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  1. Hi all, i want to say "thank you" for developing GRAW and GRAW2, which i enjoyed very much. After Grins closure the PC-Market for tactical shooters will miss a great developer. I hope that all the talented staff will find their way and will go on to develop great games in the future. As for the Ghost Recon Series...we'll see...
  2. for me all the clues on the non-gr-sites look like metal shrapnels or parts from the outer hull of a plane. the image of the burning...thing...could be a flight-recorder which would make sense because you see video and audio of inflight-action. assuming that the above is correct i would guess that a plane went down on the location shown with the green diamonds being parts of that bird or missing crewmen scattered across the area. my guess is, that this ad is about the new flight-sim from ubi.
  3. thats what we experienced on our lans as well. 2 of the 4 pcs had to manually reconnect after each round. imho this refers to the same prob discussed here: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=45997
  4. i've seen this bug on my brothers comp with the latest nvidia-drivers. try downgrading to older ones. problem with vista is, that its donloading recent drivers without asking. anoying feature...
  5. just yesterday we played a 4-man-coop-session again. we used the 1.02-version of the game. you just have to find out which of the computers is the slowest concerning map-loading time. in our case this was a laptop. use this machine as host and you can play all the maps without the "connection lost"-issue. of course this is rather unpracticable when you only have one dedicated server....but it works at least for lan-configurations.
  6. just yesterday i had flying doors at the hacienda while playing coop-mission "get me rosen". i spun around like a glider in an up wind. it didnt stop until the end of the mission.... so i think this is not a map-related issue.
  7. Strongly disagree. Look no further than three forums down, and you'll see that not only are there still a LOT of folks playing the six year old game, but there are tournaments up for it. Something that didn't happen with GRAW. Time will yet tell if GRAW2 can maintain the support for a tourney, but a 2001 game still pulls big participation in 2007. I'd say it's a sound game for more than simply eye candy- it plays like a champ. Ubisoft or whoever may have wanted it changed in fundamental ways but most of us here just wanted new content and updated graphics. im aware of the fact, that a lo
  8. apology accepted. you must know im a moderator on some other forums. im simply not used to being personally addressed in that kind of way. our boardrules prohibit that... i can see why you feel like this about gr and graw. i still like [GR] or even rs, but its not 2001 anymore. [GR] lacked much things. mainly storywise and the one being not ably to identify / relate to the maincharacter in the game. that was fixed in graw 1/2 imo. now its 6 years later and a different developer is creating the game. im happy they kept some of the spirit [GR] had but combining that with new features and a
  9. so? whats this going to do with gr or graw or him offending me directly? fine, hes with the army. the thing is: i think he should think about his attitude, thats all. if this board is about "not starting a flamewar" and in the same sentence going straight at it im out of here. the whole thing wasnt about [GR] or graw....it was about him starting to flame.
  10. Not to start another thread flaming contest here, but you should really put down the glass pipe and get help. I'll give you a perfect example of how [GR] had the flexibility that this game lacks- M02-FARM. I've got two different dudes to rescue and a plane to blow up, and I know this going in. It matters not ONE LITTLE BIT what order I complete these three objective in. And I've done it in each order just to prove it to myself. What makes sense to one player does NOT make sense to another. Who knows how realistic it is- I'm not in the SF. Are you? Is ANYONE here? So what takes o
  11. i cant see graw2 being anywhere near doom. cap. mitchell is somewhere waaay down the line of chain of command. he gets his orders and he has to do so. did it ever occured to you that completing goal#2 before goal#1 could be completely senseless? its not mitchells call to decide where he should go and where not. maybe he hasnt the overview over the situation either. in [GR] you had mission goals like "destroy aa here and there" or "gain control over missionarea" or "kill all enemies". with missiongoals like these its nor important which you complete first. in graw1/2 its more back-to-back. you
  12. maybe the nade goes off immediadely if someone picks up the weapon (.i.e grenade) from the fallen guy, because then its active again....
  13. i did. i even posted before in this thread why do you think i asked "mikesucker" on how he meant his posting... it astounded me that they might have disabled co-op COMPLETELY until they sort out the prob in patch 1.04 or whenever...hence my posts. @ pave low: thx for the explanation.
  14. so, to clarify things, theres no co-op with patch 1.03? is that correct? im asking because i want to play coop this weekend with friends of mine...
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