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  1. That is what I have in my closet besides clothes and other apparel. It's your choice to believe me or not.
  2. I got an M4 w/ ACOG and a forward handgrip attached to the RIS, Standard M16, HK UMP .45 w/ Aimpoint Comp-M, HK Mk23, USP .40, M1 Tact, M24 SWS, tons of paintball and airsoft guns, umm... want me to go on?
  3. Sp3ctre


    Put a 40x scope on it, hehe. It be nice to see where the bullet hit the person in tha face.
  4. Cool . Let us know when you plan to release.
  5. how much longer if you dont mind the question? Keep up the great! work.
  6. Well, I cannot make my own mod as it seems I have no skills in modding. Mostly a player. I made this post in suggestion, it was not intended to frag about the other previous M4 mods, they are good. I just wanted to see if textures can be made ever more realistic. The problem when a person has a high powered computer is they want to see bigger and better... Sorry if I seem to diss Trance M4 and M4 Armory.
  7. Frostbite has snow uniform skins, but the mod might contend with the M16 Armory.
  8. Can anyone make a weapons mod that contains M4s' with different configurations with better textures than the Trance M4 Armory and M4 Armory, but also include a M4 with AN/PEQ-2, Suppressor not silencer, and a ACOG-like scope, but at a 6x power instead of 4x? My abilities in making weapons are nil. Would you, Chems, be interested, if you happen to have some spare time?
  9. ok thanks. Now is there one, where i can play on the Americans side?
  10. got a name to that mod?
  11. We are at War, War by its very nature is aggressive, there is no alternative as recent events have shown, with members of our military and civilians being killed by people who will do anything to achieve their aim, why should we sit back and let them get away with it, i say get in there, do what has to be done, and when they have all stopped fighting back, thats when you say that the War is over, not before, not this sham "peace" thats going on at the moment.... Technically we are not at war, we can only be at war if the president went across the street to congress and ask for a declaratio
  12. How about an UMP .45 w/ Aimpoint Comp-M or ACOG 4x and a lil laser up front for decor?
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