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  1. I cannot confirm that theef. How it comes that we have to live with the same lag thingies ( player running on same spot and you get shot or no enemy fire sound and you get shot and so on ) on a 4vs4 match. The answer from Jessiejames make no sense at this point. btw I was reading your post about 64bit OS. A friend of me use this sys aswell and he says GRAW runs well on it . God damn I have to spend lotta bucks.
  2. When I chose a smaller bandwith in the game interface it would work better then?
  3. As you said , detected ones . What a luck that PB update the list so pretty often and all cheat links you send them will auto answered as "known site" and they just spy them to do something better. Well I played a lotta PB saved games mate and I still stay to my opinion. If you had read my post carefully, I did note that PB detects cheats but always the standard typo. And I added that noobs got catched by PB. Then guys who really spent money for cheats ( ) can still gamble with your spawns. And if you send PB the link to the site then you get the message I wrote above. Sry dude , its not that I would like to see a working PB but it does not. Even better Progs who kicks every kind of violation , when known also with hack or cheat name, are available.
  4. At this point I would agree. I dont know which guy had this idea to use the M82 against Infantry. Maybe he tried to fix some complexes cuz this gun has a big caliber and is even longer.
  5. A lot expirience let me use the M9+silencer today. I like that Pistol + sound * feep* *feep* headshot
  6. I thought aswell about Claymore ingame, but as said before , it will be the weapon to spawnrape and to camp. The maps include many hotspots ( always you meet 1 or 2 tangos there) also a lot which you can reach just by one way. And how would that work on Clanmatches ? I think the people will use it as weapon , what kind of restriction ever, on Pubs or other Servers and they´ll give a *beeep* to gentlemen rules. Well formyself I forgot this idea because it would bring more frustation as fun. Not to offent you Angel but you should forget it aswell and stop trying to find any reason to invert this kind of weapon. Beside of that GRAW is not BF2!
  7. European Dallas China Tactical SJO-san jose? China / Chicago isnt that way
  8. Many Games use PB as AC Ware. It got hacked X-times on any Game and it still use the same check progresses. I dont expect a save game when PB is on ( only cheatin naps got catched by PB). For which reason code guys even better AC-ware ? In my opinion UBI should save this wasted money and give their employees a try to do something new and better.
  9. All they need is a bit Motivation
  10. It happen to me x- times now. Its only between mapchange. I bet it can happen when the Ping raises up to 300-400 at mapchange this causes in a disconnect then while Data cant be checked. *just an idea *
  11. First of all a Teddyhuge to Roco I´ve got the Disco- party aswell. I hope it fixes itself in the comming days like 1.16. Just play , guess the prob will gone in few weeks .
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