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  1. ©ALCULATED ®ISK is looking for players who want to play both Co-Op and MP style games. We are openly recruiting Old GR1 players who want to still play the Original game. If you are a GR1 player who was formerly a member of a GR1 TEAM or clan, and dont have members of your Team around to play, but still wear your Tags with Pride, and STILL want to keep your Original TAGS and play with a bunch of guys who still love this game as much as they did the first time they played it, stop by our Forums and sign up for more information. We are looking to create a "home for misfit Ghost Recon Players" of sorts. A place to find players who want to play and Still LOVE this game. We are currently in the process of regrouping and rebuilding the Original Team and getting back to playing. If you are Serious about Team Play and Recon, then come by and say hello. If you remember or ever played on the The BASE - ©ALCULATED ®ISK SERVER, then you know the type of players we are and what we are looking for. The only requirements are that you must: 1 ) have TeamSpeak or can run it ( we will provide you with the files you need ) 2 ) you have to create an X-Fire profile so we can communicate with you and find out where you are playing 3 ) must Submit a Picture of yourself for the Site. 4 ) Must LOVE Ghost Recon - ©® Bongo
  2. that the guy in the GhostRecon.net LOGO l looks a lot like Chazz Palminteri.Chazz Palminteri dont know if this was ever posted before, just noticed it after loading the page and after watching the Usual Suspects.
  3. damn what a great time to be in the UK, if they do release this as a demo, you can bet it will be hosted as a file or even an ISO on our website. so get your burners ready if you dont have access to it in the US. CMON UBI/REDSTORM dont let us diehards down this time
  4. great concept, but we all know the stopping power and range of a glock in game. wonder why they didnt try to add something with a lil more kick to it. baby eagle, or a d. eagle, hell even the MP7 or something.
  5. Pro that is AWESOME - you guys are taking this to a whole new level, looks amazing. as for the lighting - there is a very sweet fast tutorial here the guys sets up 3 lights with reflectors and sets up a scene ( i copied it then export my model and import them into the lighting studio ( as i called it ) makes it a lot easier to take pics, like having your own photo studio all set up.) you can even download his scene on the page and just import your gun into it for fast results.
  6. from the 60th anniversary of the invasion of normandy, my grandfather was there, both the aniiversay and the invasion, took these pics while at the ceremony, it was a sand sculpture they had made on the beach. they are huge hi res pics, so i will just post the links to them, dont want to take up too much space on the page. PIC 1 PIC 2 and three shots of the beach itself PIC 3 this one shows the tent the sand sculpture is in: PIC 4 PIC 5
  7. not sure which one you want, but this site has the Scope, Ret, and a 360 view of each scope, as well as specs atncorp.com
  8. @ callmehobbes:Do you need to still equip demo guys with rockets on anti-tank missions or does the game read this as a rocket? --- found out that if you change the <WeaponMotionType> to 5, the game will accept it as a m136, and let you go with out equiping one @ TheoRetiKule: i am not sure about the mac issue, i only use one for work, and cant put the game on it, but make sure that you dont have the effects.xml file in the \CAS\sound\ folder, that was causing problems earlier i know the UMP has NO SOUND when you fire it, another audio problem, working on it now.
  9. i think your gonna like the audio file i chose, its the actual sound file from "Clear and Present Danger" when Domingo "Ding" Chavez calls "target lit" and the pilot after, i had to edit it to make it shorter, the actual in movie file is 14 seconds long, way too long for the CAS. at first it wasnt working and i updated the mod, it was the effects.xml file, i have to work on getting that right, i dont use the igor stuff to edit the guns, so i have to try something else. if anyone can get that to work, let me know, and send it to me so i can repackage it. also if anyone has any input on getting the Boom or screen shake to work on impact, i could use that with it too.
  10. my bad, its been done, but i forgot to update the link to d-load it you can Get it HERE i was going to use the click team installer but i forgot, i will update that later so that its a self-installer. enjoy, and let me know what you think about it, and if you want to see anything changed. you have 4 type of CAS: Anti Personnel , Anti-Tank, Bunker Buster, and Cluster. and 4 weapons as Primary: m24 sniper rifle, m4 sopmod, ump, and m16. each weapon has all 4 CAS's as a secondary. and you have to pick "cas_no restrictions" to activate the "Radio Recon" team that has the CAS as a weapon. the reticule is as acurate as i can get it, we played with it for 2-3 days, making it logrithmic in shape, and changing it, shooting it in the airfeild map, on the runway, and then checking distance ( no fog map ) and no mater how we changed the Ret, it was still the most accurate in its original form, so we stuck with it.
  11. i think that you listed the kit as "kit_demolitions-02a.rsb" instead of "kit_demolitions-02a.kit" ( the rsb file is just the graphic for the KIT when you pick your kits, it shows the M136 as both Primary and Secondary weapons. in the "\Ghost Recon\Mods\at_primary\shell\strings.txt" file you should list the weapon there, it should already come up from being referenced to Ghost Recon ( origimiss - in the strings file that is in the "\Ghost Recon\shell\folder" ) here is an example of all the files you need to change/modify to make it work AT_Primary ( of course if you had new Guns in the mod you would need to add other files, such as models/rsb's/kits/equipment etc etc etc ) its a stand alone mini-mod that i have tested with just recon, and also with DS and IT running, it works in both MP and SP games. look at the files inside it to see what i changed, if you get stuck or need more help , message me and i can walk ya through it.
  12. edit it with notepad, i do all my files in that it makes it a bit easier. right-click and 'Open With > " change it to this: <KitFile> <VersionNumber>1.000000</VersionNumber> <KitTexture>kit_demolitions-02a.rsb</KitTexture> <Firearm SlotNumber = "0"> <VersionNumber>1.000000</VersionNumber> <ItemFileName>at4.gun</ItemFileName> <MagazineCount>50</MagazineCount> </Firearm> <Firearm SlotNumber = "1"> <VersionNumber>1.000000</VersionNumber> <ItemFileName>at4.gun</ItemFileName> <MagazineCount>50</MagazineCount> </Firearm> </KitFile> that will give you 50 shots x2 ( for 100 total ) i am not sure how to do Unlimited ammo, maybe someone else can help with that the "<KiTtexture>" file is how it shows up as a kit when you pick weapons, you can open that in photoshop, and make a new one ( use the RSB plug in from your IT cd to be able to do it , or if you want i can make it for ya , its pretty easy ) here put this in your : \Ghost Recon\Data\Shell\Art\kit\demolitions\ folder and i changed the list above to refernce it. M136 primary /secondary kit
  13. you would just have to make a new kit file that has <Firearm SlotNumber = "0"> <VersionNumber>1.000000</VersionNumber> <ItemFileName>at4.gun</ItemFileName> ( example from - \Mods\Origmiss\Kits\demolitions\demolitions-02.kit ) change the <ItemFileName>m4.gun</ItemFileName> to at4.gun. save it as a new .kit file ( demolitions-at.kit ) if thats what you are looking for. dont forget to list it under your " no_restrictions.kil" or what ever file you want to use, to list it as a choice for your demo class.
  14. i found this today and thought i would share, amazing VERY HI detailed images of weapons, exploded views, and breakdowns, ad well as videos of the actual weapons firing, including the MINI Gun, and m4 variants. ENJOY btw how detailed you ask? Check this Pic out you can actually see the scratches in the metal
  15. Cobra6 very very sweet render, that grip is kick ass, i love it.
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