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  1. Describe your realistic and flexible middleground.
  2. What's wrong with that? That's how it was in GR and how it should be in GRAW, IMO. Running and throwing grenades is arcade territory.
  3. Supply points during a mission? Sounds cheesy. At least the weapons are more customizable now ... definitely a good thing.
  4. Yeah, I thought I'd read that before. The AI comments especially gave me deja vu, but I couldn't find anything in a Google search.
  5. SWAT4 randomly places characters. Combine that with its completely dynamic nature (sometimes they'll surrender, sometimes they'll fight) and you have a very, very replayable game. I only wish the server options and MP interface / loading procedures were more thought-out ... the game is a real pain unless you're actually playing. Something like that would be great for GRAW, but let's not forget - this is the PC version. We can (hopefully) customize little things like this ourselves through scripting and modding, though it'd be nice to have it right out of the box.
  6. Thanks for the report. Can you elaborate on which aspect is 60% complete? It's hard to keep track of things with multiple studios developing different parts of the game.
  7. Could be network lag. There are a few maps that play smoothly when I play coop alone, but if someone else joins there's a noticeable slow-down. The Glass Walls pack is especially bad.
  8. i don't suppose you get 'mythbusters' over there, but they proved a car will not explode when you put rounds into the gas tank. this is my anal retentive opinion: it doesn't matter how many rounds it takes ... blowing up vehicles with bullets will always be cheesy and unrealistic. that doesn't mean it's a bad game, though
  9. the press release almost reads as if it were translated from french by a japanese engrish professor. this is one of the most horribly mis-managed games in history. i wouldn't be surprised if 'duke nukem forever' showed up before the next PC installment of GR. ubi: drop a deuce or get off the pot.
  10. doesn't anyone think it's silly to make decisions based off the console version? ubi, rse, grim, whiteknight, your mom and my can of RC cola have repeatedly said that the PC version will be a completely different game, catering to the original crowd ... which, ironically enough, is immediately shunning it. no offense intended, but you guys are coming off like spoiled brats. you can read multiple positive reviews, see screenshots showing features you've asked for, read interviews that confirm this will be the type of game you want ... and then one article that isn't up to your standards turns you off the series forever? if that's how it is, maybe you SHOULD be playing another game. now i'm going to go dig the cactus needles out of my ankle and arm. i knew i never should've put one in my house.
  11. yeah, let's give people one more reason to camp ... good idea.
  12. speaking of additions/tweaks to the AS mod ... is it at all possible for a patch to be created that brings the pips back to the rets? the pips were the only representation of recoil in GR. i realize i might be the only one that feels this way, but it feels LESS realistic without them. other than that, it's a good mod! also ... i haven't seen any rules on minimum squad size for the tournament. is a 2-man team allowable? (yo creatch!)
  13. don't take this the wrong way ... it isn't my intention to be a cynic, ubi's marketing decisions have brought this mindset upon me. also note that i'm not at all upset, just thinking logically according to the events that've taken place so far. ubi has said that they don't have the resources to dedicate to ghost recon 2 pc. what makes you think ubi or rse is going to allocate even a single developer to releasing an sdk/update for a 4 year old game that currently isn't making enough $$$ to refill the toilet paper in 1 bathroom at ubi's headquarters? rse is dedicated to their fans - this is a well known fact - but they are still a business, and bidniz (gr3) comes first. the 1.4 patch was released almost 3 years ago ... if they thought they could've gained anything by continuing development, we wouldn't be asking for this right now. it makes me wonder if you guys enjoy putting yourself under ubi's boot to be stepped on.
  14. ghost recon 2 is the sequel to duke nukem forever!
  15. This may be a stupid question, but ... if SOAF and GR use the same engine, could we not have working flashbangs in GR (at least for SP/coop)?
  16. Thanks for the links ... I've spent a lot of time at guns.ru but the other one is new to me and looks like a keeper. I looked through Google Images for about 30 minutes trying to find appropriate images. There were tons of side-shots but no front views to make it easy, and I was searching for some of the most popular weapons out there. I guess I'll just have to go with the angled images and feel it out like you said. Thanks for the advice!
  17. Hi, (Forgive the FNG question...) I'm trying to get into modelling but one major wall I've hit is that I can't seem to find any front-view images for any weapons. I'm having a hard time figuring out the proportions without an image to base them off. Where do you find your source images, and if you can't, how do you get around it? Thanks!
  18. griz

    "The Farm"

    I've also been killed outside a building after throwing a grenade inside of it. If I remember correctly it was the 2-story building with the briefcase in it. I know it happens quite a bit when throwing grenades into a window but I'm not sure about doorways. They actually appear to go inside but they explode outside. It's probably too late by now but that's a pretty serious bug (considering it's reproducable) to be hit by during the tournament. Anyway, great map. Good atmosphere and the all-around quality is superb.
  19. I sent them to your email address as listed on your website, Ell. Hope that's alright.
  20. It's a 2 page article that pretty much mirrors what the Official XBOX Magazine article says. They do say they have "very exciting plans for vehicles," that the command interface has been streamlined and that a lot of work is going into the sound aspect. I can post images of the articles but I'm not sure if there are any legal issues involved. They're not scans, though, so they aren't perfect quality but the text is completely readable.
  21. I don't think ALT actually slows your movement while prone. It does keep your reticule tight, though.
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