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  1. Sweet! That will help me justify the $$$$ to the wife. ← Depends if it can fit a bagel too
  2. Good luck with DX10 as well. I'm sure there will be a ton of DX10 games released within the first 6 months. Seriously guys, just sit back and wait patiently for things to start rolling. I can't wait to play GR3 like the rest of you but this incessant begging & demanding is getting really annoying. I am SURE Bo is doing everything he can to advertise HIS game.
  3. It isn't censorship as much as cleaning house but that's my opinion. I wasn't implying anything about Rocky - if I thought he was a jerk I would've said so. I see why Sup uses sarcasm disclaimers now
  4. Colin, I appreciate the effort but if Ubi was going to share, they would have done it in their delay announcement. I don't expect them to willfully admit incompetence or development issues based on their history of releasing bad news in an upbeat/positive tone, which somehow comes out condescending, as if they know what's better for us. Ubi will always be playing the smoke & mirrors routine, that's just the way things are and I have no problem with that right now. Summer is coming and bringing more exciting things than GR3 or any other game. Forget Ubi and Ghost Recon and go have some fun for a while.
  5. Too bad Rocky isn't a big enough jerk to start outright deleting crap like this.
  6. How many times has he said he can't comment on media? It isn't his decision and he's already going out of his way to answer questions. Hasn't anyone noticed that he's basically turned this forum into a developer chat with straight, informative answers? That's very gracious of him to spend his time here and I don't think we should be repaying him with little digs like you made.
  7. Refreshing to see a developer remove a "whizz-bang" feature they had already invested time into for the sake of gameplay. Thanks for the info, Bo!
  8. I like GR as much as the next guy but you paint it as the end-all of perfection in games. Turn down the details and you have a significant advantage compared to someone else running everything on high ... trees and bushes look entirely different and are a lot easier to see through at low settings. Things might not've changed at distance but what does it matter when "distance" is limited by fog @ 100 meters? Not to mention the advantage of someone running shadows on high ... especially because that was probably the most taxing option in the game, so most people COULDN'T run shadows on high for a while. It also a while before anyone could run the clear / no-fog maps with decent settings. It was great having things not disappear at range in those maps, but we're still talking 400 meters MAX ... that's where normal engagements begin in other games like OFP. Compromises have to be made, no way around it. At least it won't be such a problem in the urban settings for GRAW.
  9. Haha! You're not the only one, man. ← If she's the redhead then I'd it!
  10. Character models in the 360 version were quoted between 15,000-20,000 polygons ... I wouldn't expect the PC version to be too far behind.
  11. Screens look great, nice work. Huge props to Bo and GRIN ... I have a feeling they fought hard to get this info out.
  12. Consumers would walk past LD to step into a barbed-wire cage of ###### off lions on fire. It's just a bad game. Had to get my dig in. Edit: That's not even a no-no word!
  13. If you aren't a "GR1 fan" then you should have no problem playing GRAW on the 360. Without the "GR1 fans" the PC version would no doubt be identical to the console version so it's not like you'd be missing anything. Ubi are the only people to have ruined anything in this franchise. Don't put the blame anywhere else.
  14. Proof? It isn't only PC Gamer showing revised release dates.
  15. No modding support + sole content development and release = profit! Why let a gamer create a few weapons and missions for free when they can do the same and charge money for it? No one will complain ... thousands of people spend $50 every year for an updated roster in the Madden series. Console users are locked into riding the gravy train where publishers decide what they get and when they get it. This isn't true on the PC and I'd bet it's seen as a double-edged sword.
  16. Nevermind, let the circle jerk continue...
  17. No offense to GRIN as I know they had their hands tied, but... That sucked.
  18. There was nothing to misdiagnose. It was the same system with AC97 and an Audigy 2. BTW, what makes you think you'd have to be running at 12 FPS to drop down to 1 in extreme conditions? There's always HUGE differences between minimum, average and maximum frame rates. Anyway, this is pointless. Pretty much all motherboards come with onboard audio now ... try it out and if you think it's an issue, buy an Audigy 2 or something.
  19. As I said, it isn't the consistent FPS loss that hurts performance / playability. It's the stutters and stops that occur when the CPU is too busy to deal with sound. If you can live with 2-3 second pauses every now and then, go for it. Difference of opinion is all it is.
  20. The X800 series is the previous generation ... 9700/9800 is actually 2-3 generations back. Even if/when a dedicated sound card taxes the CPU, it isn't remotely as bad as onboard sound. I still say drop $60 on an Audigy 2 for gaming, especially for a game like GR3 where EAX is put to good use.
  21. Mostly true! If you're on a TIGHT budget, onboard sound is a good solution. But if you can spare $70, grab an Audigy 2 and be happy. Onboard sound has improved leaps and bounds but it still incurs a performance hit ... usually in the neighborhood of a consistent 5-10 FPS. Time-based graphs will show noticeable stutters in the midst of play as well. Something to think about if you're on a budget system and trying to squeeze out every last bit of performance.
  22. Maybe I'm anal (bored at the very least) but this bubbles up to the general style of play which is a deciding factor in what kind of game GRAW will be. IMO, grenades are (and should be) a gamble; while you're holding one you're always going to be more vulnerable. You can offset that by having your teammates cover/support you, but you're still personally at a disadvantage for the time being. That's the incentive not to move around with grenades out, and to work as a team and fight intelligently. Let's just hope GRIN did away with GR's progress bar for throwing grenades.
  23. That is a good suggestion. Question: the glued-to-wall peeks and other moves we've seen from the X360 videos ... are they going to be in the FPV-only PC version? If so then buddhiraja73's idea would fit like a glove.
  24. I don't think they're done texturing yet. That almost looks like they intentionally left it like that as a reminder to finish it. Wild and uninformed guess on my part, but it really does look bad enough to warrant such a thought. Overall, I'm liking the visuals. I think the HDR effect is a little heavy but they could just be demonstrating it for screenshots and it may very well be reduced for the shipping game. Everything else looks great.
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