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  1. The Medic Station will do this...just give us a couple of days to figure who is pairing with who. That is if we have enough left after the down fall of GRAW.
  2. Willie, Thats the point here....we can not do tourneys with this game.....you guys messed up big time. If you can fix this then do it if you can't say so. It has been hinted that it could be done but would cost a lot. And for those that are posting here that have never been in a co-op tourney ..... stay out of it... you look like fools not knowing what your talking about.
  3. Rugg, yours was one of the first names on the folders. I've been watching for an hour as the original folders were deleted and the new folders created....its at about 50 now.
  4. You can count The Medic Station in!!!!!
  5. I just wanted to thank GRIN for their outstanding efforts in bringing the price of GRAW down!!! You can get a great deal on eBay if you really want the game. Someone I know just got a copy for 12 bucks and that included shipping. Once again TY GRIN for your work in leaving the true co-op player out of this game. Ok now back to eBay for something worthwhile. :wall: :wall:
  6. I agree with Sheldom completely and I was upset when I got the game installed and saw that the makers of the game have NO IDEA about true COOP play. The only other thing I would add is the host dying and the game ending thing is a little ridicules and needs removed. My only hope for this game is that it CAN be fixed because if it remains a run and gun game then there will be another game by another company come out and knock this one way down. My friends and family are not buying now but might if these issues are fixed. Some of you have never heard of The Medic Station or of me but many of you have in one way or another. I do speak for The Medic Station and we are not pleased at all. This game does have potential but the makers need to get off their collective butts and do whats right by us…..after all we (the pc gamers) did make this game (GR1) known, otherwise it would have been just another game collecting dust on the shelf, which is what it did with the run and gunners. They set it aside long ago for new games but we kept on going. TY for letting me rant on about how displeased I am. =MS=PFC Lancer
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