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  1. Any update or is "Trainride" unofficially dropped? :(

    Also interested to know if there are any plans for release...? The weirdest thing is, I swear I've played it before ... maybe a beta or a teaser, but I'm completely convinced I've played it. Driving me nuts :blink:

  2. What other new games out now allow body reaction when being hit ???.

    Sorry, but that's making excuses. If all the other FPS games jumped off a bridge, would GR:AW do it too? GR:AW is touting itself as a more realistic FPS compared to the action shooters like BF2 ... having no reaction whatsoever when hit is a step backwards. Little details like this are a big contributor to the overall feel of the game and what separates the men from the boys.

  3. Two bugs I noticed today ... not sure if these have been reported yet.

    If you have an AI Ghost selected with the wireframe CrossCom visible when he dies, attempting to view his full-screen CrossCom overlays some of the effects (black & white and surrounding lines) that remained in my own view even though his CrossCom wasn't viewable.

    Health status of AI Ghosts isn't being saved at checkpoints. Reloading a checkpoint gives full health to my entire team.

    Lots of other issues (design decisions, not bugs) are bothering me but I'll wait until the full version to pull the trigger on those. Overall, though, I'd have to agree with everyone else ... 7-7.5 so far with a lot of obvious potential that should be exciting to see unravel.


  4. Anyway..what am I doing wrong? I've updated all my drivers...and I still get the ugly graphics. :/

    You should be able to play at 800x600 with everything on low and shadows off. I'm on a slightly slower system than yours and that's all that's playable for me, though mouse-lag is still a problem. That's basically what you'll have to live with on your current video card ... nothing else you can do.

  5. Nice find. Strange and interesting results, to say the least. Seems like GRIN's engine is different in ways (has deferred lighting been used before?) that puts it at a disadvantage with current drivers ... or at least the odd behavior would point to a need for driver optimization. For all I know Diesel is poorly coded.

    Why would high textures perform better than medium? Wandering outside my little box of comprehension but is it possible the difference in performance has something to do with the overhead incurred from texture compression on medium textures? Just look at the high/medium image comparison ... they're virtually the same but IIRC there was a 130MB difference in memory usage.

    Would definitely appreciate someone with more knowledge to chime in...

  6. not really. if there are demos of those games maybe i'll go take a look.

    CC: First to Fight is probably the worst you could try. FOV made me nauseous within 4-5 minutes of playing ... the level design made it even worse.

    GR3's isn't that bad but I agree it feels a little tight. Movement becomes frustrating when you can't "see" right ... very disorienting. Seems like GRIN would've paid more attention to something like this considering all the time dedicated to the "body-awareness" features.

  7. How about it means they are taking some time for a holiday?  What a concept!? :o

    It just blows my mind how every little word that is said by the devs is over analyzed and conclusions made.  :wacko:

    Yeah, one month from release and the entire GRIN crew takes a 4 day vacation. That doesn't mean anything at all.

    I'd wager that, at this point, assuming the game's development is complete is a more logical deduction than yours. :rolleyes:

    Have a good one GRIN!

  8. In real life would you be pre-firing around a corner and giving your position away at a chance you may get "1 kill" when you know there are many enemies around?  :o=

    If Hack cam put an end to that i wouldn't be unhappy.

    You wouldn't nade-spam the other side of Red Square after magically transporting there IRL, nor is there a spawn zone to run up on and rape. Regardless of realism, it's still a game and not many people stick to real world tactics in MP ... at least not with good results.

    I think HackCam has good intentions but the concept just bothers me.

  9. ASE and IP-to-IP would be perfect. GR was super easy to set up for online play ... very few ports had to be opened and I never had any problems hosting or joining. I never bothered installing the UBI 'service' and I'm glad I didn't 'cause it's given me nothing but problems in their other games.

    Hopefully GR3 will take after its predecessor in this department :yes:

  10. Trailer looks fantastic, nice work GRIN!

    I don't want to sound like a fanboy but there wasn't a single thing I didn't like in the trailer or in Bo's answers. Actually, every answer Bo gave made me more excited about the game because I can see that GRIN took the right approach from the foundation and up. That's really impressive ... makes me wonder how many times you guys started over from scratch on the concepts and implementations.

    Looking forward to more :D

  11. I'm probably gonna get flamed something rotten for this but tbh I hope the Parachute never makes it into the game.

    It's starting to sound more and more like BF2 every minute and I for one would rather it stay more tactical and not have people dropping in from all angles and doing the stupid crap they pull in BF2.

    Seems to be SP/cooperative only, not even remotely close to BF2.

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