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  1. Haha, 8 months later, I can see that I have much improved in my music abilities. I have quite a few songs now, check'm out: http://scm.kcdan.com/mp3/Space%20Grinder.mp3 http://scm.kcdan.com/mp3/Nice.mp3 http://scm.kcdan.com/mp3/rotted.mp3 http://scm.kcdan.com/mp3/readyforbattle.mp3 I think it is safe to say I've improved.
  2. I know, I'm getting mad because all my newer stuff doesn't seem as good as that one, it's pretty frustrating. Espicially since a lot of the people I showed that song to want me to make more. :-/
  3. http://www.harvestourdemons.com/upload/files/25/track2.mp3 About a 5 minute long track I made in FL Studio 5 and 6 (5 stopped working so I had to get 6 halfway through). Since it wouldn't export right, I had to cut a lot of the bass/distortion out of the bassline so it doesn't sound as cool, and after exporting to an mp3 the very end sounds a bit scratchy, but hopefully you can get over that. Stupid mp3's. Here's another one, a bit older but meh. http://www.harvestourdemons.com/upload/fil...ningOnFumes.mp3 A 5 minute track as well, FLStudio 5. Try not to kill all the bandwith guys, it isn't my server.
  4. Finally got around to making this now that I finally managed to capture the query packets sent by GRAW. It is fairly difficult to do when you don't even own a copy of the game. Anyway, this is a command prompt utility for querying GRAW servers, it works the same way GRAW and XFire does. The readme explains how to use it and what not, but it is pretty simple. Just copy it somewhere, then open a command prompt, and type: Where is obviously the server's IP address. This is a beta version so I'm still testing it, but it works for the most part. Please submit any bugs or suggestions here. Right now it spits out every variable the server responds with. For some reason it responds with copies of a few variables, I'm guessing one of the patches that was out added something to the response and they wanted to keep backwards compatibility or something. Download There's a link, although it would probably be better for this to be in the downloads section here. Maybe if I'm bored sometime I'll get around to making a GUI or XML export options.
  5. Eh, I just found out that all of these are rips off of YTMND. If you want to find the original ones and more, go to www.ytmnd.com and search for "what is love." For example, http://whatisvaderlove.ytmnd.com
  6. GR_Modder

    What is love?

    http://www.devilducky.com/media/41727/ I like the gothic and the 8 bit one the best.
  7. GR_Modder

    DJ Kitten

  8. I started working on this a long while back and really haven't done much with it recently, so I decided to tune up a few things and get it out to the public and see what they think of it. GRBot is a little GR client written in C++ for GR servers. It is a console based app you can use for basicly chatting with people in the server. I guess you could also use it for testing your connection to GR servers and such. Also, there's cool commands you can use while your using it, check the readme for descriptions of them. Not only do they work client-side, but you can configure an Operator, so that you can do these commands from inside the server on a real GR client. Download Here Feel free to post here comments, suggestions, bugs, etc. Also, in case any server admin's are wondering, this program doesn't do anything malicous.
  9. If you have more than 4 objectives in the aftermath screen GR will crash. What you need to do is remove some of the completed objectives when your done. Also, having mroe than 4 objectives and pressing the Esc key will crash you.
  10. Whaaaaaat? Are you crazy? don't deprive the poor kid of RuneScape! RuneScape doesn't do anything like that. If it did, I wouldn't be typing this. On a more serious note, I have had no problems with their site in the last 2 months. Maybe try resetting your router\modem if you using Cable or DSL? On my old crappy router, it used to screw up with the DNS and I'd have to reset my router to get to my own clan's website.
  11. Yeah, I just noticed that. So, in 2013, when they get bored in the middle of the battle, do they play GRAW?
  12. Jezuz, what is with you people? If you don't like it, then don't post about it. The rules state that you must be a resident of Great Britian (Don't quote me on that, not sure if that is exactly what it said) so I am out of the competition automaticly.
  13. You guys seem to of forgot that the manual.pdf file is installed when either Desert siege or Island Thunder is installed. Although I can't remember which one, if not both.
  14. Well, the demo will only last you a month. A workaround would be to create a new user and install it again on that user, I heard that might work. Trust me, your going to need more than a month to create a map. (well, a decent one anyway. )
  15. The ending was crap. Looks like we don't have much to look foward to in the Harry Potter series.
  16. How many people can you think of with modded Xboxes? I, Personally, can't think of anyone. Playing copied games on an Xbox requires a mod chip. I know there is also another method called soft-modding, but that's beside the point. Both methods require time, effort, and, especially in the mod chip case, require opening up your Xbox and installing the chip. Also, with soft-modding, you need to own a specific game and you need to make a fancy contraption to hook up a USB disk to an Xbox. Also, if you plan on keeping more than 1 or 2 games on your Xbox at a time, you'll need to shell out cash for a bigger hard drive. Basicly, the Xbox IS a more secure platform till a point, because most people don't want to risk issues with the Xbox and voided warranties, and shell out the cash for a bigger hard drive and mod chip, and get all the supplies nessicary. But, after they get the mod chip and hard drive, they can simply borrow games from friends and copy them onto their Xbox, or Download them off the internet and then FTP them to their Xboxes. But, with the PC's, a pirated copy of a game is simply a google away. Along with [Thing that should not be spoken of here] and any hacks that you could ever need.
  17. I beleive there is a LoadPlatoonVehicle response you can use, and, you could also do a loop for the player teams and assign them a plan to enter the DC3. If the plane only has two spots as chems said, then there will only be two players in there at the same time, meaning it wouldn't be good for insertion cimamatics.
  18. I'm sure if you sent a PM to ROCOAFZ here at this site, he would be more than willing to host it at our site.(www.attackforcez.com)
  19. You could try using the KillActor response with the GetNearestActor query.
  20. No modding tools would be another thing to make me unsure if I will purchase GRAW.
  21. I beleive DonMiguel made a Null (Null as in, it doesn't appear as anything) vehicle, so you could use that.
  22. as in, if you put the "-buildbinary" on the Ghost Recon shortcut, you can use it to generate the .sht files as well.
  23. Well, what response did you expect from me? (don't answer that)
  24. Post the Ike.log file in your GR directory before starting GR again.
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