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  1. Setting up Portals on a level. Creating Level Lighting
  2. The last couple of days I've tried pushing the GR engine in a few different ways. I tried to bypass the lighting system and create my own lightmaps. It didn't work out though. An asset library is starting to come together too. Last but not least. I've finally decided to focus on doing an Afghanistan map. I'll be doing some videos as I go through the process of making it. Whenever it is finished, I'll be putting all the files up for download. Should pair up nicely with Centcom don't you think?
  3. A little update on what im doing and working on. Nothing big but just so everyone knows. https://youtu.be/WMdYy28Ut7s
  4. Some more Blender stuff, hopefully I can get to some actual exporting advice again soon. Making a prop fish Projection Mapping
  5. Patients is key for sure. The longest I've gone is 4 weeks and that was for the mural. Was heck of a project.
  6. Quick Drop for anyone that might want it. While I was in Afghanistan I did take some photos for reference later on. Should of got more but there are a few in this zip file. Refrences included are the Hmmwv, RG31 MRAP, M4, M9, M136/AT4, M249, and a photo of a sat antenna setup. It's not much but can be useful. Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7yk8c04ylb98pdz/PZ's Refrence Photos.zip?dl=0
  7. Late response but I downloaded the mod and tried it out. Really cool actually. The extra fidelity really makes GR just that much better.
  8. So about a year and a half ago I started painting with cheap acrylics. Now its kind of spiraled out of control. Just wanted to share some of the fun I've been having with it and some of the things I've done. Apparently you can paint your clothes too. Who knew.
  9. Lets see what happens Rocky. I got all summer. Playing around with the foliage still brushing up on my own workflow. still not quiet right yet. *edit* tried that in game. The game had a fit. Lol. *update* Ok, so instead of being lazy tossing it on the test level as static mesh, went ahead and rigged it up to see if it would behave better. Sure enough, I think it does. Im not going to push my luck with these though. I have a feeling GR still doesn't like them. None the less, what your looking at is relatively low poly to todays standards. its actually a stylized way of doing trees. Farcry 1 used this concept in the game. Crytek would add a few as big cover trees to cast shadows in the forests. Proof of concept, mostly works, still have to figure out how the lighting editor would treat something like this.
  10. The sapling tree generator in Blender will be a good tool to create tree trunks for GR. Whenever I get use to using it I'll do a video on it. Pretty cool addon.
  11. A Crash Course In Level Geometry
  12. Always wondered how Marcinko was doing. He went into the military a year or so before me. Never heard back after the back problems. None the less my experience was fairly unique. Went through basic then Airborne school and got sent to Alaska to be a part of 4th Brigade 25th Infantry and deployed with the 501st Airborne. I did some jumping around between line companies and even the Brigade special troops battalion. The Infantry units in the late 2000s were very demanding and dare I say ruthless. Training included plenty of sleep deprivation, road marches, drills and what you would expect from any fighting force. Conducting training in the alaskan winter conditions, snow shoes and skis weren't uncommon for field training events. Sleeping on beds made of tree branches with nothing more then the standard issue sleeping bag systems. If you do plan on joining keep one thing in mind. Its not how big you are. Its how big your heart is. Eventually l found myself in an Engineer/route clearance reserve unit. It wasn't the same animal but had a lot of similarities. If you ever do find yourself in combat you won't ever forget it. Brothers forever. No metals will ever mean as much to you as your men. Airborne All The Way. Geronimo!
  13. Yeah cutting onions for dinner. They mess you up.
  14. Good to hear. Check the extras folder for the vehicle pdf file for now. It has the basic ideas in it. This is a little bit more advanced for blender. Combining UV maps and textures together using baking. Useful for optimization purposes. *edit* I spent most of the night re-organizing folders and example models. Got side tracked and started looking at some models in note pad. I think I'll be able to recreate some things with a bit of trial and error. The following will likely be videos at some point in the future. Characters, Helicopters, Boats, Tracked Vehicles, Wheeled Vehicles, Stationary weapons, Placeable Items like sensors, and of course more level ones. Its going to take sometime.
  15. Apex (I think) manages that drop box. It should be in there under "00-Tutorial Files / Plugins". They should be the same files I use. If it is not working I don't why. Still finishing this up. Will continue the weapon videos again when finished.
  16. I'll put together a download pack later with example models etc. For now this is the obj plugin. https://www.dropbox.com/home?preview=3dsmax5_OBJ_plugin.zip
  17. Just going to buy an external one sooner or later. Never know when ill need it lol
  18. Hard to believe much anymore these days. True false. I dunno. Maybe if I knew someone there. Eitherway, does this mean we finally get a GR1 remake?
  19. There is a good chance I have a dvd somewhere with it. Problem is I don't have a dvd Drive lmao.
  20. Thats not it. I have found thoughs ones. Appreciate it Rocky. I'll have to keep looking. Hopefully I have an old CD somewhere with something on it.
  21. Modeling a weapon sight. If anyone has copies of the models Piggyson released I would greatly appreciate it if someone can send them to me. I'm looking for the UH60 Model, Zodiac, Stationary Weapon Model. I found the character ones.
  22. Okay, so this is a more effective way of tagging surface properties then what I showed in the last video.
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