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  1. The bones Drust uses are the same I sent to Zee (I think). You can grab them here.


    *edit* I went ahead and uploaded most everything else I have. Feel free to post any cached/archived tutorials so I can save them. I might convert them over to pdf later. Anything helps even without files. Especially the missing helicopter and boat rigging ones.


  2. This won't be going into game I just wanted to speed run with some of the assets I've made for mods. A lot of it was built as well.  Around 11 hours of time put into this. Barely a corner of a map. Imagine a few more highly motivated people working together though.



    Screenshot 2022-04-02 102737.jpg

    Screenshot 2022-04-02 102814.jpg

    Screenshot 2022-04-02 102904.jpg

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  3. Yeah even though I've done all this in the past, I still have to relearn it a lot of times, couple years ago I started saving the tools and taking notes just so I myself wouldn't forget it all. Apex actually helped me do some of that. I guess we lost a few of the example assets from RSE too which hurts a little bit. Not sure If I'll be able to remember the exact rig and tags for certain things. HX mod might have a few things I need to look at as well. I think it had a few max files in it.

  4. I'll get to them at some point maybe. I've been way to occupied trying to get something else going outside of modding. I really want to setup a laptop with all the modding stuff on it so I can just pull it out when I need a break from unity or unreal. I have my old dual core Crysis machine which would probably work too.

  5. Its one of my channels. YouTube isn't a job though.   Going through a tutorial  any faster, in any meaningful way, usually requires prep, a script, and video editing after. I don't have time for all that. 1 take to upload is all I do so the info is at least out there.

    Way to much other stuff I'm working on. That stuff probably won't be seen for a bit. Pipeline, Pre-production at the moment.


    My main channel if you want to take a look. They even get thumbnails lol.


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