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  1. Nothing real major to talk about as of late. Started up my main channel on youtube and will be doing some vlogs there. Trying to get better at making modular kits and I talk a bit about that in this video here. https://youtu.be/jlisElwcPqs
  2. new tree line / temporary bush. Slowly coming together. Grass still needs some more work. The idea is to improve everything not just swap textures around. A remaster if you want to call it that.
  3. Thank you Skip. Not a mod related video here.
  4. Look at that. $260 annual in the US. 22$ a month. They did it for maya too. If it was both maya and max I would be there. Staying with Blender for now.
  5. Still at it. Tweaked the enviroment file. Trying a few different ways of repainting the terrain colors. Think if I slowed down and took my time on it this could end up really killer. Also swapped the grass textures with my own from a model I made in blender. Also swapped the small grass model. Had enough of that for today. I'll keep at it another day. Attempt 1 Attempt2
  6. Okay, I made a quick updated tools video. It's geared for the people on youtube. Thanks again RussiaGhost for pointing out the fix. Video is HERE
  7. Welp, I'll be danged. It does work on windows 10. I got it working by doing something slightly different. Thanks RussiaGhost. Surprisingly not much a performance difference between win10 and the virtual machine. I'll make a video about it soonish. Just so every ones in the know. 200 a month for new max versions though. I will still be using blender most of the time.
  8. Not much modeling as of late. Getting the sounds all straightened out, played with some kit ideas, worked on the UI a bit and started messing around with retexturing things for the 2021 mod.
  9. You got max 5 to work on windows 10? How on earth lol
  10. Virtual machines are more or less a system emulator. You can install whatever OS you want really. Has some drawbacks and oddities but nothing to crazy. 3DSM5 really needs windows XP to run. That's the main reason to use it. CS2 is legacy for myself. Something I only need for GR. I use CC on win10.
  11. New video is a big one. Rigging and Exporting weapons into GR. Also setting up kits, kit icons, various other things. VIDEO HERE Example File Pack HERE Kit Restrictions Video: HERE Weapon Sounds Video: HERE
  12. This is my new modding thread where I'll keep everyone up to date with what I'm up to. Right now I know there are 4 mods I really want to make. I would need an insane amount of time or a lot of help making them but None the less, I'll push in that general direction for all of them. No promises but here's what I have in mind.... Ghost Recon 2021 Edition: Basically a full update to as many original game files as possible. Clean up the UI etc. Replace or Reskin as much as possible. Basically re-polish the game until it looks, sounds, and feels close to being remastered. Afghanistan Expansion Pack: A full expansion pack based around Afghanistan and operation enduring freedom. Loosely based on real life events and locations but adapted for A Ghost campaign. M4 Sopmod v2: No reason not to update the old mod since a m4 model would have to be in the works with the other 2. This version would definitely need Blocks I, II, and III. AK Variant Mod: as the name implies. GR needs more Kalashnikov love. I'll be chaotically focusing on all this but can't say when if any of it might be finished, if ever. I'll be posting rough progress shots and videos here as I work through this massive undertaking. As of late I have been working on Afghanistan level assets. I'm really starting to get the feel for it and seeing how this could all come about fairly quickly. I'll be doing iterations of different designs and workflows until I find something I really like. Here is just a few shots taken out of Blender using Eevee. A couple post processing effects added for fun. This will eventually become a level based around a conex Yard. I want to see how far I can push GR in a few different ways and this level will be where that happens. Video Update 01/17/2021: Here
  13. Went ahead and made the tree modeling tutorial. I'll show you how to make this in blender and photoshop but also how to use the sapling tree generator addon to your advantage. It's pretty lengthy but will have you creating some foliage in no time. Video Below https://youtu.be/w75NGPHF8wc
  14. Just a little video update. https://youtu.be/avcIFs8p6Yg
  15. I can agree with the Thomas Clancy part. The height of the cold war taking place in his life heavily influenced him. Clancy certainly didn't operate by himself and had great help and military junkies backing him up. It may be a moment in time that may eventually be remastered but for now that doesn't seem likely to occur by many developers. The return on investment seems minimal at best to large game studios. The average FPS today focuses heavily on what I consider a paintball or airsoft like game mentality. The original rainbow six titles prepped us for what was to become ghost recon. Where any of your operators at any given time could be taken out of the fight for the rest of the campaign. No one wanted to risk their characters special abilities by foolishly placing them in bad situations. As anti-terrorism and warfare has evolved in the last 20 years and will continue to evolve, developers that accurately depict the near future must take into account of how these units will operate. I personally fired off drone observations and other types of intel. I received training on a incoming round detection systems. While I was being briefed on the piece of hardware. The moment I powered it up and looked at the display. It suddenly hit me, I was learning about the real deal Threat indicator found in the game. Even the graphics used on the device was very similar. Now this was in 2010 where are we at today? no idea. The secret squirrel club seems to be tighter then ever. Even the few guys I know in the groups don't say much of anything. Kudos to them. It's better that way in reality. Warfare certainly has advanced into a web and become increasingly complexed. One thing still stands at the end of the day. There will be a group of men called to handle the most dangerous situations on earth.
  16. GR was still very clancy like. Remember clark and chavez in novels were savages. splinter cell had it too. You felt the same way about the ghosts. Somewhere along the way it became all john woo like. Just never felt the intense nature behind the characters. It became more about action and gun play. Kinda got stuck there since.
  17. That thread is madness lol. I've no idea what you all are talking about there. What was the results after substance?
  18. COMMUNITY MODDING PROJECT The Community Modding Project is an upcoming asset pack which includes 3d models and textures. Categories will include weapons, vehicles, characters, and various level assets. Items in this pack will not be restricted to any one location or time however they will depict realistic real world settings and objects. The purpose of the community project is to aid modders in the future by giving them full access to content that they can fully utilize. Files will be stored in multiple formats which may include game ready formats. Individuals are free to use, modify, or make derivatives of the content for non commercial purposes. Credit must be given to the original content creators. Guidelines for the usage, accreditation, and contributors can be found in the main directory of the asset pack. Download Location: TBA Anyone is welcome to participate in the Community Modding Project by submitting content you create. Assets may be critiqued and curated before they are added to the package. Please keep in mind this is to present a professional and uniform look to the asset pack itself. Keep Ghost Recon's engine in mind while creating assets. You can submit items by posting a file link in this thread or by sending me a private message. Guidelines when submitting an object to the package: -Create proper low poly models with UV maps. -UV maps should make good use of texture space. -Models must be textured. -Modular systems should snap to no less then 1/10 (.10m) of a meter. -Textures must be a minimum of 1024pixels on the longest side. -Textures length and height must be a power of 2. -Scale objects according to their real life counter parts. -Submit your 3d models in .blend, .fbx, .obj, or .max (3dsm5) format. -Submit textures in any common format such as .jpg, .png, .tga, or .psd.
  19. When youre in the middle of a firefight but the tree keeps telling you jokes.
  20. It can be daunting for sure but it becomes easier the more you learn. Certainly eats up a lot of time but completely worth it. I tossed out a good bit of info in this thread so hopefully some people use it and get into it. Just want to mention something real quick. Max5 might be a roadblock for a lot of people but Blender is free. Anyone can certainly download it and get started modeling. https://www.blender.org/ I think GR seems to handle rubble like this fairly well. I'll keep at it with little things like this and see how it goes. Hescos look good in game too. The whole idea behind this video series originally was to just get the info out there. People pop up time to time asking questions about modding the game. I Just wanted to pass on the knowledge.
  21. The dreaded Sherman level system gets a video now too. Pretty tricky thing to do that really needed a video for it. Sherman Level Transitions
  22. We chatted already but they come by time to time, usually. I've caught a few lurking before. Good to see you though. I always went by prozac. Somehow I changed my name on here. Its been a while.
  23. Apparently I trolled back in the day. Im nominating all the original developers who put an sdk together. None of it would of been possible without it. Good to see you on here Don!
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