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  1. I dont know all the binding agreements with steam.... but. Not saying it shouldnt be used at all but hopefully not the only option. would be nice.
  2. IMHO... if ground branch did this one thing. I think it would be a slam dunk. Sell it, without steam, only activation, no root kits. I cant stand Steam to be honest. Much hate for it. Also dont make it a 40gb game. Some devs have lost their minds with these huge file sizes.
  3. Finally got to sit down and tweak the two systems. The FX8350 doesnt look to have much if any overclocking room on air. Maybe a couple hundred mhz max so I left it alone. The FX6300 though was taken right up to 60deg C. and 4.5ghz (+1ghz!) Turbo core was switched off on both and the benchmarks began. CineBench R15: 494 FX 6300 < FX8350 645 422 FX 6300 (No OC/Turbo on) 638 FX 8350 (Turbo on) CineBench Open GL: 92fps RX470 > RX480 83.17 3D MARK Cloud Gate: 16840 FX 6300 < FX8350 20210 TimeSpy: 3199 FX 6300 < FX8350 3796 3118 FX6300 (No OC/Turbo On) All in all the 8350s one extra physical core seems to just give it that edge. Improvements with the overclock couldnt quiet catch up. Really impressed though when it comes to the Time Spy. Only 3-8 frames per second difference in most of it. 8350 however with Turbo on. Just can't seem to perform better. It actually makes it run slower. 8350 WINS. *edit* corrected numbers.
  4. It looks decent. Maybe not much airflow though.
  5. Build 01 btw was... FX8350, RX480, 16GB, 250 SSD, 1 TB HDD. Pics:
  6. #2 Its Finished! FX6300, RX470, 16GB DDR3. 1TB HDD. Total $600 I knew it would be dark but thats ok. I like the subdued effect.
  7. Round two! Waiting on thee power supply.
  8. This isnt over. for the 8350 it is. The Fx6300 is getting housed in the same case as well.
  9. You can use xbox or ps4 controllers on PC according to UBI. https://support.ubi.com/en-GB/faqs/000026292/
  10. Ok some more photos while I wait on the RX480. 470 until then https://s3.postimg.org/gczbu759f/20170322_151302.jpg https://s12.postimg.org/7m62n6nf1/20170322_151328.jpg https://s9.postimg.org/6k26pabdr/20170322_151253.jpg
  11. It breaths... still not finished yet. Amazon delivers. On time.
  12. Duddddeee..... newegg has messed this all up and my budget. had to order some parts from amazon since the egg lost them or broke them.
  13. This is the case I ordered. Im just building it for fun and selling it once its put together. Red and White themed. Overclocking it. in going to ask a penny for it though so I mightm be sitting on it a few months.
  14. If your not into lights or side glass...Corsair or thermaltake is what I would go for. Depends on how much your into a system building too. water cooling, cable management, drive managers etc. Ive always like this one myself https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00OFR33LW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_EiDZyb24KDG0S When I do a ryzen build im planning on using this myself.
  15. Newegg is not only slow... forgot how to package items. I guess diypc is to blame as well. Lets see how amazon does. Change up the colors a bit.
  16. The first part has arrived. Not installed yet. The system currently runs at +1degC over room temp. Load is 15degC +....... Cant wait to see what this huge thing can pull off. It Was made for 200watt CPUs not the 95watt FX6300. Overclocking will begin once the rest of the components show up. Although technically I could start now..... Everything is shipped. waiting for the stuff!
  17. Maybe he lost steam over it? Doubt he gave up because of us.
  18. Waiting for more reviews of the motherboards and to have them in stock.
  19. Postingmy rig or lack of. Putting an FX6300 system together slowly while I wait a little longer to order a Ryzen R7 rig. I scored a used Fx6300 + Gigabyte + gskill 16gb. 130$ Two 4k dells @60hz 240$ XfX RX460 130$ Ordered the rest of the system and waiting on it all to arrive. DIYPC case. 32$ WD 250GB SSD 80$ WD 1TB Blue 55$ 3x orange sata cables 15$ Everything else is coming from the old rig. So heres some photos of the escapede so far. Old parts and new ones. Finished photos in a couple of weeks! Old hardware is a box to be diagnosed and resold if possible. The old AM2 motherboard got a nice cleaning. AMD64 X2 6400+ still looking good to me. This chip has ran since July 2008 almost non stop with a 300mhz overclock. 3.2 to 3.5ghz on air. 2X4k because why not! I need another desk. lol. And the rx460 right here. The system is tossed together hastly while the other components show up but when its all here ill post more. After its built its getting a nice Overclock, performance tuned, Benchmarked, stability tested and sold. Hopefully. I may piece it out and sell it. Then start on a really wild ryzen build next.
  20. Classic GR was to realistic gov sabotaged it. Can't melt a hot title with follow up titles that arent as hot. Total inside job. Plus I seen puffs of PR before the initial release. Conspiracy man!
  21. Dirty old man lightspeed lol. I read anal too rofl. Looks good rocky.
  22. Love when the old threads pop up.
  23. Does the entire game require an internet connection to be played?
  24. So modeling weapons for GR1 mods was really enjoyable after years of trial and error. I was able to knock down the entire process to only a couple hours in later versions of max. However with GR's dependence on 3dsm 5 I don't really plan on modding the game any more. However if you ever wanted to I strongly suggest building most assets in newer software and porting them over to the old version of max. Makes life easier imo. Any question on my previous work flows let me know. Its not hard to knock out weapon models un 30 minutes and a complete uv map / texture in another hour. Speed model of a glock in blender shows its possible. its actually faster in max. X10 speed minor clipping to match music track. Didnt finish the model entirely but you get the point. I just wanted to see how blender handles low poly weapons. apperently just as good.
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