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  1. thoes are great my new one RRSES
  2. pz3


    sounds fun untill the stupid fish bites your hand! actually id probly try it... good old catfish mud wrestling is what id call it.
  3. whats xbox live offer/make it good?
  4. hope no where exist like that, and im dead before one does. as for the general his remarks were perfectly fine IMO... all people can kill, just like all women can be a prostitue...
  5. im not calius but i had the Onboard AC97 sound and compared to my Audigy2 there is no competition... You should notice a big increasment in clearity. Bass sounds about the same. But since Creative made it it reallly handels EAX the way it should be. Sounds awsome with all the echos and reverb stuff. You cant discribe EAX you have to hear it =) Cant hear it if your ahrdware dont support it.
  6. pz3


    Flounder Gigging its kind of like spear fishing Animal rights activist will have a fit watching this =P Think ill go and try it one day. gigging
  7. Thoes screens made me a skeptic... it does seem to be arcade, screw tactics. and lots of vehicles that dont help but just blow up stuff or be blowned up and graphics stunk bad. But then i remind myself that RVS on PC and RVS on XBOX are vastly diffrent. And thoes Screen Shots are still from Xbox wich doesnt mean a dang thing to PC gamers for graphics. Cant wait to see how the PC screenshots look. judging by ravenshield screenshots on xbox compared to pc... gr2 should be a graphical contender.
  8. Found one of my movies ehhh... lol.. dont take any offense to any of em. Not ment to be offensive or disrepectfull. GR Sniper The Truth GR2 UBI Screwed GR2 Team Mate baz did these.... off topic but kinda related to fanta stuff... still funny I Must Speak To Him Hotdogs
  9. pz3


    Gunna start working on a M25 If any one has some good refrence pictures, for textures or modeling help feel free to post em or pm me them. I will be trying my most to get it as accurate as possible.
  10. farcry logo changed.. it use to be green before it turned all rustic orange looking... i hope gr2 logo changed would be nicer to see better lookign logo.
  11. more lik 3k price tag.... any whoo .. before you consider buying download G-max it is free and very similare to 3d Studio max 4 but without the rendering features and export and save formats. I must warn you thoe that if you make anything in Gmax it is useless unless you have a game with mod tools that support gmax. Otherwise you cant save it or export it to diffrent file types.
  12. pz3

    The chicken obeys!

    dont tell him to fly he humps the couch
  13. pz3

    The chicken obeys!

    lol... told him to suck on his toe
  14. develope AA stuff to the console crap... and unprecedented access to military info. sounds good some more realistic games on the way i take it
  15. PB is good stuff it does stop a lot of thoes little 13 year old kids from cheating that can ruin your day. But theres most likely will still be game glitches and thoe cheaters that never get detected. But you can usually spot them =P I really hope GR2 implements PB into it =) As for a ban list im kind of partial. lets say u download a mod and it replaces files and then u get banned for cheating or somthing? i dunno i just wont download mods I guess. and in ravenshield it has a gamma restriction so u cant go over what the server says.... i was on one server for about an hour and 8 ppl were booted for having their gamma at 1.8 and 2 ... shows how lame some ppl can be ... do what ever it takes to get an advantage.
  16. Stlkr0.... i still have all my wow files on disc so if u want a specific model with an acog reflex ml2 sight and a silencer ask me ill export it out
  17. said this to stalker0 a long time ago... he forgets stuff cause hes old. any of my wow3 stuff you can use. xcept for the sounds that kafee let me borrow. any other sounds I made or models/textures are up for grabs for this CEP mod side note: G3A3 model was made by splatty PSG1 and M4 basic models were by GRT I cant say you can use thoes but im sure they wont mind. Ill ask em next time theyr online
  18. try wow3.1 out, doesnt require any mods just GhostRecon v1.4 download it. click here any gun with SD in it is silenced as for SD sniper rifles theres only 1
  19. idea dont make since if its based on IP then it is worthless... thoes md5 moddifiers will always be around.
  20. pz3


    seen that 2... ill buy that after i beat alice
  21. pz3


    btw i got it at wallmart.. and i think bestbuy has it.. probly circuitcity too
  22. pz3


    yep American McGee's Alice From EA Games
  23. pz3


    Just picked this game up. Really havnt herd much hype about it and its kinda old i guess... but it was only 10$ sooo ehh ######.... bought it. must say so far i love it... I always liked the cartoon because its story line was so bizare... and this game keeps you feeling like your going threw a fun house with some basic challenges so far... I recomend trying it out... if you like weired trippy type of stuff.
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