you case the MR-C that Brett added. Look for: <weapon_data unit="mrc" name="mrc" weapon_id="3" inventory_slot="primary" inventory_slot_id="3" gui_unit="mrc" price="160" damage="1.21" selectable_weapon="1" player_weapon="1" grenade="0" cal="crye" wizby="1"> Change inventory_slot from ="primary" to ="secondary" That simple.
  4. Going to head into the wringer for a few hours of Campaign and co-op MP with the homeses. Will have a full report manana.
  5. Already modified it as such on my end...
  6. Haven't had a chance to test this in MP with my buddies, but great work on what you've done. For the M14 with Aimpoint,
  7. With kits, I'd say stick with the basics. Weapon, optic, suppressor, sidearm, frags. With the snipers, weapon, optic, suppressor, secondary, optic, suppressor. I don't see a reason to go too crazy. Can't wait for that M14, though, mate.
  8. No offense at all, mate, I'm just having the damndest time getting anyone to want to make it for me. Got blown off in VBS1, too. Yeah, I'm sure I could learn how to model, but several thousand dollars worth of software (and my wife) stand in the way of that.
  9. @Snow, as always, superb work and I can't wait to get my greedy hands on these muthas. @Juerg Linson-
  10. Think you lads are missing my point- yeah, an AR/M4 is in game, but not mine.
  11. Not to drag the thread too far off topic, but a big request of mine would be to get one of my real world weapons into the game http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v520/wp33/Untitled-141.jpg [Oversize image changed to URL - Please see forum rule 3.14- Large Images]
  12. Well, I'm a 1911 whore, so my vote is to either do another (perhaps the new AMU M1911A2) or to ask if your GRAW1 mod is portable to GRAW2. If that's out of the question, maybe a look at the pistols that were finalists for the recent testing the Army and SOCOM were doing for a new pistol, until it was scrapped. The Taurus PT 24/7 OSS, the S&W M&P .45 and the Sig P220 Combat might be good places to start. The HK45 is already in the game, so that's probably not necessary. As far as SMGs go, I'm thinking how wonderful a HK UMP45 would have been to play around with.
  13. Though anything is possible, I do not believe that HK has made any 6.8s (unless it was in purely a prototype form), and there has been zero move so far by HK to create a civvie version of the 416 or the 417. As far as the SL8/G36 concern, there are aftermarket stocks available for conversion here, for one. There is talk about FN maybe making the SCAR L available at a later date for civilian use, but they have their hands full with getting it out for the SFGs right now. The Magpul Masada is looking pretty slick, too, but I don't know if Magpul's announced a release target for it yet.
  14. QFT, the last sentence. We're just hoping some kind, talented soul with a lot of spare time, a big heart and Photoshop and 3dsm hears our meager pleas.
  15. Yeah, I attempted the ACOG and the Aimpoint on the M14 and it shows up on the weapon, but it does not go to optic mode. Tried the same with the HWS and the 416, and same story.
  16. This is just what the doc ordered. With the red diamonds on opfor, it was getting a bit too easy, tracking dudes around corners and what not. Thanks for doing this.
  17. The reason why many of the suggestions are the same is I think we're trying to reach a consensus, in order to keep the congestion down, on a handful of weapons most guys would like to see. I think, anyway. Yes, the M468 was a SF project, but it's now a commercially available rifle system. If GRIN put in the cop-gun RX4 and the non-existent XM8, why not let us have the M468 for more beef downrange? If there's an M99 I don't know why there's not an M107 in it's place. It's lighter than the M82, has a shorter, handier barrel and is semi-auto, which trumps the bolt-action in most of the engagements that occur in GRAW2- in my opinion anyway. An AK-mag-using platform would be cool, if there were an AK in the game, (and if one could pick up mags, which you can't). Which was my point in an earlier post. Why was there no AK in the core game? Seems a major oversight, as well as the lack of the FN FAL and the HK G3- as these damn things are everywhere- but that's just me thinking too much probably, and has nothing to do with the consensus we're trying to reach here. Of course, as soon as someone's able to make an opfor mod, I'll be clamoring for those, so beware.
  18. Since we already have the Mk17 in the CQC variant, the 417 I think would be better in the Recce, but that's just me being logical . I like your list other than that. I'd personally switch the MP7 for a 1911, but hey, that's just quibbling. I still think the M8, the Glock 18 and the RX4 need to take a long hike off a short pier, and I've turned them off as selectable in my small groups MP games, but there's no getting rid of the core weapons, eh? Nice list otherwise, M.
  19. Wow, trying to pare the list down is a little difficult. And I do know some of the weapons I put down are older, but the 1911 is making a resurgence in both old (old stock is being pulled out of mothballs and refitted) and new form (the M1911A2 the Army Marksmanship Unit is putting out for consideration by SOCOM), the M4 is about to get repurchased by the Army to the tune of 110,000+ units and it's going into the next SOPMOD evolution. The M14 is also alive and well out in the field in the DMR variants, the EBR and the M21/M25 versions, despite the approval of the M110. I have a feeling these weapons will be out in good numbers for many years to come. Luckily, Brettzies has made an M4 and an SPR variant and, even despite the few bugs, I can live with it, so that gets that off the hook. An M14 exists in the game, even though only in a marksman or sniper role, unfortunately. The AK, the FAL and the G3 I meant for someone to look at for an enemy weapons kit, as those things will be around forever. Hmm. If I had to pick just 5 to put on a list for BLUFOR use, I'd have to say 1. HK 417 Recce 2. 1911 of some description (the A2 version would rock balls) 3. M107 4. M110 5. Either something like the M3 or the 590 shotgun or a UMP .45 for a secondary
  20. Pretty decent list. I think everyone yelling out their personal favorites like the L96, SA80 (L85), FAMAS, etc. need to remember that the Ghosts are a US Special Forces unit. Sure, there's latitude in some of what the SF guys get to use, but, believe it or not, there is some standardization to what's issued (see the developing Mk16 and Mk17 program). Odds are slim that (even a Ghost) is going to be carrying around a British-, French-, or German-issued rifle. Of course, take everything I say with a grain of salt. My bias lies along a US-centric viewpoint, seeing that this is supposed to be about a US SFG. All bets are off, of course, if there's a corresponding foreign-soldier mod to go with the weapons, and then I'd apologize. To add my votes to this section, some being for the enemy's use- Assault/Battle rifles 1. A standard-issue, plain ol' M4 with the SOPMOD II kit and perhaps able to use a HWS. Seems strange this was left out of the game to begin with... 2. AK47 (why is this ubiquitous weapon not in the game? They're everywhere in South and Central America!) 3. G3 (again, see #2) 4. FAL (again, refer to #2) 5. HK417 in the Recce variant (an ACOG would be nice...) 6. M14 with an Aimpoint or ACOG (an EBR or SOPMOD2 version would be ideal, but even the base rifle would be fine) 7. M468 in either the CQC or Recce variant Sniper rifles 1. M110 SASS 2. M24 SWS 3. M107 with the 20-inch barrel 4. Dragunov SVD Pistols 1. A variant of the M1911, specifically the new 1911A2 the AMU is showing off 2. Sig M11 and/or the P226 3. Browning/FN Hi-Power (very widespread pistol) Shotgun (probably as a secondary) 1. M3 2. 590 Miscellanea- 1. The M68 optic being used is likely going to be replaced in the next couple years by the Aimpoint M4 and in some cases it's being replaced by the M3. 2. Why no ACOG in the core weapons? 3. The HWS would be sweet on other weapons, like the 416 Things I wish they'd have left out, and renamed- 1. M8, in all its varieties. It's not going into service, so why is it here? 2. RX4. Cop gun. What are SF soldiers doing using it? 3. The Glock could've been replaced with the aforementioned Sig 4. G36 should probably be renamed FX-05. That's the Mexican version. Disclaimer: This is just all my opinion, so keep the flames low.
  21. HOLY CRAP, brutha! Looking nice, as usual. Can't wait!
  22. I'll double check my install, but I'm relatively sure mine's correct, as are the other two guys testing with me. We play LAN over Hamachi, and are pretty good mates, so I know what they have and how they put it in. It's a pretty controlled environment. Be a damn shame if it is a game limitation. We had been talking about how big an oversight not having an ACOG in the game was on release, so we really like the mod. It's so close to being the first great mod for GRAW2. Good work! P.S.: If you, or someone else, can put an ACOG or Aimpoint on the M14, you'd be an absolute hero. It sounds like a full-on, unsuppressed pistol. Big bang. To other players it sounds like that as well. Sort of a variation on what's going on with the other weapons, where they sound suppressed to the person with the gun and unsuppressed to others, except everyone hears it unsuppressed.
  23. Don't know if anyone's taken the time to use this in multi-player, but here's my bug report for co-op The wrong optic shows up in most 3rd person views. The one difference, so far that we've seen, is with the Mk17 using the ACOG. It shows up correctly. All others show the CCO in place of the ACOG or Leupold. Accompanying the last issue, an additional CCO appears buried in the handguards of the M4 and the M16. It's like it's aligning with the barrel and appearing there. This is a duplicate appearance of the CCO on the model. With the SPR and the M4, both with suppressor, the third person view shows a CCO aligned perpendicular with the muzzle with some other miscellaneous crap hanging around it. For other players, the M4 and the SPR sound unsuppressed. In first person, the suppressed Mk23 sounds unsuppressed as well. At the weapons selection screen, both the CCO and the ACOG are available as options, to be loaded out simultaneously. Out of fear of crashing the game, no one chose this combination. After respawning at times, players have no weapons or the ability to choose a weapon, and eventually they crash out. This has only been demonstrated one time. In the deathcam mode, following fellow players, only the optic is visible, not the weapon. Other than that, awesome effort. It's getting a good workout amongst me and my buddies!
  24. Now, guys, remind me again, but wasn't the whole point of [GR] (and by extension this grand, new, beautiful work) to utilize tactical skills? Perhaps you're playing the wrong game? Maybe you should consider a move to Battlefield 2.
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