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  1. Blenders Sub Division seems to not behave as you wpuld expect any other major program to work. Creates some strange topology anomolies. Its most definitly an algorythm issue in catclark. In my frustration I tried an old technique out on a Star Ship and this helicopter. Much better results and much quicker to build.
  2. Windows 10 is kind of a hot mess... but. This is probably why the launched it the way they did.
  3. Have at it! This is a unity executable game for the track I was working on. It was used only as a test bed for the track itself. *NOTE* No user interface is setup. Once you launch. If you get stuck, fall off the world somehow, or want to exit you must press ALT + F4 Download here. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7EfM5ReEDfSV3p3Z0ZidWF6Z3M/view?usp=drivesdk
  4. Get a blender plugin for exporting characters, levels, and weapons asap lol.
  5. Started on it for fun. Wont be finished. Also this...
  6. Was thinking about aliens and UFOs lately. So why not. Little concept work.
  7. Well, I was going to do a Space X rocket modeling tutorial but got carried away with rendering a bit. Track is still a WIP.
  8. Now its getting more fun
  9. Took down all my videos and decided to just keep it a little more loose. Don't want to store all these video files. A video of this track drama. Lol.
  10. Blender series is at episode 7 if you want to check it out. No videos lately. Not starting them until ryzen 1700 system is built. Have started on some model work for an Android game. I won't discuss which one yet. A former Need for Speed Dev has been doing all the work. One man wrecking crew. Hitting 60fps on galaxy S2s at the moment. This track is actually about halfway done. Already did a couple laps on it. Its good to go.
  11. I dont know all the binding agreements with steam.... but. Not saying it shouldnt be used at all but hopefully not the only option. would be nice.
  12. IMHO... if ground branch did this one thing. I think it would be a slam dunk. Sell it, without steam, only activation, no root kits. I cant stand Steam to be honest. Much hate for it. Also dont make it a 40gb game. Some devs have lost their minds with these huge file sizes.
  13. Finally got to sit down and tweak the two systems. The FX8350 doesnt look to have much if any overclocking room on air. Maybe a couple hundred mhz max so I left it alone. The FX6300 though was taken right up to 60deg C. and 4.5ghz (+1ghz!) Turbo core was switched off on both and the benchmarks began. CineBench R15: 494 FX 6300 < FX8350 645 422 FX 6300 (No OC/Turbo on) 638 FX 8350 (Turbo on) CineBench Open GL: 92fps RX470 > RX480 83.17 3D MARK Cloud Gate: 16840 FX 6300 < FX8350 20210 TimeSpy: 3199 FX 6300 < FX8350 3796 3118 FX6300 (No OC/Turbo On) All in all the 8350s one extra physical core seems to just give it that edge. Improvements with the overclock couldnt quiet catch up. Really impressed though when it comes to the Time Spy. Only 3-8 frames per second difference in most of it. 8350 however with Turbo on. Just can't seem to perform better. It actually makes it run slower. 8350 WINS. *edit* corrected numbers.
  14. It looks decent. Maybe not much airflow though.
  15. Build 01 btw was... FX8350, RX480, 16GB, 250 SSD, 1 TB HDD. Pics:
  16. #2 Its Finished! FX6300, RX470, 16GB DDR3. 1TB HDD. Total $600 I knew it would be dark but thats ok. I like the subdued effect.
  17. Round two! Waiting on thee power supply.
  18. This isnt over. for the 8350 it is. The Fx6300 is getting housed in the same case as well.
  19. You can use xbox or ps4 controllers on PC according to UBI. https://support.ubi.com/en-GB/faqs/000026292/
  20. Ok some more photos while I wait on the RX480. 470 until then https://s3.postimg.org/gczbu759f/20170322_151302.jpg https://s12.postimg.org/7m62n6nf1/20170322_151328.jpg https://s9.postimg.org/6k26pabdr/20170322_151253.jpg
  21. It breaths... still not finished yet. Amazon delivers. On time.
  22. Duddddeee..... newegg has messed this all up and my budget. had to order some parts from amazon since the egg lost them or broke them.
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