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  1. Personal units made for myself and friends that play MP.
  2. I may be drunk, but I can't seem to find the A2 screen topic, so I'm starting one of my own. Shots are on Takistan. Some boring posed A2OA shots with some personal units: My good friend Gordo and me in the background. Aussies and Yanks running together. More to follow.
  3. My TAD pack has some kind of weird thing going on with the points belonging to different selections, causing the warping about 1/2 way down. I've not been able to sort it but I can live with it for the most part. Also seeing some clipping on my armor that needs to be fixed. Seems like I'm never done tweaking things.
  4. Well done. Just some vanilla shots from a 2 man MP co-op a couple nights ago:
  5. If I'm not mistaken, if you either run the game at the highest skill level or look at the settings in the difficulty you can turn off extended HUD info that will eliminate the names in-game.
  6. I run all the graphics on highest. Other than that, it's just rvmats and probably the angle.
  7. PM me and let me know if you want the .paa or the .psd with layers.. @Whisper: Yeah, I'm still kickin' around. After VBS1 died its slow death, I moved onto to ArmA and then ArmA2, still modding weapons, making uniforms, etc. Haven't been in here for a while. Nice to see some of the old hands still around. I've done multiple camo patterns for the A2 environments, some from scratch, others by taking existing real world camo and messing with them in Photoshop. Pic thread: Crye MultiCam "Digital woodland" "Snowy woodland" "Digital arctic" (Haven't been in any MP games for a few weeks, so these cheesy 1P staged pics will have to do for now.)
  8. Can I play too? Testing self-made A-TACS camo on Isla Duala.
  9. Gotcha, will try. I thought I had patched up. Odd. Thanks.
  10. Unplayable. Continuous and repeated crashes, no matter what map, what game type, etc. Crash in application version: 30899.3048 data\lib\units\types\weapons\bulletweapon.dsf(-1): cant find member: material in type <void> SCRIPT STACK: data\lib\units\types\weapons\bulletweapon.dsf(0) data\lib\units\extensions\inventory.dsf(0) data\lib\units\extensions\inventory.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\instancedescriptionmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\instancedescriptionmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\units\extensions\groupunit.dsf(0) data\lib\units\extensions\groupunit.dsf(0) data\lib\units\extensions\groupunit.dsf(0) Renderer: threaded Physics : threaded Also got a crash due to a missing character Stone and a couple others.
  11. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts- I Hate Myself For Loving You
  12. Of course, you realize, that they're only trying to protect us from ourselves... We're far too stupid to be capable of our own decisions, don't you know! We need someone with the supreme human knowledge of a Clinton, of NOW, of a Tom Cruise to put us in our place! Where would we be without the likes of the Million Mom March, MADD, PeTA, Greenpeace and The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence? Where, I ask you! You Americans and your silly right to self determination and personal responsibility... Don't you know we need people smarter than ourselves to run our lives for us?! What? The man behind the curtain? Ignore him!
  13. Haven't added to this topic yet, but as I am replying right now, "Wild Sex (In the Working Class)" by Oingo Boingo from Boingo Alive is pumping through the headphones.
  14. Also recommended: Doing the same thing with the Bourne movies. Watched The Osterman Weekend, speaking of Ludlum books turned into movies. A steaming pile, that one was. Wretched action sequences with ridiculous and confusing plotting amount to a waste of two hours, but then again, having read much of Ludlum's material, I shouldn't have been surprised. Too many hard to follow and unlikely plot twists in this one for me, thanks. Had nothing to do after yesterday's AFC Wildcard game so I caught bits and pieces of Just Friends with Ryan Reynolds. Guy makes me laugh for some reason, but the real reason I watched it was for the delectable Anna Faris. Something about that girl gets my motor runnin'.
  15. A few days ago, I watched Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters. If you're not a fan, don't bother, but since I am, I can say the intro to the movie had me laughing so hard I thought I was going to lose it. I also made a point of rewatching The Bourne Ultimatum now that I have all the movies on DVD. Courtesy my DVR, The Tailor of Panama today, based on the John le Carré novel. Not a bad film really, and you get an eyeful of Jamie Lee Curtis's rack, which despite her age, is holding up quite well. Also, keep an eye out for a very young Daniel Radcliffe as Geoffrey Rush's son. Starring Pierce Brosnan, the film was a flier I decided to record merely for the presence of Rush, but I was pleasantly surprised. Queued up in the DVR is The Cooler, with Alec Baldwin (whom I despise as a person but can't fault as an actor) and William H. Macy. I'll take a peek at that after all of tomorrow's bowl games maybe. Also have an exquisitely keen interest in Cloverfield. I don't see many movies in the theater, but I'll make a point of going to this one, as the trailers are blowing my mind! :'>
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