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  1. At the moment according to the current exchange rate. Desert 6" $121.63 Desert 8" $131.75 Black 6" $129.80 Black 8" $130.00
  2. I've been wearing Oakley S.I Assault Boots for about three years now (both 6" and 8" black and desert) and have absolutely loved them. I initially bought them for airsoft/paintball as I needed a more flexible boot for rapid run and gun, and a pair for work (General Assistant for Tesco) and so I got one 8" for play and a 6" for work. I also have the two other pairs of desert boots for casual wear during summer though the desert boots are FOR the desert and not for the rain. The 8" inch versions of the boots are also made with Cordura for extra breathing. The only real problem I've found with the black assault boots is that they can be quite slippery and squeaky when the sole is wet and you are walking on a tiled surface but that really is the ONLY problem that I've had with the black boots and I've worn them through blistering heat, heavy snow, deep mud, and torrential rain. If you want to buy a pair in the UK, the best place is Polimil click here. The prices are Desert 6" £59.95 Desert 8" £64.50 Black 6" £63.99 Black 8" £64.50
  3. I bought a Samsung SyncMaster 226BW 22" LCD Monitor from Komplett.co.uk a couple of weeks ago and I have been extremely ######ing happy with it after being stuck for 2 years with my old 19" LCD Monitor. Best feature for me really were the lack of integrated speakers, which normally are ###### and the 2ms response time for which I have seen no ghosting whatsoever. Only real problem with it so far has been the lack of a adjustable stand, so I've got it resting on a couple of magazines at the moment for the right height and the purchase of a new desk for it which cost me a few quid. But GRAW at 16xAA 16xAF at 1680x1050 resolution with max settings is ######**g beautiful. I got it for around about £270 with p&p from Komplett as they were the only ones who really had any stock at the time but it was worth it.
  4. I did have one for quite a while myself, but the sound quality wasn't really up to scratch for me. Try the Creative Zen V or Zen V Plus players if you're looking to go Creative.
  5. I've been using Gameplay for a while now and I've recieved no trouble at all.
  6. It it was a British solider the one who he captured would have sued the guy's ass.
  7. That's RW combat Dannik. Dangerous #### that the real warriors get into with real hot lead coming down, with the pucker factor up high and your buddy fighting right next to you, NOT combat in GR while you're safe behind your computer while virtual soldiers get wiped out. I haven't got the guts to go and do what these real soldiers do, and that's why I didn't join the Army, Navy, Air Force or the Marines, but I have the greatest respect for the armed forces around the world, Special Forces or not, and I don't like anyone who represents them to be something that they can never be. So aplogise to EricJ please Dannik, and EricJ, from myself I salute you. And lets not bypass the swear filter. Oh yeah, and one more thing, be nice guys. Lets not head to flames, don't want to lock her.
  8. That's how Robert Rodriguez financed his first feature film El Mariachi. Donating his body to medical science.
  9. In HKPRO.com there is a link to an article by David Hackworth which provides his thoughts on the XM8. Here's the link http://www.sftt.org/cgi-bin/csNews/csNews....1.9799381710294
  10. They even do spit wad launchers SpitWAD
  11. I like the look of the 12-shot carbine myself.
  12. I collect them from my neighbours and give them to my local preschool. They use them to make decorations and other stuff.
  13. And here we see Britain's best hope for the military 'World Synchronised Beach Landing Contest".
  14. If it does work out in the boonies rather than in the Lab.
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