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  1. Thanks for updating an already brilliant mod. Is the head gear edition valid for multiplayer also?
  2. Great job as ever. Do you have plans to port it to GRAW1?
  3. I'm using graw tpv mod & graw hud mod. Did you took the post-effects off? Which GRAW hud are you using? Thanks in advance
  4. Thank you for this new mod. I was wondering if we could choose, by editing the correct files, the character you want to be in a MP game? Great work as always. cep
  5. Hi to all I would like to nominate Eskwaad for the top quality characters and skins he produced ( I couldn't believe the first post he did here, showing his work ). Also I would like to nominate Jay for the monumental work he has done on coordinating the greatest mod [GR] has ever seen, Centcom. Before the bar was raised by Centcom, many other great modders contributed with top quality content like DTD, Snowfella, OSO, Sixpence, Wolfsong, Swartsz, etc. To all of them my deepest respect for keeping this game alive for so long. cep
  6. Or that you couldn't see the last pages of the book from a certain distance...
  7. The warehouse belongs to this guys http://www.automuseu.com/ They bought some classics and they plan to restore them with the help of some professional school that can build some parts that are no longer available. The list of available cars is quite impressive.
  8. I'm very glad you took some time to update your weapons mod. Thank you very much, you have been doing what the developers should have gave us. cep
  9. Just a little OT- what's the mono mod? Thanks
  10. Great find. Have you tested some of them?
  11. I believe it's because this forum is going outside the posts regarding GR itself. When you look at the new posts it's about "what you are listening" or jokes or COD4 stuff, etc.
  12. You have to create one and copy the mod files inside it.
  13. Just a quick repair Football, as Americans play is actually played mainly with the hands. Thats why I don't know why they call it football and call soccer, to the rest of the world, football, wich is played only with the feet. Only one player, out of eleven in a team, can use the hands and that's the goalkeeper. By the way, best of luck for Scotland next time.
  14. That's not going to work because there are common named files (xml) that will be overwritten in the process. You really have to edit some of them to get that to work.
  15. I believe that weapon and attach id's larger than "30" have problems in Multiplayer. Even the Brettzies 3.4 by itself has serious issues with the M468 that doesn't show correctly in MP [GR] Coop. I tried to release some of the Id's by removing some of the attachs but I don't have the proper knowledge to do that. I wish someone could at least combine both Brettzies and Snowfella mods because they are the only ones available to date. BTW the weapons are fantastic. I wish GRAW was more mod friendly like [GR] was, with the mod prioritys in the mods screen, that was an excellent ideia at the time. Keep up the excellent work Snow and Brettzies
  16. Any chance someone with the right skills could fix the M468? Playing LAN the gun looks wierd and it's impossible to play with it.
  17. I tested this with some friends in [GR]-CO OP and it seems to have a problem with the M468 because the sight (Leopold in this case) is in front of the gun vertically, and the model is all screwed up when i look at the other players. I thought it was because I copied over the other version but then i tested with a fresh install and there was no change.
  18. Thank you for the update. It's great to see that someone still cares about GRAW Some more sniper weapons would be a nice addition to the game. ceptico
  19. Any plans on fixing the Firefight mode in GRAW?
  20. Any news on this one? Thanks for the effort. I think he's dealing with gRAW2 stuff right now. Seen him active in that part of the forum with skins ans weapons. Thanks for replying Wolfsong. It's just that I was trying to make the existing weapon mods work together. Because there aren't many weapons in either GRAW or GRAW2, combining them would be a nice improvement for the game. And I just started playing GRAW, after the latest patches brought [GR] coop back. Regards.
  21. Any news on this one? Thanks for the effort.
  22. It's because you were on firefight ...try it on recon...clear the map then extract. Thank you for the quick reply. I saw what you meant and I saw the red and the green zones, but doesn't Firefight have a way to end?
  23. Hi Yesterday, me and 2 friends played the first two maps in [GR] Coop mode ( Mayday! Mayday! and Ready for bear). The objectives where simple, eliminate all enemys, but, either we missed some of them or there are some hidden ones in the map. We cleared the castle, run around the map, up and down several times but the game doesn't end. Can you please help? Thank you in advance.
  24. Hi I dont know about GRAW2 but in [GR] i use Ati tray tools http://www.guru3d.com/article/atitraytools/189/ and I have created a profile for the game since it doesn't use either AA or Anysotropic filtering. With the settings in the driver it looks like a whole new game.
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