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  1. Well, this goes back some years, but I used to spend a week at a time in California's central Sierras. You can get into some pretty rugged country back there, I'll ya. Whole lotta up and down.
  2. The M468 is kicking serious ass. Between you and Snow, the GRAW2 armory is now unsurpassed. Now, if with the new map and mission tools GRIN's giving us we can get missions to use this stuff in properly, Ghost Recon is nearly back.
  3. Ooooh, I think I know what it is, and if it is, I love you Snow. To weigh in on this, I'm as bad as any of the other "oh, hey, can you make..." type of guys as any of the rest of us. I know who M is on about, and I agree, the guy's a tool, but most of the blokes around here who do mods are pretty good guys. The GRnet community is as tight as any, even despite the turnover over the years from the games, on the intrawebs. I think most of the time it's the spirit in which criticism and/or requests are made where butts get hurt or things get taken out of context. Few of us throw down a gauntlet and demand a weapon to be made (though I can think of one in recent memory that has) and few (except one that shall remain nameless) have the bollox to try and claim themselves above reproach or beyond criticism. In short, I love the guys who actually take the time out of their busy schedules to make things for others, but as someone said earlier, can you imagine if you were the one getting bombarded with requests? It'd be a little tough trying to retain composure at times. I like the idea of the weapon idea thread that started. Hopefully it'll give someone a kernel to work with and try something new.
  4. If I may, have you tried bringing down the size of the pattern and using the pattern stamp tool? The pattern looks a bit big. And it might get rid of the rip-stop texture showing up. If not, I'll get some newer pics to you this afternoon.
  5. I'll pull the camera back a bit more and do that, and in the process maybe get a wider swatch of the pattern.
  6. Brett, man, where do I start? That's just fabulous. You've done some really fine work on this weapon.
  7. Snow, that's just not fair. It's soooo tasty! As an aside, is it possible to lift the weapon up on the shoulder without messing up the animations? I've seen this on other weapons in GRAW and GRAW2, so it's not just you, just a general question. I make the comment because there is no cheekweld, and I don't know about other shooters, but I feel far more comfortable with an assault-type rifle socketed in higher up and in on my shoulder. I wouldn't feel comfortable shooting the rifle as it's shown there. I'd have the upper half of the butt off my shoulder/clavicle all together, and only the lower half tucked in- inboard of the Crye chassis shoulder pad and higher up from what is shown there by maybe 3 inches, for a strong cheekweld, if that makes any sense to anyone... But you know I love ya, Snow.
  8. The ACU looks good... I like it.
  9. Key settings wouldn't bother me. That's why they invent mice with 47 buttons on them...
  10. Don't think anyone's said that so far... M and I have put up a couple real world weapons you can draw inspiration from- but perhaps that's not the concept you're looking for. I wouldn't get too kinky with trying to make the weapons .50 BMG or some uber-gun, but that's just me. Good luck with the project, mate.
  11. Personally I'd like to see that Leupold in a 3-9x version, giving us the best of both worlds. No one's really said whether variable power scopes are a doable thing in GRAW2 yet, though...
  12. Unless this SCAR modification is using .50 BMG rounds, there's a similar concept out there for use with the AR platforms, The Alexander Arms .50 Beowulf, and in a similar line, I think Bushmaster is making a .45, so a .50 caliber weapon isn't too far out of the realm of possibility.
  13. this coming from a Weapon Requester NOT a Weapon Modder. Umm, okay. Yeah, people who don't make models can't possibly have an opinion that matters! Elitist much? So, are there any screen shots of this thing or a general description of it? I don't have GRAW1 installed at the moment, so I can't make any kind of determination about what we're talking about. 12.7Scar sounded pretty fired up about it, whatever it is.
  14. I'm rather curious as to what the hell a HAWS rifle is, too...
  15. Brett, looks killer. By any chance are you going to reskin the lower to the Barrett? It has the Olympic stamp on it. Not that one couldn't slap a 6.8 upper on it, but for the sake of continuity, you see. Doesn't really matter, looks great as is!
  16. Thanks, EJ, that's the kind of info I'm looking for. Hey, if I'm wrong, I'm wrong, and I like to know I am. I knew the avys had some females running choppers and planes, and have been flying combat missions for a long while for USAF. I'm not against women doing whatever the hell they want to. Hell, I'm married to one...
  17. I'd say I don't really know the context of that picture. Is she on patrol? Is she out kicking in doors and rounding up suspected terrorists? Is she a driver? Is she in PA? Maybe she's in the 526 Brigade Support Battalion. Is she jump-rated (and can women go to jump school- I'm speaking out of ignorance here)? Of course, if you can give me hard info and it turns out she isn't just part of a unit pulling security for those construction vehicles in the background, I'll eat my words. I'm pleading actual ignorance here, not trying to break your balls, Outcast. Sui, good points you bring up. I was saying as far as portraying US troops, not foreign armies, women are not on the front lines, per se, and putting them into 5th SFG is highly unlikely in what's supposed to be an ugly, combat situation. I am intrigued by the concept of the female advisers tagging along, though. As far as what Israel, France, the UK, Poland, or anyone else happens to do is outside the scope of this conversation until someone makes a modification that changes the blufor soldiers to something other than a US SFG. Hey, someone makes an Israeli mod and wants to put women soldiers all over the place, have at it. That's my main point, I think. Guys, not really trying to start the flames, just kind of trying to wrap my head around the concept.
  18. I may do two versions(or three with a UBR stock and short rail). One thing I noticed from looking at the limited number of "real" M468 photos is that the M16 stock versions have a longer rail. The M4 style versions(like the one I made) have a shorter rail/barrel. So, I'm not exactly sure what's up with that. Are there multiple versions out there? Or did they settle on the longer one? Haven't found many accurate photos, just a lot of fake looking AR15 mock ups. There are two versions of the M468, Brett- A 16.5" barrel mid-length gas system (basically the civilian version, though there are select-fire recievers with that upper mated to it) and a 10 or 11" barrel CQB model LE and military only version with carbine gas system. The stock is pretty much interchangeable on any AR-type weapon assuming the buffer is correct for the stock being used, i.e., a carbine buffer for a telescopic stock, and rifle buffer for a A1 or A2 stock. PS, as an addendum, check out the ARMS website for more info on the the SIRs being used on the M468.
  19. Ahh, geez, not another one of these threads... There are no women in any United States combat unit, any instances of women in firefights at the beginning of OIF 1 notwithstanding- they were drivers and clerks in support units, not frontline shooters. It would be unrealistic to portray female operators (if realism, or at least an attempt at realism, is why we all love the Ghost Recon franchise), 10-12 years into the future or not. There is just about zero chance that US policy toward women in combat and SOF units will change in the next dozen or so years. Why does this topic come up with every iteration of Ghost Recon or OFP? I blame GI Jane...
  20. Pretty good, Brett. If I may be so bold, please don't overlook the length of the actual 6.8 mags compared to 5.56 mags. Because of the cartridge, they're a bit longer. Also, are you going to stick with the CAR stock? No offense meant, obviously, but they're gettin' a bit long in the tooth (yeah, yeah, I know there are some hardcore guys that still use CAR stocks, but I ain't one of them... ). I'd love to see someone take a stab at something a little different, maybe like the Magpul CTR, or especially the forthcoming UBR. I like what you're doing, man.
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